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The Combined Joint Task Force–Horn of Africa or CJTF-HOA conducts unified action in the combined joint operations area of the Horn of Africa to prevent conflict, promote regional stability, and protect Coalition interests in order to prevail against extremism.

The people of CJTF-HOA focus on military-to-military training, civil-military operations, and engagement to fulfill the CJTF-HOA mission.  They provide short-term assistance by providing clean water, functional schools, improved roadways and improved medical facilities.  Long-term goals include working with Partner nations to improve national security.  Regional stability is built through capacity-building operations such as civil affairs and military-to-military training; engineering and humanitarian support; medical, dental and veterinarian civil action programs (MEDCAP, DENCAP, VETCAP); security training for border and coastal areas; and maritime training with host nations.


The CJTF-HOA command philosophy is to provide for Partner nations a stable, secure environment—a place where education and prosperity are within each person’s grasp and where terrorists, whose extremist ideology seeks to enslave nations, have nothing to offer the citizens of the Horn of Africa.  CJTF-HOA’s focus is regional and centered on ensuring Partner nations have the capacity to secure their homeland and contribute to the Horn of Africa’s future.


About 1,800 people from each military branch of the U.S. military, civilian employees, Coalition and Partner nations make up CJTF-HOA.  The area of responsibility for CJTF-HOA includes the countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen.  Other areas of interest are Comoros, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

CJTF-HOA was established at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Oct. 19, 2002.  In November 2002, personnel embarked on a 28-day training cruise aboard USS MOUNT WHITNEY, arriving in the Horn of Africa on Dec. 8, 2002.  CJTF-HOA operated from the MOUNT WHITNEY until May 13, 2003, when the mission transitioned ashore to Camp Lemonier in Djibouti City, Djibouti. Since then, CJTF-HOA personnel have built numerous schools, clinics and hospitals; conducted dozens of MEDCAPs, DENCAPs and VETCAPs; drilled and refurbished more than 113 wells; and trained with most Partner nation militaries.  Additionally, members of the Task Force have assisted with at least 11 humanitarian assistance missions, including recovery efforts after the collapse of a four-story building in Kenya in 2006, the capsizing of a passenger ferry in Djibouti in 2006, and flooding in Ethiopia and Kenya in 2006.

Point of Contact, CJTF-HOA Public Affairs Office; APO AE 09363
DSN (318) 824-2342; Commercial (+253) 359-523
E-mail: cjtfhoapao@hoa.centcom.mil
HOA website: http://www.hoa.centcom.mil

As of July 2007

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