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Release Date: May 2nd, 2003 (massively wide release of 8,500+ prints in 3,741 theaters, which is a record; Fox is also setting another record by globally releasing the film on the same date in 93 markets in 80 nations; some markets, like Mexico, actually got the film a day or two early, on 4/30 or 5/1)

Release Date Note: (8/5/02) Before Fox announced the 5/2/03 release date, they had originally been aiming for December, 2002.

Video Release Date: November 25th, 2003 (2-disc DVD set with two commentaries, 11 featurettes and 11 deleted scenes)

Title Note: (5/28/00) There is no official title for this sequel yet, but it's very possible that they will go with something a bit more inventive than X-Men 2; for now, that's what I've got. (12/13/01) The title has been confirmed as X2. (6/3/02) That "X2" thing is actually just a promotional title (like "M:I-2" was for Mission: Impossible 2. The actual title is indeed still "X-Men 2". (10/29/02) Fox is still using 'X2' as their promotional title, and it appears that it may actually be the title upon release, but I'm keeping the title 'X-Men 2' for now so it's easier for people to find (who don't know about the title change). (11/4/02) Well, I've switched it back to 'X2' since that title is becoming more and more prevalent (Fox is using it *nearly* everywhere, though it still pops up at the official site).

(4/10/03) As I once suspected, Fox has indeed expanded the title slightly from just 'X2' to include a reference to the first movie: 'X2: X-Men United'. I can understand that they want to a) have a logo-friendly title like X2 b) *and* have the phrase "X-Men" in the title c) *and* mention the fact that some of the "Evil Mutants" join up with the X-Men in this movie, but... "X-Men United" is not a great title. If anything they should have gone with something like "X-Men 2: Mutants United", and just kept using the X2 logo anyway. Not a huge deal though.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sci-fi action/violence, some sexuality and brief language)

Running Time: 135 minutes (source:

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Patrick Stewart (Prof. Charles Xavier), Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman), Halle Berry (Storm), Brian Cox (William Stryker), Daniel Cudmore (Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus), Alan Cumming (Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler), Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly), Kelly Hu (Anne Reynolds, AKA Yuriko Oyama, AKA Deathstrike), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey), Shauna Kain (Theresa Cassidy, AKA Siryn), James Marsden (Cyclops), Ian McKellen (Magneto), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique), Aaron Stanford (John Allerdyce, AKA Pyro), Katie Stuart (Kitty Pryde), Kea Wong (Jubilee), Sideah Alladice (X-Kid), Steve Bacic (Dr. Hank McCoy, AKA Beast), Devin Douglas Drewitz (X-Kid), Nolan Funk (X-Kid), Bryce Hodgson (Arthur "Artie" Maddicks), Alfred E. Humphreys (Steven Drake), James Kirk (Ronny Drake), Dylan Kussman (Wilkins), Jermaine Lopez (X-Kid), Michael Reid MacKay (Jason 143), Ty Olsson (Mitchell Laurio), Keely Purvis (Little Girl 143), Cotter Smith (President McKenna), Stephen Spender (Smith), Jill Teed (Madeline Drake), Connor Widdows (Jones), Peter Wingfield (Lyman)

Likely New X-Men: (5/28/00) Officially, no new X-Men (or the actors playing them) have been announced, but the three that Bryan Singer mentioned in a recent (5/00) Wizard magazine interview were Gambit (Cajun guy with energy powers) and Beast (furry blue guy with big feet), and Nightcrawler (blue guy, a wee less fur, has a tail, teleports). One possibility for the sequel is that there could be cameos of other fan favorites (as there are in the first film). Gambit, Beast, and Nightcrawler, however, are the only team members Singer mentioned. (7/7/00) Cinescape reports that producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirms that Gambit will definitely be in the second film. (7/24/00) There's something in the Magneto prequel comic book that foreshadows the introduction of Beast. Xavier rescues a young boy who's being attacked by mutie-haters. There's a bit of a red herring thrown at us by the fact that he's wearing red glasses (suggesting that he's Cyclops), but Prof. X calls him Hank, and if you look closely, you'll notice that he has Hank McCoy's trademark big feet. It's also interesting to note that this changes his origin (Hank was a gregarious football star in the comics), and his appearance, making him thin and gawky rather than big and beefy. (11/25/01) The latest news, as reported by Dark Horizons and Corona, is that there may only be one new X-Men lead mutant: Nightcrawler, although that doesn't mean there won't be several others in smaller roles. I'd also note that the script is still being worked on, so it's possible Nightcrawler will have company when filming starts. (4/17/02) AICN reports the new mutants may now be Nightcrawler (no surprise), Angel, and... Madeline Pryor. (5/20/02) This AICN script review doesn't mention Pryor. (6/18/02) Reports sent to Corona recently suggest that there are cameos in the film for Beast, Colossus (with a professional wrestler recently saying on MTV that he auditioned for the role), and Gambit. (7/12/02) The Angel cameo appears to be a sure thing as well. (7/25/02) Corona reports that young Shauna Kain has signed on to play Theresa Cassidy, AKA Siryn, one of Professor Xavier's students, whose father in the comics is Banshee, one of the mutants who joined the team when Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus did (but he probably won't appear in this film). Like her father, Siryn can do amazing things like destroy solid objects, and fly, using her amazingly powerful "scream." (3/29/03) Going back to one of the earlier notes, although Dr. Hank McCoy and Colossus are definitely in the film, Angel and Gambit appear to be question marks. Angel, in particular may not have made the cut. Gambit's scene was apparently shot, but may not be used (or may show up on the DVD); the actor playing him is at least uncredited. Another thing we learn from the recently released credits is that one of the students will be Artie, one of the younger characters who has appeared in a variety of X-titles over the years, who has the ability to create holograms to show what he's thinking (to make up for the fact that he is mute). There's also a good chance that the "Dr. Shaw" credited above could be Sebastian Shaw, a mutant who's "evil" in the comics, with the ability to absorb kinetic energy and transfer it into physical strength (ie, the more you hit him, the stronger he gets). (4/23/03) Although there have been reports that a stuntman/actor named James Bamford filmed an uncredited cameo as Remy LeBeau, AKA Gambit, he doesn't appear in the released movie (maybe this scene will be on the DVD)?

