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Nippon Herald Films Inc &
Kadokawa Holdings Inc
Update Date: 07/29/07
Date Announced: 03/17/05
Value (million $USD): 27.1 million U.S. Dollar
2.83 billion Japanese Yen
Status: Completed
Date Announced03/17/05
Date Originally Announced03/17/05
FormatMergerAcquisition techniquesStock Swap
Value27.1 million U.S. Dollar
2.83 billion Japanese Yen
Advisor Feesn/a
JAPAN - Kadokawa Holdings Inc (KH) acquired the remaining 55.93% interest, or 21,320 ordinary shares, which it did not already own, in Nippon Herald Films Inc (NHF), a provider of motion picture distribution services, from its shareholders, in a stock swap transaction valued at 2.834 bil Japanese yen ($27.113 mil US). KH offered 34 ordinary shares per NHF share. Based on KH's closing stock price of 3,910 yen ($37.403) on March 16, the last full trading day prior to the announcement, each NHF share was valued at 132,940 yen ($1,272).
NameNippon Herald Films Inc (Jasdaq : 2320)
IndustriesServices allied to motion picture production
Incorporated inn/a
Public StatusPublic
Business DescriptionProvide motion picture distribution services
AdvisorsMitsubishi Securities Co Ltd
Target Sales236.5 million U.S. Dollar
24.63 billion Japanese Yen
NameKadokawa Holdings Inc (Tokyo 1 : 9477)
IndustriesPeriodicals: publishing, or publishing & printing; Newspapers: publishing, or publishing & printing; Miscellaneous publishing
Incorporated inn/a
Public StatusPublic
Business DescriptionPublishing company
AdvisorsDaiwa Institute of Research
Acquiror Sales1.11 billion U.S. Dollar
114.66 billion Japanese Yen