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Kool Jazz Festival, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
(With Roger Kellaway, David Williams, Carl Burnett; mastered by Wayne Peet)

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VOLUME 1 is a TWO DISC SET, a complete concert performed in Abashiri, in Northern Japan, in the snowy winter of 1981 for an audience who showered Art and the guys with uncommon enthusiasm and wild love. They responded with a performance that seems to levitate with energy. You get to be there and hear Art declare this performance of "Body and Soul" "One of the best things I ever played in my life." Mastered by Wayne Peet, the quality is excellent

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Art Pepper
by Peter La Barbera

Smooth beauty flowing through gardenias
boulevards rushing to San Pedro and the Pacific Ocean on endlessly
straight Los Angeles roads
he sounds the Fifties
something golden about a State,
backed by Shorty's muted French Horns
something cool something California
Art's lady is beauty from Figueroa to Watts
riding surfs at Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse on malted Sunday afternoons
the California Los Angeles I remember
Art smooth post Kenton riffs away from the Parker tradition
He merely wanted to be the greatest Jazz Musician ever!


Despite a remarkably colorful and difficult life, Art Pepper was quite consistent in the recording studios; virtually every recording he made is well worth getting. In the 1950s he was one of the few altoists (along with Lee Konitz and Paul Desmond) that was able to develop his own sound despite the dominant influence of Charlie Parker. During his last years Pepper seemed to put all of his life's experiences into his music and he played with startling emotional intensity.

After a brief stint with Gus Arnheim, Pepper played with mostly Black groups on Central Avenue in Los Angeles. He spent a little time in the Benny Carter and Stan Kenton orchestras before serving time in the military (1944-46). Some of Pepper's happiest days were during his years with Stan Kenton (1947-52) although he became a heroin addict in that period. The 1950s found the altoist recording frequently both as a leader and a sideman resulting in at least two classics (Plays Modern Jazz Classics and Meets the Rhythm Section) but he also spent two periods in jail due to drug offenses during 1953-56. Pepper was in top form during his Contemporary recordings of 1957-60 but the first half of his career ended abruptly with long prison sentences that dominated the 1960s.

His occasional gigs between jail terms found him adopting a harder tone influenced by John Coltrane that disturbed some of his longtime followers. He recorded with Buddy Rich in 1968 before getting seriously ill and rehabilitating at Synanon (1969-71). Art Pepper began his serious comeback in 1975 and the unthinkable happened.

Under the guidance and inspiration of his wife Laurie, Pepper not only recovered his former form but topped himself with intense solos that were quite unique; he also enjoyed occasionally playing clarinet. His recordings for Contemporary and Galaxy rank with the greatest work of his career. Pepper's autobiography Straight Life (written with his wife) is a brutally honest book that details his sometimes-horrifying life. When Art Pepper died at the age of 56, he had attained his goal of becoming the world's great altoist.
--Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Stop The Press

New Release From Laurie Pepper

A new release DECEMBER 1, 2006. This will be a two disc set: Art at Hokkaido: The Abashiri Concert November 22, 1981; featuring George Cables, David Williams, Carl Burnett. Art is supercharged by the passion of the Northern audience which turned out to be more emotional and wilder than the typical audience in Japan. Their energy fueled Art's, and the evening was a spectacular one. The tape has been resurrected and beautifully mastered by Wayne Peet
Details to follow

You know, there's honest musicians and there's dishonest musicians. Let me clarify that: An honest musician, to me, plays with his heart and soul and gives you his all, all the time. And then there's the dishonest musician who plays and he gives to his all, but not all the time. It's like a race horse. When Art plays, it's all the time. I never heard him lay back at any time, and that, to me, is an honest musician. And there aren't too many of them in the entire world."

Marty Paich From Straight Life.




I would  like to take this opportunity to thank Laurie Pepper for all  her support in the making of this tribute to her late husband
Update November 18,2006
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