Director: Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil)

Screenwriter: Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty (both are making their auspicious feature film debuts here; next up for them is The Goonies 2) and David Hayter (X-Men; cowriter of The Scorpion King; he's also got Watchmen in development)

Screenwriter Notes: (6/18/01) Fox has reportedly hired two different screenwriters to try their hand at a sequel: David Hayter (X-Men) and Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines). There's no firm word yet on which will be used (or even, maybe elements of both will be merged into one screenplay). (11/21/01) Hayter is now the sole writer. (4/29/02) Debut screenwriters Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty may also be working on this now (Corona). (5/30/02) Harris and Dougherty are confirmed, with Hayter no longer listed as being credited. (4/25/03) David Hayter, Bryan Singer and Zak Penn are sharing the "story by" credit. (5/28/03) David Hayter did indeed receive a screenplay credit.

Based Upon: This is the sequel to X-Men, and is based upon the popular superhero team that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. This film is likely to be followed by X3 in 2006.

Sequel Notes: (5/6/03) I will need to get a preview page up for 'X3' very soon, but here's the news on the inevitable third 'X-Men' movie as it currently stands. A few of the cast members signed on for two sequels (Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart) to begin with, but some did not. Most notably, Bryan Singer was recently quoted as saying that Halle Berry probably will not be returning as Storm next time around. Hugh Jackman has also not yet officially signed on, but producer Lauren Shuler-Donner told the "Calgary Sun" that they will "never do an X-Men without Wolverine so production on a third film will depend upon Jackman's availability". However, a few other actors who *have* signed on for 'X3' are Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) and Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler). As far as new mutants go, David Hayter recently revealed at a Q&A; in Los Angeles (that I attended) that Dr. Hank McCoy, AKA The Beast, who had a tiny cameo in 'X2' will definitely be added to the mix as a major character in 'X3'. There are undoubtedly others yet to be announced or confirmed (and they probably depend upon the script, which is not yet written). As far as what the story will be about... well, people who saw 'X2' know at least one comic character/storyline who will be included (and if you don't know what I mean... I'm not going to make it my job to spoil you :). In the same way 'X2' mixed multiple storylines, we can bet that story is just part of a bigger whole in 'X3'. Also unknown is whether Brian Singer will definitely direct the third film, but it's expected that even if he doesn't he will at least be involved as a screenwriter (and possibly producer). Finally, we do have a tentative release target, from BoxOfficeMojo, of May, 2006. (6/2/03) The preview page for X3: X-Men 3 is now up.

Premise: The status quo of Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart) and his School for Gifted Youngsters is turned upside-down as it is invaded by a former U.S. military leader turned anti-mutant radical named Stryker (Cox), as some of the students are taken prisoner and others become fugitives, along with members of the school's elite team, the X-Men. Among the other story strands that this film will cover are the escape by Magneto from his "plastic prison" (as seen in the trailer), Wolverine's continuing search for the secrets of his origin (and what might have to do with a mysterious woman named Deathstrike, who works for Stryker), the budding romance between mutant students Bobby Drake (AKA Iceman) (Ashmore) and Rogue (Paquin), the appearance of a new demon-like mutant called Nightcrawler (Cumming) and the continuing romantic triangle between Wolverine, Cyclops (Marsden) and Dr. Jean Grey (Janssen).

Premise Notes: (5/28/00) Officially, there is no word yet about what this sequel might be about. Some of the villains that have been mentioned include the Sentinels (giant mutant hunting robots), Proteus (mutant who can alter reality), Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey evolved into this character; long story), and Arcade (creates deathtraps). Of those, the most likely is the Sentinels, as Bryan Singer told Wizard magazine, "The villain would be man. Mankind." However, as is often the case with superhero movies, there may be a second (or third or fourth) villain thrown in to keep the team busy... (7/14/00) We see what may be young versions of a few of the team's villains in the first movie: Pyro, the Blob (very chubby boy), and the Vanisher (young boy who can teleport in a way quite different from Nightcrawler). (7/24/01) Reporting from Comic-Con, Dark Horizons quoted Bryan Singer as saying the rumors of the Legacy virus being in the film are false, but that there probably will be Sentinels (we knew this), though it isn't yet decided if they'll look like humans (stupid idea, next), or huge robots (why, of course they should!). (12/8/01) reports that the official premise involves the "Legacy virus", a disease that kills only mutants, created by humans who hope to eliminate Homo Superior for good. It's up to the X-Men to stop the man behind the Legacy virus, as well as prevent the disease's spread. So... does this mean that the Sentinels are no longer included? (5/17/02) AICN posted a script review this week that claimed the much-changing premise no longer has anything to do with Sentinels or the Legacy Virus whatsoever. (6/3/02) With the announcement that Kelly Hu is playing a character called Anne who is an aide to William Stryker, it appears that the premise bears at least some similarities or ties to the graphic novel "God Loves, Man Kills", in which Anne was a member of a group called "The Purifiers" who worked for the anti-mutant evangelist Rev. Stryker, on a mission to kill all mutants. (6/12/02) There's a lot that isn't clear about this premise, but one thing is... comic fans: forget all that you know. Just when we thought we had this "Anne" character figured out, Kelly Hu tells E! News (as related to that her character is also known as Lady Deathstrike. Lady Deathstrike has nothing to do with GLMK, but is instead connected to Wolverine's origin, as her father was believed to be the scientist who laced Logan's bones with adamantium. She had the metal implanted in her hands to give herself claws (that look like metal fingernails) when she believed Logan was guilty of stealing the secret of the process from her father. That at least, is what she's like in the comics. In the movie... who knows, but since we know this film involves Wolverine's investigation into his origin (as hinted at the end of the first movie), her appearance makes sense. (6/18/02) Tying those loose ends together a bit, the movie's version of Stryker (Cox) also has ties to Wolverine's origin. (3/19/03) There appears to be increasing evidence that there *may* indeed be "human-sized sentinels" in this movie (might they be the commandos with which Stryker so handily invades the mansion?). Here's hoping their bigger cousins might appear at some point as well.

According to, there are rumors abounding that the ending of this movie, which will lead into the premise of the third will include the following (click and scroll to reveal the spoiler, if it's true): As a lead-in to her revival in X-Men 3 as "Phoenix" (and then "Dark Phoenix"), Jean Grey may be dying at the end of X2.

