in Singapore


What has happened to Timo in Singapore

  • Jan 28th 2002: Flight from Helsinki via Bankgok arrived to Changi airport
  • Jan 29th 2002: Living in Harbour ville hotel working in South Point building as relocated employee of OpenMobile Asia Pacific.
  • Feb 1st: moved to Astoria park condo near Kembangan MRT.
  • March 29th 2002: Adopted Kitty cat from Nancy. Soon started spending most of my free time with those two girls ...
  • July 31st: Last day at work in Sout Point building. My employer didn't want to renew my contract but canceled my employment pass. Got visit pass for 2 weeks and moved with Kitty away from Kembangan condo to a much cheaper place between Novena and Toa Paoh MRT's.
  • August 13th. Got 4 weeks more social visit pass. We had got engaged with Nancy and set up our wedding date and made a plan for our future.
  • September 7th 2002: moved to and HDB flat in Hougang.
  • September 13th 2002: Flying to Finland with Nancy and her mother and a friend. On Septeber 21st is supposed to be our Big Day there. After that we will fly back to Singapore. Wish us good luck ...
  • September 16th 2002: Changed my last name to Sippala. Now I am Timo Matti Sippala.
  • September 21th 2002: Married Nancy Ong and we promised to became Mr and Mrs Sippala.
  • September 23th 2002: Flew back to Singapore. Got 30 days social visit pass. We started living together in a HDB flat in Hougang.
  • October 12th Wedding party in Singapore
  • November 2002: still living in a small room of an HDB flat in Hougang. Social visit pass extended until December 1st. Applied for PR. Packing for Australia.
  • November 20th 2002: Our cats Kitty and Lolitha flew to Australia. Now they are in a quarantine station in Sydney. Nancy had her last day at work yesterday. Packing for Australia.
  • November 30th 2002: Left for Australia
  • December 4th 2002: Was granted Singaporean PR. A bit too late. I am out of the country already and don't want to fly back to activate it.
  • Enough with Singapore so far! For further news about me in Australia please see my Australia page