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The Department of Education establishes the curriculum and general philosophy of education for all Yukon schools.

The Government of Yukon is a full partner in the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP). This protocol supports the development of common curriculum frameworks for Western and Northern Canada.

Within these frameworks, the British Columbia program of studies forms the basis of the Yukon curriculum. This curriculum is frequently adapted to reflect local needs and conditions.

Curriculum Services

The Department of Education provides extensive curriculum support to Yukon schools. Curriculum consultants with varied specialties, expertise and experience are in regular contact with schools. Curriculum consultants visit schools frequently and provide resources and in-house training to teachers. Yukon consultants are experienced classroom teachers ready to assist teachers in a broad range of subject areas and at all grade levels.

First Nations Content in the Yukon Curriculum

first nation curriculum

The Education Act mandates an emphasis on First Nations’ language and culture, not just for Yukon First Nations’ students, but for all students in Yukon schools. The Yukon First Nation population represents 23% of the territory’s population—a number that is certainly reflected in the classroom.

The success of First Nations students in the Yukon school system is a priority for the Government of Yukon. Creating a school system that both engages First Nations students and teaches the values and complexities of First Nations culture is an important first step in facilitating that success.

To this end, the Department of Education employs about thirty full-time equivalent native language instructors who teach First Nations languages in 19 out of 28 Yukon schools, including all rural schools.

Yukon First Nations materials and resources currently available include modules on Yukon First Nations languages, clans, citizenship and governance and an early reader series of booklets focusing on Yukon First Nations culture and language. A Yukon First Nations History 12 textbook will be piloted in 2007/08.

As a way to include First Nation culture in the curriculum, the Government of Yukon provides funding to schools to enhance their First Nations cultural programming. Such programming includes First Nation cultural activities such as bison hunts, moccasin making, beading and carving.


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