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Welcome To J.T.H Export

Marble Stone Heaters, Granite Stone Heaters

Natural Marble and Granite Stone Heaters the ultimate in style, comfort and affordability

Marble heater storage heater Marble is beautiful. Marble is unique. No piece of marble is like any other. Marble heating enables you to be involved actively in the designing and improvement of every room. Each heating panel with it`s un-mistakable structure is a "picture on the wall" 

Marble heating make use of only the very best marble, suited to every style of furnishing.
    The marble Heaters are operated at 220/230 Volts. A further important aspect is the low purchase costs. The smooth marble surface makes cleaning extremely easy and as there is no air vents you do not have any dust which is great news for adults and kids who suffer from allergy and asthma which other heaters will effect you. The marble heaters is ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms as well ( approved for use in humid environments )     
    The marble heaters are maintenance free, no parts to wear out , and with a 4 year guarantee as a matter of course.   

Marble Granite high quality heater      Marvel at this New Heating Idea 

The Marble Heaters have a seal of approval from all the major testing institutions. The German TUV, The Austrian OVE and the Swiss SEV are all convinced of the technical advantages of this electric direct heating method. Thousands of users are delighted by the beauty of it`s economy and it`s visual effects to a room 
    A specially manufactured heating cable mounted in the rear of the marble panels ensures optimum energy use and the best possible transfer of heat to the marble 







Marble Heater, Heaters  Make your choice for the original Marble Heating System

  • Ageless beauty of lasting value

  • Natural materials, with every panel a unique item

  • Healthy radiation of heat to increase personal comfort

  • Clean and comfortable

  • No dust circulation

  • Specific heat to meet immediate requirements

  • Room temperature controlled by thermostat

  • Simple to install removable whenever required

  • Maintenance-Free

  • Space saving 

  • Tested and guaranteed quality

  • Independent of fossil fuels

  • Low power consumption 450, 800, 600 and 1200 Watt

  • Individual colour and dimensions available  

Please note :

Marble is a natural product. The variations in colour and structure are an expression of this noble material. Every item is unique 

Material Power Size
  450Watt 600 Watt 800 Watt 1200 Watt
Dimensions 40x62x3cm 75x40x3cm 100x40x3cm 100x56x3cm
Weight 21kg 25kg 34kg 48kg
Suitable room size CA 4-8 M2 CA 6-10 M2 CA 8-12 M2  CA 12-20 M2
Protection category 11* 11* 11* 11*
Factory Guarantee  4 years 4 years 4 years 4 years
Jura, Carrara 297 325 345 382

Green  (Green/white/grey)

Rose (Rose/white/grey)

Color (Color as comes up)


340 365 390


Materials High quality crystalline marble or natural stone various types of marble 
Test Certificates


Delivery Including

4 Holder for covered installation

2 Secure Spring

1 m Cable




Stand holder Chromium plated  8.50
Towel Dryer Chromium plated 60X20X16 cm with 2 Hanger 12.10


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