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 Royal Regiment
of Artillery
crest and tie
by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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1716.05.26 two permanent companies of artillery formed at Woolwich
1722.04.01 Royal Regiment of Artillery
original coys regimented with Gibraltar and Minorca coys

two troops Royal Horse Artillery raised for support of cavalry as part of Royal Regiment of Artillery

1794.03.07 Corps of Captains Commissaries and Drivers
1801.04.01 absorbed Royal Irish Artillery Corps of Gunner Drivers
1806 Royal Artillery Drivers
1822 disbanded
1858.07.03 absorbed 48 batteries from Honourable East India Company
1899.06.01 split into two branches:
  • Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery (while preserving separate identity of Royal Horse Artillery)
  • Royal Garrison Artillery
1924.06.01 Royal Regiment of Artillery
branches reunited under one name

Air Observation squadrons placed under control of Army Air Corps


Royal Artillery  (Army site)

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Higher Formations:
Anti Aircraft Command
Regular Regiments / Brigades:
Numeric Index of Regular Artillery Regiments, 1900-present [excluding RHA]
3rd Brigade
Militia, Territorial and Volunteer Regiments / Brigades:
  County Indexes of Militia and Volunteers: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
  Numeric Index of Territorial Artillery Regiments, 1920-1967
  Honourable Artillery Company [not RA, but listed here for convenience]
  100 Regiment [1967-present]
  101 Regiment [1967-present]
  102 (Ulster and Scottish) Regiment [1967-1986]
  102 (Ulster) Regiment [1986-1993]
  103 Regiment [1967-present]
  104 Regiment [1967-present]
  105 Regiment [1986-present]
  106 Regiment [1999-present]
War-Formed Units: construction sign
True Loyals (92nd (7th Battalion, The Loyal Regiment) LAA Regiment, 1940-1946), by Tom McCarthy.
  57 (Newfoundland) Heavy Regiment [1940-1941]
  59 (Newfoundland) Heavy Regiment [1940-1945]
  166 (Newfoundland) Field Regiment [1941-1945]


156 (Inkerman) Battery (unofficial site)
129 (Dragon) Battery

Yeomanry Converted to Royal Artillery:

dates as RA
  Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick's Own) 1940-1947
  Bedfordshire Yeomanry 1920-1961
  Berkshire Yeomanry 1921-1961
  Buckinghamshire Yeomanry (Royal Bucks Hussars) 1921-1969
  Denbighshire Yeomanry 1922-1969
  Royal Devon Yeomanry 1920-1967
  Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry 1922-1967
  Essex Yeomanry 1921-1969
  Glamorgan Yeomanry 1920-present
Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers) 1920-1967,
  Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry 1961-present
  Hertfordshire Yeomanry 1920-1961
  Kent Yeomanry 1920-1961
  Lanarkshire Yeomanry 1940-1947
  Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry 1940-1947
  Lancashire Hussars 1920-1969
  Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own) 1940-1947
  City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders) 1920-1947
  Lovat Scouts 1949-1969
  Norfolk Yeomanry (The King's Own Royal Regiment) 1922-1961
  Northumberland Hussars 1940-1947
  South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1922-present
  Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 1922-1967
  Pembroke Yeomanry 1920-1961
  Scottish Horse 1940-1947
  Shropshire Yeomanry 1940-1947
  West Somerset Yeomanry 1920-1967
  Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry 1961-present
  Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars) 1921-1961
  Surrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment) 1922-1967
  Sussex Yeomanry 1920-1993
  Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 1920-1967
  Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars Yeomanry 1922-1950

Educational Establishments:

Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill (Army site)
School of Artillery, Manorbier


1. awarded 1816, but it soon became apparent that the RA was present in all battles and deserved most of the honours awarded to cavalry and infantry regiments; in 1833 King William IV awarded the motto "Ubique" as a substitute for all past and future battle honours (the whole badge bearing the motto being the battle honour), but "Waterloo" was carried in Army Lists for some time thereafter; troops and batteries had also been awarded separate quasi-battle honours, but these were considered defunct in 1833 and replaced in 1925 by a battery "honour title" system.

