DECEMBER 25th 2007

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WDCS recognises how important education is in achieving our objectives. It underpins everything we do and is at the core of every successful campaign, conservation initiative, whale watch trip, event, project and publication.

In order to reduce and ultimately eliminate the threats to cetaceans and their environment, it is vital to engage and educate a wide variety of people, be they children, local communities, tourists, politicians or other decision-makers.

Dolphin Diploma - prove you're a dolphin expert!
It's the Year of the Dolphin. Time to become a dolphin expert ! To commemorate this, WDCS has created the Dolphin Diploma - an award for children who show a good knowledge of dolphins, and prove to be actively involved in their protection. We think this is worth honouring!

Education in the UK
WDCS's Education team aims to inspire and motivate people to play a role in reducing and ultimately eliminating threats to cetaceans.

Scotland - WDCS Wildlife Centre
Activities for School Groups - How to book and plan a visit -
WDCS's Wildlife Centre is located in the wildlife haven that is Spey Bay, an ideal place for visiting school groups and other members of the public to get close to nature.

Whale and Dolphin Presentations
Volunteer Speakers -
WDCS is able to provide free presentations to schools and groups across the country through a dedicated team of staff, consultants and volunteers.

Games and Animations
Games and Animations -
We have a wide variety of fun and fascinating games and animations to enjoy and learn along the way!

Education Resources
Dolphin Diploma: A FREE 'Year of the Dolphin' resource for teachers - Downloads - How whales and dolphins fit into the National Curriculum - Posters, books and other materials -

International Offices
Argentina - Australia - North America -

Education Field Projects
Azores - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru -

WDCS is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment

out of the blue - WDCS whale-watching adventures

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