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June 28, 2004
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Academy Invites 127 to Membership

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has extended invitations to join the organization to 127 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves in the field of theatrical motion pictures. Under a revised ap-proach to membership, the group will be the only new members invited to join the organization in 2004. Invitations in prior years were extended twice yearly.

“This remarkably accomplished group is a slightly smaller one than we’ve extended invitations to in recent years,” said Academy President Frank Pierson. “It reflects a decision we’ve made to slow the growth of the Academy somewhat, and to become even more selective in our membership process.”

“The new approach is the result of a reevaluation by the branch executive committees and the Academy’s Board of Governors of the fundamental way in which members have been accepted into the Academy,” Pierson said.

“In the most recent dozen years, entrance standards in all branches have tightened considerably, but the process still has allowed the branch commit-tees to accept occasional candidates who have met just the minimum criteria for consideration.

“Now we are asking the committees each year to ‘give us your most impressive candidates.’ And that changes the nature of the selection process dramatically,” Pierson said.

“The idea is that over the next twenty years or so we’ll bring about an Academy that is as distinguished as we can possibly make it.”

Pierson said that although the membership procedures instituted this year allow the organization to grow — after filling vacancies resulting from deaths and members opting for retired (non-voting) status — by a maximum of thirty new members annually, the Academy’s voting membership will actually remain at about the same size as last year at this time — about 5,880 members — depending on whether all of the year’s invitees accept their invitations.

Candidates for Academy membership are normally proposed by members and then considered by committees made up of prominent representatives of the organization’s fourteen branches — directors, screenwriters, documen-tary filmmakers, etc. In addition, individuals nominated for Academy Awards, if not already members of the organization, are automatically considered by the appropriate committees though not necessarily invited to membership.

Though the great majority of AMPAS members are based in the U.S., membership is open to qualified filmmakers around the world. The Academy roster currently includes theatrical filmmakers from 36 countries.

The 2004 invitees, listed by membership subcategories where appropriate rather than by branch, are:

Shohreh Aghdashloo
Paul Bettany
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Patricia Clarkson
Keith David
Hope Davis
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Scarlett Johansson
Viggo Mortensen
Bill Nighy
Sean Penn
Audrey Tautou
Ken Watanabe
Treat Williams

Bill Berg
Brad Bird
Aaron Blaise
Sylvain Chomet
Adam Elliot
Tony Fucile
Roger Gould
Bud Luckey
Dominique Monfery
Steve Oedekerk
Carlos Saldanha
Shane Zalvin


Suzanne Smith
Ilene Starger

James Carter
Jeff Cronenweth
Ron Garcia
Anastas Michos
Kees Van Oostrum
Amelia Vincent
Dariusz Wolski

Costume Designers
Aude Bronson Howard
John David Ridge
David Carl Robinson
Penny Rose
Jacqueline West

Miguel Arteta
Gurinder Chadha
Peter Chelsom
Sofia Coppola*
Michael Corrente
Ashutosh Gowariker
Shawn Adam Levy
Gillies MacKinnon
Fernando Meirelles
Bruce Robinson

Joe Berlinger
Lourdes Portillo
Bruce Sinofsky

Chris Albrecht
Peter Block
Rory Bruer
Jeffrey M. Freedman
Stephen A. Gilula
Jere R. Hausfater
James Horowitz
Graham King
Jay Rakow
Jeff Robinov
Sara Rose
Michael Rudnitsky
Courtenay L. Valenti
Charles T. Viane
Clark Woods

Film Editors
Nick Moore
Daniel Rezende
Jamie Selkirk
Lee Smith
Craig Wood

Jean A. Black
Sue Cabral-Ebert
Bill Corso
Peter King
Mary Hart Mastro
Peter Montagna

Bill Abbott
Nick Glennie-Smith
Charles Martin Inouye
Annette Kudrak
John Ottman


Duncan S. Henderson
William Horberg
Loretha Jones
Nancy Juvonen
Stephen McEveety
Don Murphy
Gil Netter
Deborah Schindler
Jane Startz

Production Designers
Ian Gracie
Owen Paterson
Anne Pritchard
Barry Robison
William Sandell

Public Relations
Hilary Judge Clark
Adam Fogelson
Juli Goodwin
Laura C. Kim
Timothy Nett
Paula Silver

Scientific and Technical
Loren C. Carpenter

Set Decorators
Robert Gould
Denise Pizzini
Leslie Pope

Live Action Short Films
Florian Baxmeyer

James F. Austin
Michael Grant Hedges
Avi Laniado
David Lee
Tony Pilkington
Daniel Sperry
Ethan Van der Ryn

Visual Effects
John “DJ” DesJardin
Scott Frankel
Mark Freund
Geoff Heron
Robert Stromberg

Shari Springer Berman
L.M. Kit Carson
Sofia Coppola*
D.V. DeVincentis
Steven Knight
Braulio Mantovani
Robert Pulcini

* Sofia Coppola was invited to join by both the Writers and Directors branches, but by Academy rules will be able to accept just one of those invitations.

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