Note: The Royal Artillery has never carried Colours since to do so would be more of a battlefield hindrance than help. In 1833 King William IV designated the guns as the "Colours", to be accorded much the same honour.
Badges: A Gun between two scrolls, that above inscribed UBIQUE, that beneath inscribed QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT; the whole ensigned with The Crown.
Uniform: blue; facings: scarlet
tartan: Hunting Robertson (19 Regt pipers' kilts & plaids); Montgomery (40 Regt pipers' kilts & plaids)
cap badge
1861.05.10 F.M. HRH George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, KP, GCB, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GCVO, GBE, VD, TD
1895.11.01 F.M. HRH George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, KP, GCB, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GCVO, GBE, VD, TD
1904 F.M. HM King Edward VII
Captain General:
1910.05.07 F.M. HM King George V
1936.02.01 F.M. HM King Edward VIII
1936.12.10 F.M. HM King George VI
1952.02.06 HM Queen Elizabeth II
  Master Gunner of Whitehall:
  1678 Capt. Thomas Silver
  1710 Lt-Col. Jonas Watson
Master Gunner of St. James's Park:


Lt-Col. James Deal

1760 Capt. Joseph Brome
1770 [appointment held by an NCO]
1783 Lt-Col. Joseph Walton
1808 Lt-Gen. Sir John McLeod, GCH
1833 Maj-Gen. Sir Alexander Dixon, KCH
1840 Gen. Sir Robert Gardiner, GCB, KCH
1864 F.M. Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross, GCB
1868 Gen. William Wylde, CB
1877 Gen. Sir John Bloomfield, GCB
1880 Gen. Poole Valency England
1884 Gen. Sir John St. George, GCB
1891 Gen. Sir Collingwood Dickson, VC, GCB
1904.11.29 F.M. The Rt Hon Frederick Sleigh (Roberts), 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar, Pretoria and Waterford, VC, KG, KP, PC, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, KJStJ, VD
1914 Gen. Sir Robert Biddulph, GCB, GCMG
1918 Maj-Gen. Sir Francis William Ward, CB
1919 Gen. Sir Edward Francis Chapman, KCB
1926 Gen. Sir Henry Sinclair (Horne), 1st Baron Horne, GCB, KCMG [also Col. HLI]
1929 F.M. The Rt Hon George Francis (Milne), 1st Baron Milne of Salonika, GCB, GCMG, DSO, KStJ
1946 F.M. The Rt Hon Alan Francis (Brooke), 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, KG, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO
1956 Gen. Sir Cameron Nicholson, GCB, KBE, DSO, MC [Gov. R Hosp]
1960.12.01 Gen. Sir Robert Mansergh, GCB, KBE, MC
  1970 F.M. Sir Geoffrey Baker, GCB, CMG, CBE, MC
1977.01.01 Gen. Sir Harry Craufurd Tuzo, GCB, OBE, MC
1983.05.01 Gen. Sir Thomas Morony, KCB, OBE
1988.11.05 Gen. Sir Martin Farndale, KCB
1996 F.M. The Rt Hon Richard Frederick (Vincent), The Baron Vincent of Coleshill, GBE, KCB, DSO
2001.01.01 Gen. Sir Alex Harley, KBE, CB
Colonels Commandant: Representative
(twenty-nine concurrently with one as Representative Colonel Commandant for one year; increased to thirty-one ca. 1930; reduced to twenty-six ca. 1950)
construction sign  
1875.11.17 Gen. Sir C. Dickson, VC, GCB  
1878.06.30 Gen. Sir A.B. Kemball, KCB, KCSI  
1880.11.08 Lt-Gen. Sir C.L. D'Aguilar, GCB  
1883.01.01 Lt-Gen. Sir H.E.L. Thuillier, Kt., CSI  
1885.07.14 Gen. Sir M.A.S. Biddulph, GCB  
1885.10.06 Gen. N.G. Campbell  
1886.04.10 Maj-Gen. R.P. Radcliffe  
1887.01.23 Gen. G.G. Pearse, CB  
1889.05.22 Lt-Gen. Hon. Sir D.M. Fraser, KCB  
1892.10.06 Lt-Gen. P.G. Pipon, CB  
1892.11.12 Gen. C.B. Fuller  
1893.09.16 Lt-Gen. F.W. Hastings  
1894.10.17 Gen. Sir H.A. Smyth, KCMG  
1895.03.06 Gen. Sir Robert Biddulph, GCB, GCMG  
1895.05.28 Gen. Sir W. Stirling-Hamilton, Bt.  
1896.03.15 Lt-Gen. G. Le. M. Tupper  
1896.10.07 F.M. Sir Frederick Sleigh (Roberts), Bt., 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar and Pretoria and the City of Waterford, VC, KG, KP, PC, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE [also Col. Irish Gds; Hon. Col. N Somerset Yeo, 3rd Bn Loyal Rgt, 1st Newcastle RGA; QMG India 1875-78, C-in-C Madras, C-in-C India, C-in-C Ireland, C-in-C South Africa, C-in-C]  
1897.07.01 Gen. D'O. Kerrich  
