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Welcome to Iphoto ICC Profile Center
Version 1.16-2001-0101

Need to know more about Digital Still Camera Icc profile information? please visit DSC (8626 bytes)

Another kind of Digital Still Camera, DSC Exif Image viewer now available on this site, please visit DSC for execution program !!new-warp.gif (8626 bytes)

ICC inspector now separate from profile generator, it's stand alone program,
please visit ICC Inspect for install program and also source code provided!!

  1. ver 1.16
    Now, you can save image which apply icc profiles, please see my FAQ 1.3
    Solve many bugs:
        ICC inspector now view items correctly under NT4 and Win2K.
        ICC inspector now use sRGB to display chromaticity diagram.
        TWAIN Acquire should work correctly.
        Image Rotate.
  2. ver 1.15 include:
    JPEG format support with embedded icc profile.
    PNG format now also support embedded icc profile.
    Add "What is IT8 target ?" in FAQ
  3. ver 1.14 Include:
    Epson expression 1600 pro icc profile
    Latest Kodak IT8 target reference files
    Wolf Faust W000926 IT8 7.2 reference file
    Fix bug when read W000926  
  4. ver 1.13 Modifying IPhoto to adapt Nikon Coolscan II SCSI
    Also add gamma 2.4, 2.2, and 1.8 icc profiles for Nikon Coolscan II SCSI.
  5. IPhotoMinusICC 1.1 announced! This version add following capabilities:
    a. Read 16 bit tif format and Big/Small endian files.
    b. Read png format with color information, also support saving embedded
        icc profile.
    c. Solve problem on CMM like SilverFast which only use Shaper/Matrix
        based ICC profile.
    d. More Agfa target sheets supported.
    e. print out your image if your printer support icc profile.
  6. Polaroid SprintScan 4000 film scanner profile provided, please visit our
    Profile center for download. (Thanks 
    Andrei Frolov)
  7. After the whole year, IPhotoMinusICC finally has its own IT8 7.2 target, please
    visit IT8/7.2 Target if you really need a good quality target.
  8. In this place, you can find generic ICC profiles for most recent entry level
    scanners. All scanner ICC profiles are free. Please download the one you
    want .
  9. We also welcome scanner manufactures or Color gurus provide ICC profiles to
    our profile center, Please contact Author.
  10. Here also provides ICC profile inspector for Window 95/98/2000, you can use this
    tool  to inspect your icc profile contents. More powerful is, you can also use this
    tool to generate your own scanner profile, most scanner profiles generated by this tool, Please see FAQ section to know how to generate.
  11. NOTE
    This tool is proved OK on generating Film scanners icc profile. Also if you like,
    you can send me the scanned image about Q60(positive film) and its reference
    target file to me, I'll try and put it on profile center.
  12. FAQ topics include:
    How to save image file which apply ICC profiles ?new-warp.gif (8626 bytes)
    What is IT8 target ?
    Why you need Scanner ICC Profiles ?
    Why we provide entry level scanner ICC Profiles ?
    Is profile downloaded from profile center so accurate ?
    How to inspect ICC profile contents using IphotoMinusICC ?
    How to apply ICC Profile using IphotoMinusICC ?

    How to generate ICC Profile by IPhotoMinusICC ?
    How to  check scanner ICC Profile color faults?
    The cropping positions in profile generation are not so precise.