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So the HD HOLDEN is the model you have chosen. Great choice.   The HD HOLDEN model followed the EJ HOLDEN model and was before the HR HOLDEN model.

The launch of the HD HOLDEN happened in the Summer month of February 1965.

MAJOR HAPPENINGS THE MONTH OF THE LAUNCH February 1965: The U.S.A, under recently elected President Lyndon Johnstone, steps up the war in Vietnam with bombings on North Vietnam and on Viet Cong troops in the south: Gambia achieves independence: Tributes and commemorative events continue to mark the passing of Sir Winston Churchill (who died on January 24th): Singer Nat King Cole and actor Stan Laurel die: Beatles drummer Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox; The royal Australian Mint opens in Canberra and produces the first Australian made decimal coins: US activist Malcolm X is shot dead. 

WE WERE LISTENING TO THE RADIO TO THE TUNES OF: Under the Boardwalk (Rolling Stones); Ferry 'cross the Mersey (Gerry and the pacemakers); You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Righteous Brothers); Go Now (The Moody Blues); I'll Never Find Another You (The Seekers).

AT THE PICTURE SHOWS (MOVIES) WE WATCHED  THESE PICTURES: The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers); Flaming Star (Elivs Presley); It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Milton Berle, Sid Ceasar) Becket (Peter O'Toole, Richard Burton); The Endless Summer (surfing documentary by Bruce Brown).

GOING'S ON IN THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD: The Prince Gloria becomes the first 6 cylinder Japanese car to be sold in Australia; Alfa Romeo announces that it will return to motor racing for the 1965 season; Honda releases the S600 sports car in Australia.

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HD Holden front view

Fast Facts

Price New including sales tax; 1160 in the old money. $2320  for a (Standard Sedan)

Dimensions (Sedan); Length: 4597mm; Wheelbase; 2692mm; Width; 1788mm

Identification; All new body with horizontal slatted grille split by vertical bar bearing the Holden badge: protruding front quarter panels extend past the headlights and merge with front bumper bar.

Total Number Built; 178,927 By Numbers HERE

Engine; 2.45 litre 149c.i " in line" 6 cylinder a 2.95 litre 179c.i version and a 2.95 litre 179c.i 'X2' .

Transmission; Three speed Manual gearbox (Three on the Tree),  and two speed Powerglide automatic transmission.

Models; Standard Sedan, Special Sedan, Premier Sedan, Standard Station Wagon, Special Station Wagon, Premier Station Wagon, Panel Van and Utility.

The HD had a completely new body, making it wider and longer than previous model Holdens. Engineered entirely in Australia, the new model offered substantial increases in passenger and load space. Equipment levels were higher and self adjusting brakes were fitted. Furthermore, Disc Brakes were offered as a factory fitted option for the first time. 

Although in later years the HD would be least favourably remembered Holden, the early demand for the HD modal was exceptionally high. During the first few months on sale the HD actually outstripped the those of the record breaking EH Model.

The most interesting mechanical feature was the more powerful 'X2' engine. Available as an option for all models, it developed 105 kw up (19kw) on the standard engine, this is by virtue of twin carburettors, a modified camshaft, new manifolds and a low restriction exhaust system. On the transmission front, the Hydramatic three speed transmission was replaces with another American gearbox the 'Powerglide' 2 speed Automatic transmission.

With the choice of three engines, two gearboxes an expanded options list (Which included the latest in fashion the 'Vinyl Roof', the HD gave the Holden buyer the greatest choice yet. Unfortunately, the new model's early promise was not realised. A downturn in the market was compounded by a general cooling of public affection for the relatively avant-garde appearance of the HD model.


  • Holden achieves its best sales month on record, with over 19,000 HD Holden's registered during the month of May.

  • Nearly 20,000 Holden's are exported during the year.


HD Holden Special Wagon

HD Holden on a drive


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