1897.11.26 Gen. Sir H. Brackenbury, GCB, KCSI  
1897.12.16 Lt-Gen. Sir R.J. Hay  
1899.04.15 Maj-Gen. P.J. Campbell  
1899.05.30 Gen. D.J. McGrigor  
1899.11.16 Gen. Sir W. Stirling, KCB  
1900.02.23 Lt-Gen. Edward Christian Griffin  
1900.08.12 Gen. H. Le Cocq  
1900.08.27 Maj-Gen. R. Oldfield  
1900.10.17 Maj-Gen. A. Walker, CSI  
1901.09.04 Maj-Gen. Edward Draper Elliott  
1902.05.01 Maj-Gen. Fraser William Ward, CB  
1903.01.14 Gen. Edward Francis Chapman, KCB  
1903.04.23 Maj-Gen. Albert Henry Wilmot Williams, KCVO  
1903.07.12 Maj-Gen. H.M.G. Purvis  
1904.07.24 Lt-Gen. Bowes Lennox Forster  
1904.08.25 Lt-Gen. Sir. Edwin Markham, KCB  
1904.11.29 Maj-Gen. Oliver Henry Atkins Nicolls  
1904.12.24 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Le Quay Geary, KCB  
1905.02.22 Maj-Gen. M.H. Saward  
1906.02.26 Gen. Sir John Fletcher Owen, KCB  
1906.04.12 Maj-Gen. A. Harness, CB  
1906.05.07 Maj-Gen. S.J. Nicholson, CB  
1906.07.03 Maj-Gen. Sir J.F. Maurice, KCB  
1906.09.19 Maj-Gen. J.B. Richardson  
1907.08.02 Gen. Sir Henry Macleod Leslie Rundle, GCB, KCMG, GCVO, DSO  
1908.09.22 Maj-Gen. Sir George T. Pretyman, KCMG, CB  
1909.06.18 Gen. Sir Robert MacGregor Stewart, GCB  
1909.09.11 Maj-Gen. F.T. Lloyd, CB  
1909.09.11 Maj-Gen. William Fraser Moore Hutchinson  
1910.11.26 Maj-Gen. Edmund Hunt Holley  
1911.01.28 Maj-Gen. Sir Alfred Edward Turner, KCB  
1911.02.16 Maj-Gen. Woodburn Hunter  
1912.01.12 Gen. Sir Josceline Heneage Wodehouse, GCB, CMG  
1912.10.17 Maj-Gen. T.B. Tyler, CB, CSI  
1912.10.22 Lt-Gen. Sir Edmond R. Elles, GCIE, KCB  
1912.11.03 Maj-Gen. Sir G.A. French, KCMG  
1912.11.19 Maj-Gen. A.G. Creagh, CB  
1913.09.27 Maj-Gen. Sir D.D.T. O'Callaghan, KCVO  
1917.04.23 Lt-Gen. Sir L.W. Parson, KCB  
1917.05.17 Gen. Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, GCB, GCVO, GBE, KCMG, DSO, DCL, LLD [also Hon. Col. 57 Med Regt, 7 Bn Manchester Regt; Gov-Gen. Sudan 1899-1916; Sirdar Egyptian Army]  
1917.08.14 Maj-Gen. E.O. Hay, CB  
1918.04.01 Gen. Sir H.C. Sclater, GCB, GBE  
1918.08.01 Gen. Sir Henry Sinclair (Horne), 1st Baron Horne, GCB, KCMG  
1918.10.01 Maj-Gen. Sir F.J.W. Eustace, KCB  
1918.11.19 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles A. Anderson, KCB, KCIE, AM  
1918.11.21 F.M. The Rt Hon George Francis (Milne), 1st Baron Milne of Salonika, GCB, GCMG, DSO, KStJ  
1919.03.28 Lt-Gen. Sir Alexander Hamilton Gordon, KCB  
1919.04.10 Lt-Gen. Sir John P. DuCane, GCB  
1919.10.07 Lt-Gen. Sir A.E.A. Holland, KCB, KCMG, DSO, MVO  
1919.10.08 Lt-Gen. Sir William T. Furse, KCB, KCMG, DSO  
1919.10.18 Lt-Gen. Sir J.F. Noel Birch, GBE, KCB, KCMG  
1919.10.23 Maj-Gen. Sir J. Leach, KCVO  
1919.10.30 Maj-Gen. Sir H. Barron, KCMG, CVO  
1920.05.26 Maj-Gen. J.C. Dalton  
    Maj-Gen. R. A. Montgomery, CB, CVO [d. 1931]  
1921.12.01 Maj-Gen. Sir Richard Bannatine-Allason, KCB, CMG  
1921.12.01 Maj-Gen. Sir James M. Brunker, KCMG  
1921.12.02 Maj-Gen. Sir James K. Trotter, KCB, CMG [to 1932]  
1923.02.13 Lt-Gen. Sir Hugh Sandham Jeudwine, KCB, KBE [Hon. Col. 4th W. Lancs Arty]  
1923.05.15 Maj-Gen. H.B. Jeffreys, CB, CMG  
1923.08.21 Lt-Gen Sir. Edward A. Fanshawe, KCB  
1923.09.27 Maj-Gen. F.A. Bowles, CB  
1923.11.01 Maj-Gen. Sir Walter F.L. Lindsay, KCB, DSO  
1924.06.11 Maj-Gen. T.S. Baldock. CB  
1925.04.10 Maj-Gen. Sir Stanley B. von Donop, KCB, KCMG  
1927.01.23 Lt-Gen. Sir Herbert C.C. Unlacke, KCB, KCMG  
1927.10.14 Maj-Gen. Sir George F. MacMunn, KCB, KCSI, DSO  
1927.11.19 F.M. Sir Archibald Armar Montgomery-Massingberd, GCB, KCMG [to 1941]  
1928.02.14 Maj-Gen. Sir John E. W. Headlam, KBE, CB, DSO  
1929.01.01 Lt-Gen. Sir William Thwaites, KCB, KCMG  
1929.08.15 Maj-Gen. Sir Herbert G. Smith, KCB  
1929.10.22 Maj-Gen. Sir Robert Arundel Kerr Montgomery, KCMG, CB, CVO, DSO [to 1932; also Hon. Col. 72 Fd Regt]  
1930.11.21 Gen. Sir Alexander E. Wardrop, GCB, CMG [also Col. 2/9th Jat Regt]  
1931.06.26 Maj-Gen. Sir George McK. Franks, KCB  
1931.11.20 Gen. Sir Thomas A. Cubitt, KCB, CMG, DSO  

