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The Ramona Valley

American Viticultural Area


Located approximately 35 miles NE of San Diego, the Ramona Valley American Viticultural Area was approved in January 2006 based on its unique microclimate, terroir, and history for grape production.

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Excerpts from the January 6, 2006 Press Release


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(Ramona, California)  The Ramona Valley in San Diego County has been designated as an American Viticultural Area by the Federal Taxation and Trade Bureau, effective 6 January 2006.


The 89,000 acre area covers 139 square miles of primarily rural area surrounding the unincorporated town of Ramona, California, located in north central San Diego County.  The area is home to more than 20 commercial vineyards covering over 60 acres, 9 bonded wineries and two tasting rooms open to the public.  Additionally, several new vineyards and wineries are being developed within the Ramona Valley.


American Viticulture Area designations, or “appellations” were first created under federal law in 1980, and the Ramona Valley is the country’s 162nd area to be granted a designation.  Ramona Valley is only the second AVA to be designated in San Diego County and the third in Southern California   It is within the large South Coast AVA which covers all of Southern California south of the Santa Barbara area.  The other two existing AVAs in the South Coast region are the San Pasqual Valley (San Diego County – designated in 1981) and Temecula Valley (Riverside County – designated in 1986).


Bill Schweitzer, of the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association, said “This is a major step for the rapidly growing wine producing area around Ramona.  Dozens of local property owners are currently working very hard to learn about modern viticulture and wine production, and we’re all excited about the potential of this area to produce high quality wine.  Before Prohibition this region was home to hundreds of acres of quality wine grapes.  Now that research has improved the control of various insects and diseases, we are really enthused about the opportunities an AVA gives us.”




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