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The Communications Academy

"Everybody Teaches, Everybody Learns"

Mission Statement

The Communications Academy seeks to build a commuity of self-directed learners...

...who specialize in communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving...

...and demonstrate learning through integrated media performance-based exhibitions.

The Communications Academy (ComAcad) at Sir Francis Drake High School is a team taught, project-based, integrated studies program scheduled in a four period block (three periods during the school day, one period after school). The program covers Junior and Senior year, during which students receive credit for the following courses: U.S. History, American Government, Economics, American Literature, 20th Century Liturature, Humanities or Dramatic Literature, Advanced Video Production, and Advanced Drama.

ComAcad is one of several small learning communities at Sir Francis Drake High School, "The Jewel of Marin County," located in San Anselmo, California.

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Aside from the students -- who all teach and all learn -- five people currently run the Communications Academy. They are:

Greg Doherty
Kathleen McCormick
Peter Parish
Stage Productions
Morgan Paar
Jonah Tabb
Video Assistant

To email current staff, click on their names. To access Doherty's teaching website, which offers detailed assignment descriptors, a calendar of due dates, and the chance to view grades online, click here.

Like the other Academies at Drake -- junior-senior academies Engineering and SeaDisc (Environmental Studies), and freshman-sophomore academies Mobius and ROCK -- ComAcad is part of the Drake Integrated Studies Curriculum (DISC), which is coordinated by Carolyn Shearer. (Past coordinators have included Patty Vance and Misty Shore.)

Past staff members have included: co-founder Steve Kuever (Video Production), co-founder Michelle Swanson (Social Studies), Theron Cosgrave (Social Studies), Lisa Chipkin (Drama), Kyle Burrows (Video Assistant), Becky Hausamann (English, Drama), Kevin Kline (English), and Eva Frank (Social Studies).