Maj-Gen. Sir Casimir C. Van Straubenzee, KBE, CB, CMG

1932.01.21 F.M. The Rt Hon William Edmund (Ironside), 1st Baron Ironside, GCB, CMG, DSO, KStJ [to 1947]  
1933.04.21 Lt-Gen. Sir Bertram R. Kirwan, KCB, CMG  
1933.07.05 Maj-Gen. E.H. Willis, CB, CMG  
1934.01.07 Gen. Sir Walter Mervyn St. George Kirke, GCB, CMG, DSO [to 1947]  
1934.02.10 Maj-Gen. G.H.A. White, CB, CMG, DSO  
1934.04.16 Maj-Gen. H.D. De Pree, CB, CMG, DSO  
1934.06.20 Gen. Sir William H. Bartholomew, GCB, CMG, DSO [to 1947]  
1934.11.20 Maj-Gen. A.A. McHardy, CB, CMG, DSO  
1936.08.02 Lt-Gen. Sir John E.S. Brind, KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO  
1936.10.23 Lt-Gen. Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson, KCB, CMG, DSO [to 1947]  
1937.11.11 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Karslake, KCB, KCSI, CMG, DSO  
1938.06.09 Maj-Gen. Sir L.C. Louis Oldfield, CB, CMG, DSO  
1938.06.24 Lt-Gen. C.C. Armitage, KCB, CMG, DSO  
1938.10.16 Maj-Gen. H.R. Peck, CB, CMG, DSO  
1938.11.09 Maj-Gen. H.W. Newcome, CB, CMG, DSO  
1939.02.04 Gen. Sir Robert H. Haining, KCB, DSO  