Filming: Production started on June 17th, 2002 (moved back four months from January) in Vancouver (moved from Toronto, where the first movie was primarily filmed), and had wrapped up by late November, 2002. The budget is in the $100 million range.

Genre: Action, Eye Candy, Science Fiction, Sequel, Superhero

Cast/Characters Article: Entertainment Weekly

Rumor Controls: Comics2Film, X-Men Hype!

Script Reviews: (extremely spoiler-heavy; probably best read either after you've seen the film, or if you weren't really planning on seeing this movie anyway), IGN Filmforce, AICN

Character List: X-Men Hype!

Article about the Screenwriters: Martin Grove of the Hollywood Reporter

Photo Gallery: Entertainment Weekly

Watch a Series of Clips: Bobby's House

Watch the Trailers, Interviews and 13 Clips: Yahoo! Movies (if you have broadband, I suggest clicking "change current settings" when the window comes up, and changing to 300 Kbps, to experience the best resolution, etc.)

Watch 11 Deleted Scenes: X-Men Hype!

Official Actor Site: (Sir Ian often keeps fans updated with news and insight here)

Official Comic Site: X-Men

Official Site:

New Mutant Notes: (5/28/00) There was a new mutant introduced in the first film... or it at least looks like a new mutant. (scroll for spoiler: I'm talking about Senator Kelly). Anyway, it's a mutant who seems to be water-based, but also has a plasticity (stretchy like Mr. Fantastic). I can't think of an existing mutant who is quite like what we see in the movie; he may be someone who will come back in a more recognizable form, or may just be a dead end. We'll see. As you're trying to decipher this (especially if you think this character "died"), just remember what Magneto said about this person's "death", "Are you sure you saw what you saw?" There are several mutants in Marvel's X-Universe that do not have material human bodies (Proteus, for example); the watery end we see in the movie could be the new mutant's true form.

(4/23/03) Well, I got my chance to ask this question of screenwriter David Hayter last night... and he basically would not answer directly whether we'll ever see this particular mutant again (he may have just been part of the first movie that won't show up again). What Hayter *did* say, however, is that the Magneto question at the end was actually a reference to an early subplot for the first film which was eventually discarded, but little pieces of it remain. An early idea was that Magneto was trying to convince the X-Men that Prof. Xavier was actually the bad guy, using his mind-control abilities to brainwash them. We see a bit of this in the released version, when Wolverine is running through the mansion, following Xavier's voice. Hayter described a $2 million FX-heavy sequence that would have followed that, in which Wolverine finds himself in an ice-over gymnasium with the young Iceman having frozen Jean Grey into an ice cube; with Sabretooth then attacking them. That sequence, which was intended to be a way that Xavier tested Wolverine to see if he was a "good guy", had to be dropped due to Fox's strict budget, and so... that whole "red pill vs blue pill" storyline in which the X-Men are forced by Magneto to question reality had to be pulled entirely. So... the mutant mentioned above might have indeed died as Storm thought he did.

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11/28/03 - Screenwriter
9/28/03 - Watch 11 Deleted Scenes
8/20/03 - Video Release Date


**** (out of four)


4/24/03 - (Part One)

Well, I got a chance to see this movie at a press screening Wednesday night, which meant that as a fan of the Claremont era of the comic books (which these movies are most faithful to versus other periods), it was sort of the thing that predominated my attention all week. Would this sequel not just live up to being a sequel of the first film, but even more closely live up to the expectations of fans, some of whom have been fans for over three decades? Getting off to an amazing start with a breathtaking Nightcrawler sequence and then jumping straight into serious multi-plot drama and intrigue immediately after that... with a huge YES.

I know that there are going to be a lot of reviews of this film, so I've decided to take a different approach that others aren't able to if they're not fluent with the comics, which is to address the movie on a point-by-point basis, addressing each character in turn, in order from least seen, working my way up to Magneto and Wolverine. Hopefully, along the way, I will also be able to address many different aspects of the movie with each character. My intent here is both to address the questions of avid fans while also providing for people who know nothing about the comic books some insight into who all these people are supposed to be. The intent is not to spoil anything about the movie; I'm purposefully only going to mention things that Fox has already let out of the bag in trailers and ads. The only things my thoughts might "spoil" are the comic books (but that's only if you were planning on reading those 400+ issues anytime soon). Having said that, if you absolutely do not want to know anything about this movie before you see it... STOP READING NOW! After all, this review will still be here after you have. :)

Dr. Hank "The Beast" McCoy: He may be one of the original five X-Men, but his first appearance in the movies is still super-tiny and will only be recognized by fans. Having said that, I think he's now a shoe-in for 'X3'; probably joining the team in that movie as well (and this is not based on anything seen in the movie but just my own hunch).

Artie: Okay, I said I would start with the most obscure! Artie in the comics is a little boy (younger than portrayed in the movie) whose muteness is made up for by his ability to project holographic images. He's mostly in the movie for two "sight gags", but they're not what you would think (hint: you see one of them in the trailers).

Siryn: She's the girlfriend of fan favorite Deadpool, but for the movie, this daughter of Banshee (who also has mutant abilities related to the voice) has been de-aged by about 10 years I would guess. She really only appears in one sequence, but it's integral to the story.

Jubilee: This Asian teenager with the ability to project lasers is addressed by name this time around, but the actress who played her in the first movie was a lot more obvious (because of a yellow jacket that was straight out of the comics). Although popular because of the 1990s cartoon TV show, she's nearly a non-entity in this movie.

Kitty Pryde: Okay, she's not really that obscure in the comic books as this placement suggests, but in the movies she's nearly a non-speaking character (she has one line in the first one). There is one really great sequence with her (partially seen in the trailer), but the crowd LOVED it; lots of applause.

Colossus: The inclusion of the Russian teenager who can turn into a steel alloy (and whose accent is extremely faint in the movie) is one of the things most anticipated by fans. His screen time is brief, but it's important enough to the story to suggest that he might be reappearing in 'X3' (hopefully as a full team member by that point). This is DEFINITELY a case where Fox will not have to recast the role for the next movie; newcomer Daniel Cudmore is absolutely perfect.

