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Live Gold Spot
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Jan 04, 2008 NY Time
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Silver & PGM'S
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Jan 04, 2008 NY Time
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 Clients may elect to take physical delivery of gold in beautiful one-troy-ounce gold coins, frequently referred to as medallions, and/or ten-troy-ounce gold bars.  To take delivery of medallions, or ten-ounce bars, simply click on the order buttons below.

Crowne Mint’s signature gold product is the one-troy-ounce Crown medallion. The Crown medallion is .9999 fine gold, the highest gold purity now available.  The Crown Mint has also crafted a beautiful ten-troy-ounce bar of .9999 fine gold that carries the premier crown of the Crowne Mint.


 The purity rate for gold traded on the world's commodity markets is .995 and is the standard at which "Spot Price" is determined. The traditional "Spot Price" you see quoted on this site is regularly updated in accordance with world market pressures and constitutes the buying and selling rate (less commissions) for .995 gold.  The spot price is also used in the futures markets and for sophisticated gold derivative contracts in one hundred and one thousand ounce contract amounts where physical delivery DOES NOT take place.

When taking delivery of custom designed medallions and bars there is a premium charged above the spot price to pay for the increased refining of the gold products to .9999 fine; the highest gold purity rate available anywhere in the world. The following bullets reflect the "other" costs embedded in the single add-on charge for each ounce of gold delivered as set forth below:

Commission and broker costs to secure unfabricated gold bullion

  • Shipping and insurance to the mint from an accredited warehouse
  • Refined purity upgrade from .995 to .9999
  • Fabrication costs charged by the mint for processing gold into medallions and bars
  • Shipping, insurance and vaulting costs to a secure fulfillment center
  • Shipping and insurance costs from the fulfillment center to your desired final destination

The rates below include additional refining, shipping to the mint, gold fabrication costs, shipping and insurance costs to the final destination.

Crowne Medallion shipped within U.S.: Spot Price plus 20%

Crowne ten-ounce bars shipped within the U.S.: Spot Price plus 20%

Crowne Medallion shipped outside the U.S.: Spot Price plus 25% plus international shipping and insurance. *

Crowne ten-ounce bars shipped outside the U.S.: Spot Price plus 25% plus international shipping and insurance. *

* Custom duties, import fees, or other charges associated with receiving gold into another country, are the responsibility of the buyer.


Are you a U.S. Citizen? Please read our Notice to U.S. Persons...

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