Lt-Gen. Sir James H. Marshall-Cornwall, KCB, CBE, DSO

1939.05.20 F.M. The Rt Hon Alan Francis (Brooke), 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, KG, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO  
1939.08.04 Maj-Gen. C.A. Ker, KCB, CMG, CBE, DSO  
1940.02.21 Lt-Gen. R.H. Carrington, CB, DSO  
1940.09.05 Lt-Gen. Sir Ronald F. Adam, KCB, DSO, OBE [also AEC]  
1940.09.14 Lt-Gen. Sir Wilfred G. Lindsell, KBE, DSO, MC  
1940.11.03 Maj-Gen. F.A. Wilson, CB, CMG, DSO  
1940.12.25 Maj-Gen. Sir Horace de C. Martelli, KBE, CB, DSO  
1941.12.06 Lt-Gen. E.F. Norton, CB, DSO, MC [RHA]  
1942.02.03 Lt-Gen. Hugh Gray Martin, CB, DSO, OBE [to 1952; also Hon. Col. RA]  
1942.03.11 Lt-Gen. Sir Thomas J. Hutton, KCIE, CB, MC [to 1952; also Col. Cmdt. HK-Singapore RA]  
1942.12.03 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Royds Pownall, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC [to 1952]  
1944.05.17 Gen. Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham, KCB, DSO, MC [to 1954]  
1944.10.07 Lt-Gen. Sir Noel M. de la P. Beresford-Peirse, KBE, CB, DSO
1944.10.12 Lt-Gen. Sir Frank Noel Mason MacFarlane, KCB, DSO, MC [to 1953]
1945.01.30 Gen. Sir Frederick A. Pile, Bt., GCB, DSO, MC [also Hon. Col. RA]
1945.04.18 Lt-Gen. Edmond Charles Acton Schreiber, KCB, DSO
1945.07.14 Lt-Gen. H.R.S. Massy, CB, DSO, MC
1946.05.03 Lt-Gen. Sir Otto M. Lund, KCB, DSO [also Hon. Col. RA]
1947.01.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Allfrey, KBE, CB, DSO, MC [RHA]
1947.01.01 Gen. Sir William D. Morgan, KCB, DSO, MC [also Hon. Col. RA]
1947.01.16 Lt-Gen. Sir William Wyndham Green, KBE, CB, DSO, MC [also Hon. Col. RA]
1947.07.17 Gen. Sir Sydney C. Kirkman, KBE, KCB, MC
1948.01.01 Gen. Sir G. Ivor Thomas, GCB, KBE, DSO, MC
1948.01.01 Maj-Gen. G.C. Kemp, CB, MC
1948.01.07 Maj-Gen. Sir John N. Kennedy, GCMG, KCVO, KBE, CB, MC [to 1958]
1948.06.24 Maj-Gen. Sir Frederick E. Morgan, KCB
1949.02.14 Maj-Gen. F.W.H. Pratt, CB, CBE, DSO, MC [also Hon. Col. RA]
1950.02.04 Lt-Gen. Sir Frederick G. Wrisberg, KBE, CB
1950.02.21 Lt-Gen. Sir Cameron G.G. Nicholson, KBE, CB, DSO, MC [also Gov. R Hospital]
1950.09.05 Lt-Gen. Sir E.C. Robert Mansergh, KBE, CB, MC
1950.09.14 Lt-Gen. Sir Philip M. Balfour, KBE, CB, MC
1951.02.08 Lt-Gen. Sir W. John Eldridge, KBE, CB, DSO, MC
1952.02.03 Maj-Gen. Sidney Charles Manley Archibald, MC
1952.03.11 Maj-Gen. E.B. de Fonblanque, CB, CBE, DSO
1952.05.16 Lt-Gen. Sir Maurice Somerville Chilton, KBE, CB
1952.09.15 Maj-Gen. M.W.M. MacLeod, CB, CBE, DSO
1952.12.03 Maj-Gen. John Alexander Sinclair, KCMG, CB, OBE
1953.01.15 Gen. Sir Charles F. Loewen, KCB, KBE, DSO
1953.08.13 Maj-Gen. Alan Hugh Hornby, CB, CBE, MC
1954.05.17 Lt-Gen. Sir Geoffrey K. (Bourne), Baron Bourne of Atherstone, KBE, CB, CMG [also Hon. Col. 10th Bn Para Regt]
1954.07.12 Lt-Gen. Sir John D. Woodall, KBE, CB, MC
1955.04.17 Lt-Gen. Sir Brian C.H. Kimmins, KBE, CB [also Hon. Col. WRAC]
1955.10.30 Maj-Gen. Gerard William Egerton Heath, CB, CBE, DSO, MC [to 1962; also RHA] 1957
1955.12.28 Maj-Gen. H.C. Phipps, CB, DSO
1956.05.03 Brig. A.J. Daniell, CBE, DSO
