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The main improved characteristics of DEVIL CAT over our competitors are:


                Increased buoyancy eliminating tunnel bottoming and choking, also reducing the risk of drowning engines through water entry through exhaust ports and air intakes.


                Improved hull shape resulting in much softer ride and reduced misting, proven by the fact that we have had no engine failures since production commenced.


                By careful design in construction and quality control, we have reduced the tare weight resulting in  better performance both light and heavily loaded.


                Because of the improved hull shape and buoyancy and the reduction of the tare weight, fuel efficiency and speed have been improved substantially, all of our smaller models will plane on one engine.


                The improvement in flat turning has been dramatic, with several of the range actually banking in with some engine combinations.


                The tendency for most catamarans to fly or kite when pushed hard into the wind has again been dramatically Improved with the high tunnel and fine entry, combining to give a soft flat ride.


                The down wind performance also has been improved with the plumb stem stopping the bows from dropping under even in the shortest seas.


                Directional hull tracking (as in down wind on the quarter) has been eliminated.  Most catamarans have the tendency to pick up and veer with the wave creating the problem of having to continually correct the course of the vessel, this has been overcome to the extent that it is possible to let go of the steering completely with the vessel remaining on course for long periods of time.


                The ability of the DEVIL CAT to get on the plane loaded heavily or lightly with no hole digging is a feature no competitor can match, with the boat maintaining a very flat altitude all the way.


                All under floor construction of our vessels are from MOLDED FIBERGLASS BEAMS,             BULKHEADS and WEB FRAMES. Timber is avoided where ever possible due to it being able, after time, to delaminate from the fiberglass, eventually rot and hence cause structural problems with the vessel.


                All vessels are built to plans approved by, THE NAVIGATION AND SURVEY AUTHORITY OF NSW, to the USL CODE,  Which is the AUSTRALIAN SURVEY CODE.  The Larger diesel powered vessels are built to the same code however, the plans are PREPARED using DET NORSKE VERITAS RULES which is an INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY.


The main improved characteristics of catamarans over mono hull vessels:


                Pure planning hull in lieu of displacement hull.

                Reduced hull friction from two smaller hulls rather that one large hull.

                Increased stability with wider vessel beam.

                Under floor storage lowering vessels center of gravity

                Increased ride comfort.

                Flush cockpit deck space.

                Dual engine Installation (two smaller engines no auxiliary required).



Hawkesbury River,

 at the Junction of MacDonald River at Wiseman's Ferry

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                                  Customer Support: Ray Patterson
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