About Us


WE ARE an Independent grassroots organization of progressives, liberals and moderates promoting an activist Democratic Agenda in the State of Illinois.

Most of us became active as a result of the 2004 election. We're the ones who organized the buses to Wisconsin -- working together with Jan Schakowsky and Russ Feingold (among others) to send hundreds of volunteers north every weekend. We were also able to forge ties throughout the State of Illinois as part of our work for John Kerry.

Currently we organize the local Democratic Meetups in several locations. We also co-sponsor Saloon Democrats, Bookclub Democrats and Cinema Democrats. To join one of our groups, go to the Groups Page...

We are not connected in any way to the Democratic Party of Illinois, of Chicago or of anywhere else -- other than to see, as independent citizens, that the enlightened promise of American Life is extended to all who live in this great country. Labor donated.


We're an independent group of grassroot Dems supporting progressive Democratic candidates and causes.  The purpose of this website is entirely to facilitate this fundamental orientation.  Anyone not wishing to join in this orientation is encouraged to find alternative locations on the web more in line with their views.