1956.08.21 Maj-Gen. G.D. Fanshawe, CB, DSO, OBE
1956.12.15 Lt-Gen. Sir E. Otway Herbert, KBE, CB, DSO
1957.01.01 Maj-Gen. J.M. Kirkman, CB, CBE
1958.01.01 Gen. Sir Richard W. Goodbody, GCB, KBE, DSO [to 1968; Col. Cmdt. RHA, HAC]
1958.01.07 Maj-Gen. Cyril Henry Norton, CB, CBE, DSO
1958.06.24 Gen. Sir Roderick W. McLeod, KCB, CBE
1958.12.30 Maj-Gen. W.R. Goodman, CB, DSO, MC
1960.01.03 Maj-Gen. B. Daunt, CB, CBE, DSO
1960.09.14 Maj-Gen. G.H. Inglis, CB, CBE, DL
1960.09.25 Maj-Gen. C.J.G. Dalton, CB, CBE
1960.12.15 Maj-Gen. E.R. Benson, CB, CMG, CBE
1961.02.08 Maj-Gen. B.P. Hughes, CB, CBE 1963
1961.05.25 Lt-Gen. Sir Geoffrey Thompson, KBE, CB, DSO [to 1970]
1962.03.01 Maj-Gen. C.H. Colquhoun, CB, OBE
1962.04.19 Lt-Gen. Sir William G.H. Pike, KCB, CBE, DSO [to 1970; also Hon. Col. Lowland Regt RA]
1962.05.29 Gen. Sir William G. Stirling, GCB, CBE, DSO [to 1972]
1962.07.17 Lt-Gen. Sir Edward D. Howard-Vyse, KBE, CB, MC, DL [to 1970]
1962.11.04 Gen. Sir Reginald Hackett Hewetson, GCB, CBE, DSO [also APTC] 1970
1963.01.07 Lt-Gen. Sir Denis S.S. O'Connor, KBE, CB  
1963.01.15 Maj-Gen. Richard Henry Littleton Wheeler, CB, CBE [to 1971] 1965
1963.05.05 Maj-Gen. R.G.S. Hobbs, CB, DSO, OBE [Hon. Col. RA]  
1963.11.12 Maj-Gen. Sir Nigel P.H. Tapp, KBE, CB, DSO  
1964.07.21 Maj-Gen. J.M. McNeill, CB, CBE  
1964.07.30 F.M. Sir Geoffrey Harding Baker, GCB, CMG, CBE, MC [also RHA]  
1965.09.25 Lt-Gen. Sir George S. Cole, KCB, CBE  
1965.12.01 Maj-Gen. A.J.C. Blcok, CB, CBE, DSO  
1966.05.03 Maj-Gen. Sir Edward J.H. Bates, KBE, CB, MC [also Hon. Col. RA]  
1966.08.21 Maj-Gen. Norman Leslie Foster, CB, DSO [to 1974]  
1966.11.18 Maj-Gen. J.E.L. Morris, CB, CBE, DSO  
1967.08.22 Maj-Gen. G.F. de Gex, CB, OBE  
1968.11.12 Maj-Gen. Robert Straton Broke, CB, OBE, MC  
1968.11.12 Maj-Gen. Peter Bernard Gillett, CB, CVO, OBE  
1969.08.01 Gen. Sir John Sharp, KCB, MC [also RHA; to 1977]  
1970.01.06 Maj-Gen. Peter James Glover, CB, OBE  
1970.01.13 Maj-Gen. William Douglas Elmes Brown, CB, CBE, DSO  
1970.01.15 Maj-Gen. David Boswell Egerton, CB, OBE, MC  
1970.06.24 Maj-Gen. Philip Thomas Tower, CB, DSO, MBE [to 1980]  
1971.06.15 Gen. Sir Harry Craufurd Tuzo, GCB, OBE, MC [to 1983; also RHA]  
1972.02.14 Gen. Sir John Houghton Gibbon, GCB, OBE  
1972.05.25 Maj-Gen. Anthony Francis Stanton, OBE  
1972.12.05 Lt-Gen. Sir Terence Douglas Herbert McMeekin, KCB, OBE  
1973.06.13 Maj-Gen. J.E. Cordingley, OBE 1979
1973.08.04 Maj-Gen. M. Janes, CB, MBE  
1974.06.01 Maj-Gen. Alec Ernest Walking, CB, OBE [to 12 Apr. 1983]  
1974.08.21 Maj-Gen. John Keppel Ingold Douglas-Withers, CBE, MC [to 1982] 1982
1974.09.01 Maj-Gen. Ronald Macaulay Somerville, CB, OBE  
1976.04.23 Maj-Gen. Robert Lyon, CB, OBE [to 1987]  
1976.12.05 Maj-Gen. Geoffrey de Egglesfield Collin, CB, MC, DL [to 5 Dec. 1983]  
1977.03.25 Maj-Gen. Harry Knutton, CB [to 1982]  
1977.05.01 Maj-Gen. George Wyatt Derek Crookenden [to 1982]  
1977.05.25 Maj-Gen. Peter Beaujoy Foster, MC [to 1982]  
1978.01.16 Maj-Gen. Thomas Anthony Richardson, CB, MBE [to 1983]  
1978.03.15 Maj-Gen. Donald Andrew Douglas Jardine Bethell [to 15 Mar. 1983]  
