Good Things Come in Small Packages

Freeware Software - Copyright 1997-2006 Dariusz Stanislawek



All software for Windows®, unless otherwise stated.





EDXOR is a versatile, convenient and optimal text editor and file processor that far surpasses the capabilities of other Notepad-like applications. It offers innovative clipboard handling, cryptographic options and logic text conversions, great for education, fun, or privacy. EDXOR is small, self-contained, dependency-free and very fast. It provides over 90 menu items, including many unique functions and options, for diverse applications.




dsCrypt is AES/Rijndael file encryption software with simple, multi-file, drag-and-drop operations. It features optimal implementation, performance and safety measures. dsCrypt uses an advanced encryption algorithm and offers unique options for enhanced security.

- extensively tested and widely accepted algorithm
- BruteHalt® and exceptional resistance to brute-force password search
- inherent resistance to brute-force key search
- Secure PassPad® and immunity to keylogger-infested environments
- disclosed implementation and source code
- secure use of system resources
- verified data and file processing
- efficient user interface and operation
- speedy performance
- really small executable file
- self-contained and dependency-free
- installation-and-pollution-free
- freeware status and unrestricted distribution


dscrypt.exe v1.10 [25kB] Windows GUI v1.00 [14kB] Windows CLI (command-line) v1.00 [25kB] source code




DSE is a file encryption program.

Download v1.00 [27kB] Windows GUI + CLI
dse v1.00 [22kB] FreeBSD
dse.c v1.00 main source code v1.00 [20kB] complete source code

DS File Encryption Programs Comparison



dsfok #4b [76kB]

with the DS File Ops Kit you can:

- backup any disk partition, including "live" and "hidden"
- backup entire disk, including "live"
- create an ISO CD-ROM or DVD-ROM image
- create a floppy disk image
- restore a floppy disk image
- save a block of data of any size from any location within a file
- overwrite a block of data of any size at any location within a file
- instantly create a file of any size
- truncate or extend files
- encrypt or decrypt files and directly overwrite them
- scan the volumes of a computer and get detailed infos
- check MD5 signature of a partial or complete data object
- join two files
- scramble a file with the contents of another one (OTP)
- do a bitwise reversion operation on any file
- securely erase files, partitions and disks

- restore disk partitions
- restore entire disk
(fast sector-level transfer)




SureCrypt is an ultra small encryption program designed for fast processing of extremely large files. It can encrypt or decrypt files as fast as Windows Explorer can copy them. SureCrypt presents a flexible user interface with detailed record of all operations.


surecrypt.exe v1.00 [9kB] Windows GUI
sc.exe v1.02 [5kB] Windows CLI (command-line)
sc v1.02 [8kB] FreeBSD
sc.txt v1.02 CLI help file
surecrypt.c v1.02 source code



WildCrypt v1.00 [22kB]

WildCrypt is AES/Rijndael file encryption software. Its crypto-security is enhanced by the exclusion of any means of key or data verification, which could aid a potential attacker. WildCrypt offers many ways of crypto-key definition, camouflage and management. It is really small, fast and pollution-free.




PassPack v1.01 [15kB]

PassPack is a secure, streamlined and incredibly compact manager of passwords and confidential information. It features exceptional resistance to brute-force password search attacks. PassPack offers both import and export of unencrypted data.



dsFSR v1.00 [9kB]

dsFSR is a file search and replace utility. It can quickly and reliably search or replace the contents of all files in all subfolders. dsFSR offers essential features without confusing options and displays detailed processing log.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, XP no longer searches the contents of all files. There are patchy and perplexing workarounds, giving only partial improvements (kbid 309173). The essential feature has been disabled for now, but they promise to bring it back in the successor of XP. It stimulates upgrading, doesn't it? Here is a test search for "analysis" in XP-Search and dsFSR...



