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It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga

Asahi Geino (12/13)
Asahi Geino (12/13)

At first glance, the Tenga appears to be like any ordinary roll-on deodorant, but it's actually an adult toy revolutionizing the way men please themselves, making one in the hand worth two in the bush, according to Asahi Geino (12/13).

Japan's bachelor stars are apparently swooping on the Tenga in droves.

"Just thinking about the shape of the Tenga makes me go hard," comedian cum actor Hiroyuki Miyasako tells Asahi Geino. "Tenga is the only adult toy I've ever used that feels so good I never want to take it off."

Over 1 million Tenga models were sold in the first year since it hit the market, making the product so popular it literally entered the lexicon with Japan's most prestigious dictionaries within months of its appearance. Even now, Tenga still sells at a rate of more than 100,000 a month.

Tenga toys contain special valves that ensure once something is inserted into them, it creates a vacuum-like atmosphere. The pressure of the suction the toy places over the male member faithfully reproduces the same friction generated during vaginal intercourse, the weekly says.

Koichi Matsumoto, president of Tenga, the company that created the adult aid of the same name, points out that it is the world's first simulated vagina never to use sponges or polyurethane. He adds that the slick, manly design has prompted growing numbers of women to buy the aid as a present for a male friend or partner.

Asahi Geino notes that there are four ranges of Tenga and 12 different styles. The ranges are Standard -- the recommended choice for Tenga beginners -- Soft, Hard and, for those longer than usual, U.S.

Soft models contain 24 air cushions, which expand and deflate as they are moved to apply and withdraw pressure for pleasure. A feature of the Hard models is the rolling head cup designed to reproduce the sensation of the tip of the organ being licked.

Selling for about 1,000 yen apiece, it's little wonder that so many guys are flocking to get their hands on one, the weekly says.

"There are so many different versions," a Tenga technician tells Asahi Geino. "You should try a few types out and we guarantee there will be one that will suit your needs." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) December 20, 2007


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