1978.09.01 Gen. Sir Thomas Morony, KCB, OBE [also RHA]  
1978.12.08 Maj-Gen. Geoffrey Burch, CB  
1978.12.08 Maj-Gen. Keith John McQueen  
1979.09.01 Maj-Gen. William Desmond Mangham, CB [also RHA] 1987
1980.06.24 Maj-Gen. Timothy Stuart Champion Streatfeild, CB, MBE  
1980.08.07 Maj-Gen. Arthur G.E. Stewart-Cox, DFC [to 1990; also Hon. Col. RGVA, 3rd Bn R Welch Fus]  
1980.12.05 Maj-Gen. Kenneth Perkins, CB, MBE, DFC [to 5 Dec. 1985]  
1981.08.04 Maj-Gen. Leo Heathcote Plummer, CBE  
1982.03.25 Maj-Gen. Geoffrey Boyd Wilson, CB [d. 1984]  
1982.05.01 Maj-Gen. Edward Arthur Burgess, OBE  
1982.05.25 Gen. Sir Richard Brooking Trant, KCB [to 1987; also RAOC, RAEC]  
1982.08.21 Maj-Gen. Martin Baker Farndale, KCB [also AAC]  
1982.09.01 Maj-Gen. M.J. Tomlinson, CB, OBE  
1982.09.21 Maj-Gen. R. Staveley  
1983.01.16 F.M. The Rt Hon Richard Frederick (Vincent), The Baron Vincent of Coleshill, GBE, KCB, DSO  
1984.05.15 Maj-Gen. John Aubrey Stephenson, CB, OBE [to 1989]  
1986.05.19 Maj-Gen. Charles Gordon Cornock, MBE  
1986.08.04 Maj-Gen. Guy Hansard Watkins, CB, OBE  
1987.04.01 Maj-Gen. Brian William Davis, CB, CBE  
1989.01.26 Gen. Sir John Hartley Learmont, KCB, CBE  
1990.09.01 Maj-Gen. Peter Robert Frank Bonnet, CB, MBE [to 2000]  
1991.09.01 Maj-Gen. Thomas David Graham Quayle, CB [to 2000]  
1993.04.01 Maj-Gen. Michael Francis Linton Shellard, CBE  
1993.04.01 Maj-Gen. Anthony Charles Peter Stone, CB [to 2001] 1998
1994.10.01 Maj-Gen. Michael Trenchard Tennant, CB [to 2005]  
1995.05.01 Gen. Sir Alex George Hamilton Harley, KBE, CB  
1996.09.01 Maj-Gen. Ian Geoffrey Campbell Durie, CBE  
1998.01.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Edmund Burton, KBE  
2000.03.31 Lt-Gen. Sir Michael Willcocks, KCB [to 2005]  
2000.09.01 Brig. Mark Guy Douglas-Withers, CBE [to 2005]
2000.10.01 Brig. Michael Shane Rutter-Jerome [to 2005]
2001.01.01 Maj-Gen. Nigel William Fairbairn Richards, CB, CBE [to 2006]
2001.04.01 Maj-Gen. John Milne, CB
2002.08.19 Maj-Gen. Archibald Peter Neil Currie, CB  
2003.07.15 Maj-Gen. Jonathan Bernard Appleton Bailey, MBE  
2004.11.01 Maj-Gen. Christopher Charles Brown, CBE  
2005.01.19 Lt-Gen. David Julian Richards, CBE, DSO  
2005.07.01 Lt-Gen. Frederick Richard Viggers, CMG, MBE  
2005.09.01 Maj-Gen. Christopher Colin Wilson, CBE  
2006.03.01 Maj-Gen. Richard Arthur David Applegate, OBE  
2006.03.01 Maj-Gen. Andrew Stephenson Ritchie, CBE  
Honorary Colonel Commandant [T.A.]:  
1970.06.25 Maj. (Hon. Lt-Col.) The Rt. Hon. Lord Mancroft, KBE, TD  
1970.06.25 Sir John Desmond (Brayley), Baron Brayley, MC, JP  
  1977.08.24 Brig. Sidney Park Robertson, MBE, TD, JP, DL [to 12 Mar. 1980]  
1980.03.11 Capt. (Hon. Col.) Lord Justice Dunn, MC [to 16 Jan. 1984]  
1982.11.29 Col. Graeme Elder Gilchrist, TD  
1984.01.16 Lt-Col. (Hon. Col.) John Abraham Bailie, OBE, DL [to 20 Feb. 1986]  
1986.01.01 Brig. Paul David Orchard-Lisle, CBE, TD, ADC, DL  
1994.03.01 Col. M.J.E. Taylor, CBE, TD, DL [to 31 May 2005]  
1996.04.01 Col. A.C. Roberts, MBE, TD, JP, DL  
2001.04.01 Brig. J.R. Thomson, TD, ADC  
2003.08.03 Brig. D.D.G. Hardie, TD, JP  