4/25/03 - (Part Two)

Deathstrike: Mostly a Wolverine villain in the comics, Deathstrike is not nearly as much of a "main villain" as the trailer suggests (and you thought Darth Maul was barely in Star Wars Episode I), but that does make sense within the framework of the story. I mention this so that people don't go into the movie with false expectations of how much they'll see her. I think there might be some complaints about Kelly Hu's performance, but I also think (without giving away too much here) that the chief quibble can be explained away by the story. For what Deathstrike is in this movie, I thought Kelly Hu was great.

Pyro: Besides Jubilee and Kitty Pryde, this is the most integral character from the first movie who is played by a new actor this time around, but Aaron Stanford was an excellent choice. In the comics, we never see the character of Pyro as a teenager. When he's introduced in the Claremont run during the "Days of Futures Past" storyline, he is already what he is (and no, in the interest of preserving new folks from spoilers, I'm not saying what that is :). Having said that, it's interesting to see in these first two movies how the character evolves. Mostly, it's all set up for 'X3', but it plays wonderfully as prelude in the meantime. You can tell Aaron Stanford had a lot of fun with this role. Pyro is also the center of a really great action sequence about one third through the movie.

Iceman: In the comics, Bobby Drake was one of the original five members of the team (albeit the youngest of the quintet), along with Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast (who has a teensy-weensy cameo in this movie) and Angel (who was supposed to have appeared in both the first film and the second; that winged playboy keeps getting dropped!). Like Pyro (who was also essentially de-aged for the movies), Iceman benefits from the change, because his story becomes more integral than in the comics, in which I have never really felt he has had much of a chance to stand out (even the story arcs that are supposed to feature him ultimately don't stand out). In this movie, we get to see Bobby confronting his parents with the truth about who he is (again, this is in the trailer), and it provides some of the better drama in the film. As seen in the first film, Iceman also continues to be the counterpoint to Pyro's powers, which is something that the comic books never really addressed, mostly because Iceman usually wasn't a member of the X-Men during Pyro's appearances. The only two things I wish they would do next with Iceman in 'X3' that they don't do this time around is 1) show him traveling on the "ice bridges" he makes in the comics and 2) show him fully "iced up". Like the brief appearance of Colossus in his steel form, the decision not to do that this time around probably has to do with the cost of CGI and... the possible belief that an iced-up Bobby Drake looks silly. Well, give me silly in 'X3'; I think we're ready for it.

4/26/03 - (Part Three)

Cyclops: Yes, he's the leader of the team and one of the original X-Men, but Scott doesn't appear that much in this movie, to be honest. It's not that big of a deal, since as fans keep asking for more and more mutants every movie, it's inevitable that not only are some of them going to have to appear less (to give the new ones their time), but some will be dropping out eventually as well. The way in which Cyclops is dropped into the background is interesting, because it shows how "superhero teams" are best handled in movies. After the various subplots are introduced in the first several minutes of the movie, the X-Men are basically split up into three groups, which separates Cyclops from the rest. I really liked this technique, which is also common in comic books of all types, which have long known this was a way to handle multiple characters efficiently (I think it was first popularized by the Justice Society, way back in the early 1940s). So, James Marsden doesn't get a lot of time to shine, but he does have one poignant moment, and I thought he did a great job, even with half his face covered by a ruby visor.

Rogue: In the comic books, Rogue (back when she was a member of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) early on gains the flight, strength and invulnerability of Ms. Marvel, making her basically the Marvel "Supergirl", plus her power-draining ability. The movies, however, wisely choose to keep her ability down to just that one (who wants an invincible character flying around?), but this time around, she's mostly in the movie as Iceman's romantic interest, which is alright, really. I suspect she will get more screen time again in 'X3'.

Storm: Since the first movie, Halle Berry has won an Oscar and seen her asking price explode into the 8-digits. So, yes, it's a no-brainer that her role in this movie would be larger than the first, but it's still not huge. The good news is that we get to see more of her powers on the appropriate scale for someone who can manipulate weather patterns. She's also got a lot of scenes with Nightcrawler, which are all well-written and interesting (the two characters were never particularly close in the comics, but Storm, always distant and wary, was "close" to few characters). Having said that, I'm not sure we'll necessarily see her return for 'X3'; as more characters come in, Storm seems the most likely to exit. The good news, however, is that Fox has a 'Storm' movie in development.

Nightcrawler: Nightcrawler is sort of a complicated character to explain, but this movie does a great job by letting him star in the first (and possibly best) action sequence in the movie, in which his various powers and physical quirks are shown beautifully, all without any exposition at all. Indeed, just when you think the movie is going to launch into a long narrative about Nightcrawler's past later on, one funny line deflates the whole thing, and you realize you don't need it. Alan Cumming is great and sympathetic underneath all that makeup, sharing most of his scenes with Storm. It's cool to see the X-Men finally get a not-completely-human-looking mutant this time around; hopefully he'll be joined soon by the likes of Angel and the Beast.

4/27/03 - (Part Four)

Col. William Stryker: Stryker is far from a major character in the comics, having only ever appeared a few times (mostly in the early 1980s graphic novel "God Loves, Man Kills"), but he's definitely one of the better case examples of someone with a good reason to be a mutant-hating human (better say, than most of the various Sentinel builders, like Stephen Lang or the Trasks). Brian Cox is devilishly scheming as Stryker, and since he has a reason for being so hateful (not necessarily a correct reason, but a reason nonetheless), the performance has some eerie rings of truth to it.

Mystique: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos returns, and this time, it feels like she has an even larger role, but that may be partially because she has some of the best sequences too. The main departure that both movies have made with Mystique is to make her such an acrobat and martial arts expert; in the comics, she's a fine fighter, but not quite on the level the movie suggests. Of course, she's also more monstrous looking in the movies (in the comics, she's more like a regular human with just dark blue skin; there's no scales, though the scales do make sense for a chameleon/shapeshifter). Romijn-Stamos has pulled off (as has McKellen with Magneto) the rare feat of making a character more interesting in its movie version than 20+ years of comics have done. Her scene with Wolverine in the tent... classic.

