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Live Gold Spot
closes in 15 hrs.19 mins.
Dec 20, 2007 NY Time
bid 796.87
change -3.81
contractmonth 2007-12-20
high 801.90
open 800.68
pctchangeS -0.48
prevclose 800.68
time_ymdhms 2007-12-20 15:19:01
Silver & PGM'S
closes in 15 hrs.19 mins.
Dec 20, 2007 NY Time
bid 14.21
change 0.16
contractmonth 2007-12-20
high 14.31
open 14.05
pctchangeS 1.14
prevclose 14.05
time_ymdhms 2007-12-20 15:19:16

You are welcome to keep gold purchased from Crowne Gold on deposit as a hedge against more aggressive investments, but if taking physical delivery or intermittent selling is part of your strategy, then the service you need is only a click away.

Upon confirmation of receipt of good funds, gold purchased is immediately reflected in your Crowne Gold account. After a brief holding period to validate that your wire transfer is not reversed, usually 72 hours and based on your bank’s rules regarding wire recalls, your gold balance is available for physical delivery, sale, or transfer.

You may wish to take physical delivery on all or a portion of the gold purchased through Crowne. Nothing inspires gold ownership like the prompt receipt of .9999 fine gold in one-ounce medallions or ten-ounce gold bars.

For most gold buyers, the best course of action is to retain a balance with Crowne where your gold is maintained in secure vaults, subject to routine physical audits. This allows you to convert gold to cash quickly as needed, or to exchange gold across the street or around the world.

The Crowne Gold system is a exchange system without the hassle and high costs of wire transfers, etc. (see transfers & exchanges)

Sell Your Gold:

Crowne Gold will buy gold held in your Crowne account at the spot price reflected under the "sell gold" option after login. Simply click on the "sell gold" button and advise the amount you wish to sell. Proceeds are distributed via check or bank wire as you direct.

To learn more about the fees associated with these services, please go to fees & costs.

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