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First Name Index of 

Royal Colonels
of Commonwealth Land Forces


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     Links lead to a dedicated page giving a brief vita, military career, and honorary military appointments.   Crown designates Sovereigns. Please note that this is only intended as an index to British royal military appointments, and not an exhaustive treatment of royal peerages. In a few instances, people of no military significance have been included in order to clarify family-tree relationships. See also the converse Index of Reigns, Peerages and Consorts.

Abdullah II, King of Jordan 1962-
  Adelaide, Queen, Consort of William IV 1792-1849
  Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge 1774-1850
  Adolphus, Duke of Teck 1868-1927
  Alastair, Duke of Connaught 1914-1943
Albert I, King of the Belgians 1875-1934
  Albert, Prince Consort of Victoria 1819-1861
  Albert Victor, Prince, Duke of Clarence and Avondale 1864-1892
  Alexander, Earl of Athlone 1874-1957
  Alexander, Prince, of Battenberg, Marquess of Carisbrooke 1886-1960
  Alexander, Duke of Fife 1849-1912
  Alexandra, Princess of Connaught 1891-1959
  Alexandra, Princess, The Hon. Mrs. Angus Ogilvy 1936-
  Alexandra, Queen, Consort of Edward VII 1844-1925
Alfonso XIII, King of Spain 1886-1941
  Alfred, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1844-1900
  Alfred, Prince, of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1874-1899
  Alice, Duchess of Gloucester 1901-2004
  Alice, Countess of Athlone 1883-1981
  Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse 1843-1878
  Andrew, Prince, Duke of York 1960-
  Angus Ogilvy, Sir 1928-2004
  Anne, The Princess Royal 1950-
Anne, Queen Of England 1665-1714
  Argyll, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, 9th Duke of 1845-1914
  Arthur, of Connaught, Prince of Great Britain and Ireland 1883-1938
  Arthur, Duke of Connaught 1850-1942
  Augusta Sophia, Princess 1768-1840
  Augustus Frederick, Prince, Duke of Sussex 1773-1843
  Beatrice, Princess, consort of Henry, Prince of Battenberg 1857-1944
  Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester 1947-
  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall 1947-
  Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden
Carlos I, King of Portugal and Algarves 1863-1908
  Caroline, Queen, Consort of George II 1683-1737
  Charles Edward, Duke of Albany 1884-1954
  Charles, Prince of Wales 1948-
Charles II, King of England 1630-1685
  Charlotte, Queen, Consort of George III 1744-1818
  Charlotte, Princess of Wales 1796-1817
  Christian, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein 1831-1917
  Christian Victor, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein 1867-1900
Christian IX, King of Denmark 1818-1906
Christian X, King of Denmark 1870-1947
  Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997
  Edward, Duke of Kent 1767-1820
  Edward, Duke of Kent 1935-
  Edward, Prince of Great Britain, Earl of Wessex 1964-
  Edward, Prince of Saxe-Weimar 1823-1902
Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland 1841-1910
Edward VIII, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1894-1972
  Elizabeth, Queen, consort of George VI 1900-2002
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1926-
Ernest Augustus, I, King of Hanover 1771-1851
  Francis, Duke of Teck 1837-1900
  Francis, Prince, of Teck 1870-1910
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary 1830-1916
Frederick VIII, King of Denmark 1843-1912
Frederick IX, King of Denmark 1899-1972
  Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany 1763-1827
  Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales 1707-1751
  Fredericka, Duchess of York and Albany 1767-1820
  Georg, Prince of Denmark 1920-1986
  George, Duke of Kent 1902-1942
George I, King of Great Britain 1660-1727
George II, King of Great of Britain 1683-1760
George III, King of Great Britain 1738-1820
George IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland 1762-1830
George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland 1865-1936
George VI, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1895-1952
  George, Duke of Cambridge 1819-1904
  George, Marquess of Cambridge 1895-1981
Gustaf VI, King of Sweden 1882�1973
Haakon VII, King of Norway 1872-1957
Harald V, King of Norway 1937-
  Helena, Princess 1846-1923
Henri, Grand Duc of Luxembourg 1955-
  Henry, Duke of Cumberland 1745-1790
  Henry, Duke of Gloucester 1900-1974
  Henry, Prince, of Battenberg 1858-1896
  Henry, Prince of Great Britain 1984-
James II, King of England 1633-1701
  James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick, Duc de Fitzjames 1670-1734
  James (Scott), Duke of Monmouth 1649-1685
Jean, Grand Duc of Luxembourg 1921-
  Katharine, Duchess of Kent 1933-
Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands 1909-
  Leopold, Prince, Duke of Albany 1853-1884
  Leopold, Prince, of Battenberg 1889-1922
Leopold I, King of the Belgians 1790-1865
Leopold III, King of the Belgians 1901-1983
  Louis of Battenberg, Marquess of Milford Haven 1854-1921
  Louis, Earl Mountbatten of Burma 1900-1979
  Louise, Duchess of Argyll 1848-1939
  Louise, The Princess Royal 1867-1931
  Luise Margarete, Princess of Prussia (Duchess of Connaught) 1860-1917
  Margaret, Princess, Countess of Snowdon 1930-2002
Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark 1940-
  Maria Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh 1853-1920
  Marina, Duchess of Kent 1906-1968
  Mary, Duchess of Teck 1833-1897
  Mary, Queen, consort of James II 1658-1718
  Mary, Queen, consort of George V 1867-1953
  Mary, The Princess Royal 1897-1965
Mary II, Queen of England 1662-1694
  Maurice, Prince, of Battenberg 1891-1914
  Michael, Prince, of Kent 1942-
Nikolai II, Tsar of all the Russias 1868-1918
Olav V, King of Norway 1903-1991
  Patricia, Princess 1886-1974
  Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh 1921-
  Richard, Duke of Gloucester 1944-
  Rupert, Prince, Duke of Cumberland 1619-1682
  Sophia, Queen, consort of George I 1666-1726
  Sophie, Countess of Wessex 1965-
  Victoria, Duchess of Kent 1786-1861
  Victoria, Princess 1868-1935
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland 1819-1901
  Victoria, The Princess Royal 1840-1901
Wilhelm II, German Emperor and King of Prussia 1859-1941
  Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany 1882-1951
  William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland 1721-1765
  William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh 1776-1834
  William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh 1743-1805
  William, Prince of Great Britain 1982-
William III, King of England 1650-1702
William IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland 1765-1837