Dr. Jean Grey: Something I realized when I saw the first film again recently in a special theatrical screening here in L.A. (with screenwriter David Hayter doing a Q&A;) is that they really did tone down Jean Grey's powers remarkably from any sort of level she's ever been at in the comics. That's why, I would guess, she doesn't have a code name... she wasn't deemed powerful enough to join Storm and Cyclops in away missions (and indeed, in the first such mission in that movie, she doesn't). This movie reveals that much of Jean's storyline in the first film was indeed prelude to... something, but I'm not going to go into all of that. Nope, that's major spoiler territory. What I will say is that I thought Famke Janssen was again one of the best things about the franchise. She really seems to get this character; I have this vibe that she's actually read the comics and understood where Jean is coming from, always feeling inadequate and in the way. It should be really exciting to see what happens with her story arc in 'X3'; comic book fans have a general idea of what her character arc is like, but these movies are clearly following a (slightly) different path. Intriguing.

Professor Charles Xavier: The problem for the screenwriter of any 'X-Men' movie (which I have to admit David Hayter talked about at that Q&A; last week) is that Professor Xavier is so omniscient and powerful that he creates problems for the story. So, inevitably, the bad guys always have to be shown as trying to find ways of "dispatching Xavier" (in one way or another), which can sort of limit Patrick Stewart's screen time. That's okay, though, because based on these two movies, I think his best scenes are not those involving "action sequences" (not like, say, how Wolverine thrives in them), but in the quieter moments, because as the great teacher of mutants, Patrick Stewart NAILS the role of Prof. X. As a kid who grew up reading 'X-Men', Professor Xavier is the ultimate teacher; he's the wise old man you wish schools actually employed. Alas. Anyway, now that Patrick Stewart is unlikely to be doing 'Star Trek' movies anymore, that at least bodes well for the chances that he will keep doing 'X-Men' movies. He would be missed (even if that might mean we could see the movies take on the idea from the late 1980s comics of what the school would be like if Magneto ran it for a while...).

4/28/03 - (Part Five)

Magneto: Okay, Wolverine might be in the movie the most, but Sir Ian McKellen is the best reason to see this or any X-Men movie. He OWNS every line written for him. The Academy doesn't usually recognize excellence in superhero movie performances, but if they did, he'd have another nomination coming. I mean, a line like "The war has begun"... most actors would just say it; but McKellen puts *such* power into it that he makes those four 3rd-grade level words seem like Shakespeare. You should see with what he does with the real zingers he's given. Fantasy and science fictions films of today are so lucky to have actors like Sir Ian, who understand and appreciate the legacy and importance of these movies which others would write off as "fanboy eye candy crap". You can tell sometimes which actors in genre movies love the source, and which ones are just coasting on cruise control. Magneto also gets one of the best action sequences in the movie this time around (his escape from the plastic prison). Wow. Wow. Wow.

Wolverine: Speaking of someone who takes his character very seriously, I *have* to finish off with Hugh Jackman who wouldn't be "Hugh Jackman" (if you know what I mean) if it wasn't for the way he was discovered during the casting process of the first film, after Dougray Scott dropped out due to an injury. Wolverine is a presence in about half of the movie, and they're often the best parts (the siege on the school is the shiner though). I noticed this time around that having seen Jackman in more movies, so that he's no longer a completely fresh face, it's harder physically at times to see Wolverine, and not him, but when it's just his voice; or the other half of the time, I buy him as Wolverine completely (in other words, it's not his fault I'm becoming more familiar with his face). It's true that stuntmen and CGI can accomplish some amazing things, but as far as I could tell, Jackman does a lot of the physical work himself, and he's amazing. As far as how this movie sticks to the Wolverine story arcs and the character, I'd say it's very faithful, not really doing anything different from the comics with his origin (nothing massive anyway), and not negating the amazing mini-series, "Origin", which tells the *true* story of where he comes from (which might adapt well as the introduction to a Wolverine movie).

Well, folks, I knew it was risky to take on an analysis of all of the characters in this review. I hope more people got positive things from it than felt like it spoiled anything. I think people so often make a big deal of reading reviews *before* a movie, but true film criticism works just as well after the fact. Even though I'm posting this review four days before the film's release, I am definitely viewing this review as being in the latter category. As for a final summary of the movie, 'X2' is the most faithful adaptation of a comic book legacy I've ever seen, even more so than 'Spider-Man', which simplified much more than Bryan Singer and crew have ever been willing to do. It's also probably the best superhero sequel ever made too. Overall, even if you're not a fan of the comics, I think it works brilliantly as an eye-candy-filled action movie. Knowledge of the first movie helps to keep some of the characters and storylines straight, but is not ultimately required. Besides, like all great sequels, it makes those people who haven't seen the first movie... want to.

Greg's Preview Thoughts:
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4/24/03 - Well, I got my chance to see the movie last night, and as a lifelong fan of the comics... I thought it was GREAT; this second film is an amazingly faithful adaptation of what reading an 'X-Men' comic (or actually, three or four issues) is like. But... like most good critics have to do, my full review will have to wait until May 2nd.

4/23/03 - I'm getting at the point now where I'm trying to avoid seeing too much of the movie to avoid spoiling it for myself, but if you just can't resist the urge, Yahoo! Movies is glad to oblige, with 13 great clips from the movie, clocking in at well over 15 minutes; they represent a sizeable little chunk of the movie.

Also, last night I was able to attend a special screening of X-Men, in which screenwriter David Hayter answered numerous questions about the franchise (mostly the first film though) in great detail. One of the concepts that he revealed is quite lengthy, and I've given it its own entry over in the left column (on the bottom under "New Mutant Notes"); in a nutshell, an early version of X-Men contained elements of Magneto trying to convince the X-Men that Professor Xavier was actually the bad guy, using his mind control abilities to brainwash them into not necessarily "seeing what you think you saw"; but that subplot had to be yanked when an expensive $2 million FX-heavy sequence involving Jean Grey, Iceman, Wolverine and Sabretooth was nixed. Another cool scene which we denied in the first movie because of budget ($400,000) was a cameo by Warren Worthington III, AKA the Angel. The original idea was that as Rogue was walking around the school, she would have met a handsome boy playing basketball, who in a flirtatious moment, would have shown off by unleashing his massive, beautiful wings in mid jump, using them to dunk the ball impressively. When it didn't make the budget, Bryan Singer instead cast three young triplets who played the "teleporting basketball kid" that you see in the released version. These two tidbits are about the first film, but not this one... but I figured more people would read them here. :)

4/10/03 - In addition to a new title (which explains to people who don't know that this is indeed a new "X-Men" movie), Fox has launched a series of clips today from the movie that tell a story-within-the-movie of a trip to the house of Bobby "Iceman" Drake when Wolverine and some of the kids (including Rogue, Bobby and "Pyro") are on the run. The best part, visually, has got to be the Pyro scene towards the end. This is a nice little taste for fans chomping at the bit to see the whole thing... in just 22 days!

