Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 205
From: Austin, Texas
Signature Move: 450 Splash
Career Highlights: WWE Tag Team Champion; Cruiserweight Champion
Entrance Video: WATCH

When it comes to exciting, high-flying wrestlers on Raw, Paul London immediately comes to mind. Only in his 20s, London has already acheived stardom in WWE, winning the WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight Championships since his WWE debut in October 2003.

London may be a bizarre personality, but once the bell rings, he's all business. He has impressed fans with innovative moves such as the “Dropsault” (a combination dropkick and moonsault), the “mushroom stomp” and his 450 splash. And his successful tag team combination with Brian Kendrick has only led to more innovation.

In March 2005, London won a Battle Royal on Smackdown to win the Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo Guerrero claimed London never actually defeated Chavo one-on-one, which lead to their match at Judgment Day. There, London retained his championship and successfully defended it until losing to Nunzio in August 2005.

London and Kendrick scored yet another upset victory when they defeated MNM for the sixth straight time at Judgment Day to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship. London & Kendrick would hold those titles for nearly a year before being defeated, making them the longest running WWE Tag Team Champions in history.