vc Victoria Crosses [Royal Artillery], by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc Victoria Crosses [Royal Field Artillery], by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc VCs in the Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich, by Iain Stewart.
vc Members of the Royal Artillery awarded the Victoria Cross, by Robert Maxwell
pip Sgt John Hubber:  21 Years Service, 1863-1884, by Doreen & Ray Niblett.
Motto: Ubique; Quo fas et gloria ducunt
granted 10 July 1832, perhaps as a single motto, by King William IV; affirmed 1833 as two separate mottos; intended to supplant all future and past battle honours
Nicknames: construction sign
Anniversaries: Foundation Day (26 May), St. Barbara's Day (4 Dec.)
Freedoms: construction sign
Marches: quick (ca. 1855): The British Grenadiers
quick (1983): medley of The British Grenadiers + Trio from Kenneth Alford's Voice of the Guns (arr. Stan Patch)
slow (1836): The Duchess of Kent, by Princess Louisa Victoria, Duchess of Kent
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Mascot: construction sign
Miscellaneous Tradition Links:
Canada flag Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
Canada flag 2nd Regt: 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Canada flag 102nd Coast Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
Australia flag Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery
New Zealand flag Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
Southern Rhodesia flag Southern Rhodesia Artillery
India flag Regiment of Artillery [India]
Pakistan flag Regiment of Artillery [Pakistan]
Sri Lanka flag The Sri Lanka Artillery
Singapore flag The Singapore Volunteer Artillery
Fiji flag The Fiji Artillery
Malaysia flag The Federation Artillery
Malta flag Armed Forces of Malta [perpetuating Royal Malta Artillery]
Gibraltar flag 19 Bty: The Royal Gibraltar Regiment 1970-present
Gibraltar flag 21 Bty: The Royal Gibraltar Regiment 1972-present
Gibraltar flag all "Gibraltar" batteries: The Royal Gibraltar Regiment 1993-present
South Africa flag South African Artillery Corps
swords The Royal Artillery Association
swords Royal Artillery Association North Germany Branch, by Robert Maxwell
swords The Royal Artillery Comrades Discussion (Yahoo!Groups)
46 (Talavera) Battery Association
Royal Artillery Recruiting/Display Troop, by Keith Holderness.
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swords Royal Artillery [Jacobite Rebellion] (Lace Wars)
swords Shrapnel's Battery [1770s] (Military Odyssey)
monument Firepower:  Museum of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich (Museum site)
monument Firepower:  Museum of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
monument Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich, by Henrik Teller. (Simonides listing)
monument Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich, by Henrik Teller. (another Simonides listing)
monument Royal Armouries Museum of Artillery, Portsmouth (Simonides listing)
Regimental Journal:
book Journal of the Royal Artillery. Bi-monthly. Woolwich : Royal Artillery Institution.
book Gunner magazine. Monthly. Woolwich : Artillery House
Full Histories:
book construction sign
Second World War:
book construction sign
book Wilkinson, Peter. The gunners at Arnhem. East Haddon : Spurwing, 1999. ISBN: 0953575403
Short Histories:
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Manuscripts and Archives:
book Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America 1775-1784, compiled by John K. Robertson, Don Hagist, Todd Braisted, and Don Londahl-Smidt (RevWar'75)