2/19/03 - Well, it appeared in theaters Friday with Daredevil, but I wanted to wait to comment on it until it appeared online, and voila, just a few days later, the official site does indeed have the 2nd theatrical trailer for you to watch. A common strategy at this point in the road to the release of a (potential) blockbuster is to roll out a trailer that perhaps is not as packed with action, but does emphasize the concept of the movie (especially for those not familiar with the franchise). In the case of the "X-movies", this gives Fox a chance to introduce the massive cast in a series of short bits about some of the more prominent characters this time around. The trailer also uses Iceman as sort of a core character (one of the trailers for the first movie did the same thing with Rogue), to introduce the idea of a young mutant, and why they would be attending Xavier's school. From there, we see lots of neat and never-before-seen footage... including our first look at Colossus (partially) turning to steel! That moment was, for me, the best of the trailer experience... a shiver ran up my spine at the sight of seeing the change I'd dreamt about as a comic-reading kid now up there on the screen, realized. I had a similar feeling of glee when I saw Kitty Pryde's big phasing scene in this trailer. I was a bit surprised to realize that we *do* see Nightcrawler "bamf", though it's without the black clouds of brimstone we're used to in the comics. All around though, this is a *fantastic* trailer... one that I expect to watch dozens of times in the weeks and months ahead. Bryan Singer knows how to build (and partly satiate) comic book fan anticipation in a trailer. Wow.

12/13/02 - Some people have written in asking about the resolution of the trailer, and I have your answer! When the window comes up, if you click on "Change Current Settings", and if you have broadband access, you can change to 300 Kbps, and experience a serious improvement in the quality of the image.

12/12/02 - ...and the day is here! Later tonight, at Midnight PST (3AM EST), the trailer will debut here at Yahoo! Movies. About half the trailer *was* previously seen in the Comic Con tease, but we also get to see Nightcrawler and Kelly Hu in action, as well as some wicked meteorological phenomenons. It's definitely worth watching.

12/04/02 - So, obviously, the report that the trailer was going to debut last week was mistaken, which beckons the question of when *can* we expect to first see the trailer? Well, I've heard from a secret source not only the when, but the where. Theatrically, the trailer will be in theaters on December 18th, with The Two Towers (at most locations). But, my source tells me that it will actually have its world premiere a week earlier online, right here at Yahoo! Movies, exclusively. Stay tuned for more details!

10/28/02 - CountingDown scored for us all our first glimpse of Nightcrawler from actual film footage. Cumming looks great.

10/21/02 - Entertainment Weekly scored a fairly large bevy of images from the film, most of which were not included in the Comic Con trailer, and they've been kind enough to share it with the online world (rather than just make people scan the images from the magazine, which they inevitably would have done). Highlights include Kelly Hu showing off her Lady Deathstrike claws (even if EW says she may not be called that in the film... this image pretty much proves that's the role she's playing), a better wig for Storm and our first glimpse of Colossus (being heroic with his shirt off, even). Of course, Fox is still holding a lot back, including an official image of Nightcrawler, Colossus in his steel mode, and the special effects (which probably are nowhere near being done, considering filming isn't) for characters like Iceman and Pyro. also breaks the news that the first trailer will debut in theaters on November 27th, 2002. That's the release date of Fox's Solaris, but it may be seen with other movies as well.

10/02/02 - It appeared online Monday night, but my initial reaction was to wait on reporting about it because I thought it looked fake. However, producer Ralph Winter confirmed today, while talking to Comics Continuum that the image of Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler that first appeared at AICN is indeed the real deal (although he also said that they planned on doing their own "official" revelation of the character at a later point). The thing, I think, that hinted that the Nightcrawler image was indeed real, is the costume, which includes Kurt's rosary beads, and that certain tacky "circus look" that is distinctly European or quasi-Gypsy. What made me doubt the image was... well, just easily a fan *could* have done much of what's in the image. As you can see by the galleries at Comics2Film, fans are capable of creating amazing "what if this actor played that character" dream images. So, I think my skepticism is understandable. As for what I think about this image now that I know it's real... well, I think it's unfair to judge it based on something unofficial. The costume looks good, even with the tighty-whities showing where the pants have been ripped to make room for the tail.

8/05/02 - Saturday, I attended a 20th Century Fox presentation that featured director Bryan Singer answering questions about the film (though he sidestepped about 80% of them). "Scoop wise", nothing new really came out of Singer's mouth that we didn't already know, except the confirmation that the "Danger Room" does not appear in this film after all (there had been speculation that the teaser trailer was showing us the danger room). No, the real goodie was a special trailer that Singer put together just for the San Diego Comic Con, which combined the final "chess scene" from the first movie, with thrilling footage from the first few weeks of filming. Even though most of the F/X won't be done until post (though there were some "practical effects", like Pyro blowing up a car), Singer was still able to put together a heck of a trailer... I didn't talk to a single person who didn't name the "X-Men 2" trailer as the best they saw all weekend. Basically, the trailer alternates between Xavier and Magneto dialogue, and glimpses of Striker and his men infiltrating Xavier's school. I would suspect that this trailer will not be used theatrically... though it may end up online at some point.

