SAMT 2007

The 2nd international conference on Semantics And digital Media Technologies (SAMT) was held in Genova from the 5th to the 7th December 2007, at the Jolly Hotel Marina.

Participants can browse photos taken at the conference here.

In addition to SAMT, the final workshop of the project AIM@SHAPE took place on the 4th December, at the Area Della Ricerca of the CNR of Genova.

The international conference on Semantics And digital Media Technologies (SAMT) targets to narrow the large disparity between the low-level descriptors that can be computed automatically from multimedia content and the richness and subjectivity of semantics in user queries and human interpretations of audiovisual media - The Semantic Gap.

SAMT started out as two workshops, EWIMT 2004 and EWIMT 2005, that quickly achieved enormous success in attracting high-quality papers and over 100 participants from across Europe and beyond. Last year EWIMT turned into the full-fledged conference SAMT, addressing integrative research on new knowledge-based forms of digital media systems. SAMT brings together those forums, projects, institutions and individuals investigating the integration of knowledge, semantics and low-level multimedia processing, and links them with industrial research and development engineers who exploit the underlying emerging technology.

In cooperation with the European Commission DG Information Society, the third day of the conference will feature keynote talks from EC representatives.

San Lorenzo Porto Antico Lanterna

SAMT 2007 is organized in Genova by the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology of the National Research Council of Italy.

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