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Dec 20, 2007 NY Time
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change -6.20
contractmonth 2007-12-20
high 801.90
open 800.68
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prevclose 800.68
time_ymdhms 2007-12-20 11:54:56
Silver & PGM'S
closes in 11 hrs.54 mins.
Dec 20, 2007 NY Time
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contractmonth 2007-12-20
high 14.12
open 14.05
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prevclose 14.05
time_ymdhms 2007-12-20 11:54:57

Now you can exchange gold privately and securely with Crowne Gold!

Exchanging Gold:
Crowne Gold allows you to exchange gold. There is no waiting around for checks to clear or bank wires to arrive. After login click on the Crowne exchange button and simply fill in the exchange form on-line, send it off, and instantly gold is in the recipient's account available for their immediate use.
The only information required to send gold to someone else is their email address and how much you want to send. You can denominate your transfer in Grains, Grams, Troy Ounces, Islamic Dinars, Hindu Tolas, Chinese Taels, or their Euro or U.S. Dollars equivalents.

You can even transfer Crowne Gold to someone who does not yet have a Crowne Gold account. Just make the transfer as usual, and the recipient will receive an automatic email notification of the transfer of gold that is pending and directions to open an account. Once your payee's account is opened, they'll receive the gold you sent. If they fail to accept the transfer you have sent, it will automatically be returned to your account in ten days.

Unlike other Internet exchange systems or "digital currencies", Crowne Gold is 100% gold.

In order to sign up with Crowne Gold you must provide an e-mail address that you control and some cross-validation information. This is necessary to increase your privacy and protect your account. You need not give your account identifier out in order to get paid you simply provide your e-mail address. And of course, you're welcome to use a free e-mail service such as Hushmail.

If you sell a product or service on the Internet, we can help you put a special Shopping Cart Interface right on your web site allowing you to accept gold. We offer you the protection you need, as all Crowne Gold transactions happen instantaneously. This means that sellers are not exposed to some form of arbitrary "chargeback" process without their direct agreement. In other words, once you have made or received a gold exchange, the transfer is final. If a buyer and seller mutually decide to reverse an exchange the seller merely sends gold back to the buyer.

In order to make Crowne Gold even easier to use, we've teamed up with a network of third party brokers who specialize in making exchange between Crowne Gold and government issued paper currencies. Want to send a bank wire in Euros and get Crowne Gold to pay for it? Want to pay a bill in U.S. dollars? To access these services there are some routine client due-diligence disclosures required to prevent Crowne Gold or a third party broker from inadvertently representing terrorists, drug dealers or other criminals, but assuming you do not fall into one of these categories there is a broker who can help.

To learn more about the fees associated with these services, please see our fee schedule.

Are you a U.S. Citizen? Please read our Notice to U.S. Persons...

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