DVDsig v1.01 [10kB]

DVDsig is a files verification software for DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-ROM and other removable media. It will scan all files and directories of a new disk compilation and create a list of reliable MD5 file signatures. DVDsig is small enough to be conveniently included on any disk compilation and offers immediate, independent verification of the files after burning is completed. The inclusion of DVDsig along with the signature list it generates is a simple, quick and effective way of validating your data at any time and anywhere.




CryptNote v1.01 [17kB]

CryptNote is a secure text editor. It transparently encrypts or decrypts user text with the AES/Rijndael algorithm. All you have to do is type a password when prompted and use it like the Notepad. CryptNote is totally self-contained, dependency-free, needs no installation and does not add or alter any file or registry settings.




dsSFV v1.20 [15kB], no-setup option [11kB]

dsSFV is an essential tool for integrity verification of downloaded or copied MP3, AVI, ISO and other files. dsSFV can scan entire folders and create a list of file CRCs in the popular "Simple File Verification" format, or verify an existing SFV list. This can also be used to detect any file tampering by viruses, hackers, crackers, etc. dsSFV is a very small, fast and efficient application designed without VB, MFC, or similar bloatware. Deep integration with the system makes it extremely simple to use. dsSFV offers many unique options, including logging, diagnostics, statistics, built-in SFV editor, as well as flawless processing of SFV files from other systems like UNIX or Mac.



CDCRC v1.02 [9kB]

CDCRC is a files verification software for CDs. It will scan all files in all directories of a new CD compilation and create a list of file signatures. CDCRC is small enough to be conveniently included on any CD-R or CD-RW compilation and offers immediate verification of the files after burning is completed. Burning CDCRC along with the signature list it generates is a simple and effective way of validating your data at any time and anywhere. If you are unsure of your CD-ROM software, drive or media, CDCRC is the solution.

For compilations larger than 700MB and/or 30,000 files use DVDsig instead.



DriveUse v1.00 [7kB]

DriveUse reports detailed disk space usage on all drives and presents the results in a clear, sorted, tree-like structure.



Taskill v1.02 [6kB]

Taskill is a process viewer and killer. It works in GUI or CLI mode and can kill multiple instances of the same task in one go.



FineSplit v1.05 [5kB]

FineSplit splits a file into floppy sized parts and creates a merging batch file to reassemble the pieces into a copy of the original file. Unlike other file splitters, it will also permit the user to define the exact size of each separate piece as an option.
Options: edit this INI file to change the default part size, define individual part sizes, or other settings.



DIZzy v1.12 [8kB]

DIZzy displays DIZ, NFO and other confusing, ASCII-extended text files in a pleasing graphic format. It supports drag-and-drop, file associations and command line. DIZzy is an amazingly small, self-contained, flexible and free program.

Here is a sample NFO, as displayed in Notepad, Wordpad, Word and others:

...and the same in DIZzy



dsSHA v1.02 [7kB]

dsSHA produces SHA-1 digital file signature. Like CRC or MD5 it can be used for detection of file tampering by viruses, hackers, etc. and integrity verification of copied or downloaded files. dsSHA is so small that it could be simply included in distribution packages. dsSHA is fast, dependency-free and does not need things like MFC or VB.

dsSHA can also work in command-line mode, saving signatures without any GUI dialogs.



dsMD5 v1.02 [6kB]

dsMD5 produces MD5 digital file signature (use like dsSHA).



dsCRC v1.01 [5kB]

dsCRC generates CRC of a file, compatible with PKZip, WIN-SFV32, etc.




REBOOTER v2.31 [5kB]

REBOOTER quickly and forcefully restarts or shuts down Windows.



Autorun v1.00 [4kB]

Autorun works with "autorun.inf" and opens any associated file:
open=autorun.exe index.html (...for example)



proFILEr v1.01 [11kB]

Use proFILEr to calculate file statistics, such as entropy, mean, median, deviation, chi-square and bit analysis.




FreeZip v1.4.9

FreeZip is a small, fast and efficient Zip utility for compression and decompression of files and directories in Windows 9x/2k, which can also be used from the command-line or in batch files.