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Virtual Bridges Announces Win4Solaris Product to Run Windows on the Solaris 10 OS -- 5/17/07
Contact Information:
Dan Perlman
VP, Marketing
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Company Aims Products at Using Virtualization Technology to Create Competitive Advantage for Enterprise and SMB Businesses by Providing Integrated Solaris 10 Operating System and Windows Coexistence

AUSTIN, TX – May 17, 2007 - Virtual Bridges, a provider of enterprise and SMB solutions using virtualization for business, announced today the release and immediate availability of Win4Solaris Pro Desktop™ and Win4Solaris Virtual Desktop Server (VDS).

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop runs as an application on x86 systems with the Solaris™ 10 Operating System (OS), allowing users to run Windows applications and desktops on such systems with seamless ease. <

Win4Solaris Virtual Desktop Server combines with Sun Ray and Secure Global Desktop to allow users to serve Windows application sessions from a Solaris 10s based server, no longer requiring a separate Windows server to provide access to Windows applications. The combination of Win4Solaris VDS and Sun Ray is the most powerful remote virtual desktop on the market.

Unlike other virtualization solutions, the Virtual Bridges “Win4* family” of products, which includes Win4Lin, Win4Solaris, Win4BSD and Win4SCO (aka Merge), focuses on integration with the host Unix or Linux environment. Rather than support multiple guest OS environments, Virtual Bridges specializes in virtualizing Windows for Unix and Linux users for both ease of use as well as utilization efficiencies – there is no need to maintain a separate Windows box for a handful of occasionally used Windows applications.

"The ability for Solaris to host Windows applications is important for our customers,” said Marc Hamilton, Vice President, Solaris marketing Sun Microsystems. “Win4Solaris elegantly addresses this need in a way that complements both our Solaris workstations as well as our Sun Ray thin clients. Customers are very excited when they realize they can keep familiar applications and at the same time reduce the vulnerability and cost of their desktop environments."

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop features include:
• Runs Windows 2000/XP Applications and Desktop on the Solaris 10 OS at near-native speed
• Cut and Paste between Solaris 10 and Windows
• Ability to display either full desktop mode or "floating" application mode
• Windows malware resistance through "renewable" Windows architecture
• Allows re-use of your existing Windows license for both cost-savings and broad application compatibility
• Full integration between the Solaris 10 and Windows file systems for user documents and settings

Additional Features in Virtual Desktop Server include:
• Resumable sessions
• “headless” start for instant user access
• Batch start and stop feature for volume deployments
• Remote audio/multimedia when used together with Sun Ray
• Local printing support
• web portal access
• Maximum flexibility in guest OS and applications supported per host
• Consolidation of Windows desktop licenses for easy management and change control

"With Win4Solaris, both Pro and Virtual Desktop Server, we expand on the promise of Virtual Bridges to bring virtualized Windows to under-served platforms," said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges. "Solaris 10 is an extremely successful platform with over seven million registered licenses, an estimated 70% of which are on the x86 platform that we currently address. By adding the ability to integrate Windows seamlessly into this environment, as well as provide enterprise-level support for the product, we aim to not only serve this large installed base but to dramatically expand it."

"Windows co-existence is essential to any rival platform. The Virtual Bridges Win4* family, which includes Win4Lin, Win4BSD, Win4Solaris and Merge,” said Leo Reiter, CTO and VP of Development, “is the best way to do this, hands down."

"Win4Solaris is a great addition for the Solaris 10 OS on the x86 platform. With Win4Solaris Pro, the millions of Solaris users on x86 systems now have a seamless way to integrate Windows, and those few critical applications that go with it, into their everyday Solaris 10 work environment. With Win4Solaris Virtual Desktop Server, large organizations find the perfect complement to the incredibly powerful Sun Ray family of products. Sun Ray users no longer require a separate Windows box to deliver Windows applications to Sun Ray users. The reliability, security and power of the Solaris 10 OS together with the economical and robust inventory of Windows applications is a perfect competitor to Citrix", said Dan Perlman, vice president of Business Development, Virtual Bridges.

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop™ is a sibling product to the company's award-winning Win4Lin Pro Desktop™ and is based on the same code base. Win4Lin Pro Desktop is currently at Version 4.0.

Pricing and Availability

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop and Virtual Desktop Server are available immediately. Win4Solaris Desktop Pro is available for $149.99. For pricing of Virtual Desktop Server, and for volume discounts, site licenses and support contracts please contact sales at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information and to purchase, please visit http://www.Win4Solaris.com/.

About Virtual Bridges Virtual Bridges, Inc. develops SMB and enterprise virtualization solutions for business. Virtual Bridges’ products are aimed at businesses that want to use virtualization solutions to optimize resource utilization to create sustainable business advantage.


Win4Solaris, Win4Solaris Pro Desktop, Win4Lin, Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server, Win4BSD and Virtual Bridges are trademarks of Virtual Bridges, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
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