Tech Talk

Tech Talk connects vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts via email. Ask questions and read responses from experts and amateurs around the globe.

Enthusiasts have established a support network here, swapping stories and technical information, sharing parts and knowledge, discussing and appreciating vintage Japanese motorcycles. They focus on vintage Japanese bikes (20+ years) such as the Honda Super Hawk or CBX, Yamaha YM1 or TD1, Kawasaki W1 or H1, Suzuki K10 or RE5, Tohatsu Runpet, or Marusho Magnum.

Tech Talk is a free subscription email list provided by hyperreal.org. Registration (described below) is required and is independent of the VJMC membership. If you enjoy the resources provided by Tech Talk, consider joining the VJMC!


Tech Talk comes in two formats:
Single messages: Single messages come one-by-one.
Bundled messages: Bundled messages group email messages by date (up to 20k) in a single email. Some people prefer the bundled format, because of the high email trafic that Tech Talk often generates.

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