Specifically, here's what I can remember from the trailer. This is from memory... I *think* I have this stuff right; I almost certainly am forgetting something, and the order is probably not perfect. There may be people who don't want to know the implications of what this trailer suggests yet... so I'm going to put this in "spoiler space"; click and scroll to read it. 1)Professor X telling Magneto he pitied the soul who goes looking for trouble at his school. You think he meant Magneto, right? Wrong! 2) Then, we see soldiers in "stealth mode", creeping through the school at night 3) Bobby Drake (Iceman) watching the soldiers from the shadows (this may have been later) 4) Wolverine jumping at the camera in full attack mode 5) There's a shot of helicopters approaching the school 6) Brian Cox as Striker standing in the familiar basement hallway leading up to Cerebro, with a wicked smile, and soldiers behind him. Somewhere around here we also see a quick shot of Kelly Hu, but not dressed up as Lady Deathstrike. 7) There's a shot of several of the students huddled together in the school; one of the female characters has long blonde/white hair... that might have been Storm, or it might have been Siryn. 8) Magneto, looking EXTREMELY pale (I guess being in that prison would do that) yells "You should have killed me when you had the chance!" 9) We see Pyro concentrating on a vehicle, which explodes in a fireball 10) Xavier says "Erik, what have you done?" 11) There's computer images of Professor Xavier, like an X-Ray (his wheelchair, skeleton, etc.) 12) Final shot... Professor Xavier throwing himself against a plastic prison wall that looks a lot like Magneto's (though it may have just been another one designed to hold him instead), screaming in anger/pain as he finds himself a prisoner now as well. 13) Screen goes black, May 2nd, 2003 comes up, and then the big X2 logo. This trailer was SUCH a treat for all the fans in San Diego who got to see it. They showed it twice, but we could have watched it 20 times and still been entertained. It's remarkable that Singer was able to edit such an effective trailer while he continues to shoot the rest of the movie as well.

You might not be able to see this great trailer, but in the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has a feature detailing the new characters and cast, which is quite insightful.

7/25/02 - Several more actors have been revealed at Corona, including the addition of Siryn as one of the new mutants (get it? :), and the unsurprising news (at this point) that Katrina Florece, who played Jubilee in the first film, has also been replaced, by Kea Wong.

7/22/02 - Comics Continuum reports that the role of Colossus has gone to newcomer Daniel Cudmore, with confirmation from Fox that Sabretooth and Toad will *not* be in this movie.

7/06/02 - According to a report recently sent to Corona, Bruce Davison is on the set, reprising his role as Senator Kelly. It's unknown if this is just Mystique disguised as Kelly, or if is indeed returning as Magneto hinted he might at the end of the first film (by this point, I'm going to presume that most people who were going to see the first film have indeed done so). Their source also says that there is a role in the current script for the Toad, although there's no word about whether Ray Park will indeed be returning in the role.

6/23/02 - Via his fanclub site, Welsh actor Peter Wingfield has revealed that he's been cast as a "henchman" of the film's villain (presumably Stryker). Looking at his filmography, it appears his highest-profile feature film role to date was as "Methos" in 2000's Highlander: Endgame.

6/18/02 - According to a Canadian newspaper called the Victoria Times Colonist, Brian Cox has signed on to play the villainous Army general William Stryker, who has ties to Wolverine's past. It sounds like "Lady Deathstrike" isn't the only one who's been changed a bit from her storyline in the comics. Just like she was never connected to Stryker, Stryker was never tied to Wolverine (though she is). The article also gives Hu's character the name of "Yuriko Oyama" (Deathstrike's name in the comics), but I'm sticking to the "Anne Robinson" name (since it appears the character is a mix of "Anne" and Lady Deathstrike).

6/12/02 - Kelly Hu told E! Online this week (as reprinted by that her character is also known as Lady Deathstrike (see my notes in the premise over to the left), suggesting that her character has ties to Wolverine's origin, as well as to Stryker (which LD doesn't have in the comics). It's all a bit confusing, but I say "more power" to the screenwriters... as long as the spirit is truthful to the source, I think it's "kinda cool" that the movies are being creative with the creation of this world. It's sort of like a "What If?" story, in that way.

6/11/02 - According to the "Vancouver Sun", Sumela Kay is the second young actor from the original movie to be replaced in the sequel, with Katie Stuart stepping in to expand the role of Kitty Pryde. Stuart costarred with Patrick Stewart in 1997's Masterminds, and starred in the recent TV mini-series version of Madeleine L'engle's "A Wrinkle in Time." That two characters were replaced like this makes me suspect that maybe those additional scenes that are going to be filmed for that first film's DVD next year might actually be go back and do some re-jiggering, shooting Kitty and Pyro's scenes over with the new actors? HBO did something similar with "The Sopranos" recently, after Fairuza Balk dropped out of being a series regular in season 4. When they reran the finale of season 3, Balk, who had appeared in the episode when it first ran, was replaced by another actress. The other actors were all the same, but Balk was gone. This has got to be rather disappointing for young Sumela Kay and Alex Burton, to be dumped from what they probably figured were assured roles in one of 2003's most anticipated movies. Now, someone else gets to become a movie star in those enhanced roles. Dude.

5/30/02 - Newcomer Alex Burton, who made his feature film debut as "Pyro" (briefly) in the first film, has indeed been replaced, though by another young newcomer, Aaron Stanford, who stars in "Tadpole." Also, Michael Fleming of Variety broke the news that prolific British actor Alan Cumming (Spy Kids, Urbania, GoldenEye, dozens of others) has signed on to get soaked in blue body paint, sport a pointy tail and a German accent, and call himself Nightcrawler. Alan Cumming is someone I wouldn't have thought of myself, but post facto, I see as a sort of genius casting coup. I can totally see him as Kurt now.

Also coming in recently is confirmation that the title is indeed still "X-Men 2", with the X2 thing being a promotional/poster tag like "M:I-2" was for "Mission: Impossible 2." Also, the screenwriters are now credited officially as Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty, both of whom are making their feature film debuts.

(a few hours later) Wow, the news doesn't stop on this movie lately! According to "The Hollywood Reporter", Kelly Hu (the wizard in "The Scorpion King") has joined the cast as a mutant "with human feelings" (I think they mean she's a human-sympathizer) who works for a character called "Striker". It appears they also spelled his name wrong, because I'm pretty sure they're talking about Reverend William Stryker, the human anti-mutant evangelist and villain of the graphic novel, "God Loves, Man Kills". There was indeed a character who worked with Stryker named Anne, who was a member of his group, the Purifiers. The Purifiers were a group of humans whose purpose it was to kill mutants (Stryker himself, for example, killed his own child as an infant when he discovered it was a mutant).

5/06/02 - IGN FilmForce has debunked that Kevin Dillon casting rumor. (5/20/02) Drew "Moriarty" McWeeny of AICN has posted a recent (4/30/02) script review that a) is filled to the brim with spoilers about the first act and b) confirms that some of the plot elements that had been mentioned earlier are no longer being used. It also seems to confirm that Madeleine Pryor is not going to be in the film after all (not surprising... it made no sense).

4/29/02 - Now, that same site is reporting that Pyro may have been dropped completely. They also received a rumor that the new female character is not Madeline Pryor, but Jubilee, who was played in the first film by Katrina Florece. They also report, what's been widely reported, that like the first film, there may actually be dozens (as many as 50) *other* mutant characters that are seen in either cameo roles or are mentioned in the dialogue. That would be fun if true.

4/26/02 - According to Corona, there is now a casting call to find a new actor to replace Alex Burton as Pyro (he played him in the first movie... for the new to the franchise; he was the kid who made a fireball in his hand).

4/17/02 - According to an unconfirmed report at AICN, the new mutants may be Nightcrawler, Angel, and Madeline Pryor (which is sort of odd considering whom she turned out to be in the comics: [scroll for spoiler] Jean Grey's evil clone, as part of the long-spanning Phoenix Saga), with Alex Burton and Shawn Ashmore also returning as John/Pyro and Bobby "Iceman" Drake (they were seen in the first film as friends of Rogue).

4/12/02 - Filming is now confirmed as scheduled to start on June 3rd, 2002 in Vancouver.

3/29/02 - Casting rumors have been pretty quiet lately, but Corona has received a tip that Kevin Dillon (Matt's brother) may have landed a role as Colonel Frank "123" Davis (apparently a new character). (4/4/02) Corona has also received an unconfirmed report that Luke Goss (Blade II) may also be in talks for a role.

12/15/01 - The title is confirmed as X², with Fox aiming for a May 2nd, 2003 release that puts it just about a year after Spider-Man. Fox and Singer have also revealed that there will indeed be appearances by several mutant characters from the comics that weren't in the first film (though many of them might not be official members of the team).

12/08/01 - confirms long-running rumors that the plot would revolve around the Legacy virus (which was introduced in the comics in the early 1990's). Also, they report that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has been confirmed as returning in her role as Mystique, along with the other returning cast (though it looks like Toad and Sabretooth might not be).

11/11/01 - reports that filming has been bumped back to the late spring or early summer of 2002 (which also bumps this out of the possibility of a December, 2002 release), which is confirmed by news that Hugh Jackman is in talks to star in Pride and Glory, which starts filming in February, which obviously would've conflicted with the January start. I always thought a two-year turnaround on this sequel seemed overly optmistic, considering the script has to be worked on from scratch (it's not like the Harry Potter sequels where the stories are already written in book form).

10/05/01 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, filming is now set to start in January.

8/24/01 - Army Archerd of Variety reports that Shaquille O'Neal, who starred as the rapping genie in Kazaam, is hoping to land a "dramatic guestint" in this film. There aren't many African-American men in the X-Men roster (Bishop is the most popular), so if this report is accurate (and if Fox wants Kazaam to appear in their movie), it's possible he might not play one of the X-Men... maybe just a regular human being?

6/30/01 - Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed at his official site that he will be returning! Here's how he put it: "I am contracted to play Magneto in the sequel to X-Men, which is scheduled to start filming by the end of the year for a Christmas 2002 release."

5/15/01 - Variety confirms that Fox is aiming to start production in February for a release in December, 2002, going up against The Matrix Reloaded and the second LOTR film, The Two Towers.

2/20/01 - Empire confirmed with Bryan Singer that he is now making this his next project, with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind postponed. With filming expected to start this fall, it looks like Fox is very serious about making that 2002 release. (2/22/01) Michael Fleming of Variety reports that Fox is hoping for this to be their big holiday season tentpole for 2002.

2/06/01 - Though there's been no word about a script yet, Comics Continuum quoted a Marvel source this week as confirming that they're still hoping to start filming later this year for a 2002 release.

1/16/01 - Seeing a rerun of that popular X-Men cartoon from a few years back, I realized that the addition of those three characters gives the movie team the same lineup as the cartoon (at least at the point I saw). It's funny how TV can popularize characters that are relatively new, to the point where they become part of the canon. For older X-Men fans, if you ask them to name the 7 most important characters, I doubt Gambit or Jubilee would make the list, but with the TV show, they're now household names.

I also noticed something about Gambit (I quit reading the comics around the time he joined the team)... the guy wears pink in his costume? What sort of male superhero wears pink? I can't think of anyone else (Elongated Man came close with a mauvey-purple combo). In fact, I can barely think of many heroines who ever wore pink (the Wasp sometimes wore pink, the Scarlet Witch sort of does). So, will Gambit's "perty" pink-and-blue costume make it to the screen? I'm not a fan of the character; don't mind me.

1/10/01 - Anderson Jones of E! is reporting that filming may be scheduled to start filming in "about a year" for a release in 2002. Here's a question... "about a year" is 2002, so this schedule would suggest a release in late 2002, not in the summer. An early 2002 start isn't impossible, but that will depend upon getting a script in good shape, and the cast all scheduled to fit. The other bit of news from the article is that the three team members he mentions are Gambit, Beast, and Jubilee (instead of Nightcrawler previously mentioned by Singer). Jubilee made a cameo appearance in the first film.

1/04/01 - Some wrestling sites reported on a rumor that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be in talks to play the Beast over the New Years, but that rumor was quickly debunked by sites like AICN and Corona. Let's put it this way... if they don't have a script, a budget, or a director; they're not starting cast talks yet either. How can they talk to people about being in a movie if they don't even know when they're going to film?

11/15/00 - This isn't so much news as confirmation of what most people expected. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Singer is in talks to make this his next project after he does another, probably Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

7/14/00 - X-Men ends with a few scenes that point the way towards the sequel... but I'll wait until more people have seen the film before I get into that much farther (and even then , I'll probably use spoiler space).

5/28/00 - Though the first film as I write this is still several weeks away from release in mid-July, 2000, it's looking increasingly likely that it will do quite well, and the plans for this sequel will be realized. So, I'm setting up this preview page to track the progress of the sequel through its development. Stay tuned.

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