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Tyson finalizes divorce, could pay ex $9 million - Sports - Mike Tyson - Brief Article

Don't look for Mike Tyson to retire from the boxing ring any time soon.


Tyson and his second wife, Monica Turner, recently finalized their divorce with Tyson agreeing to pay her $6.5 million from future earnings.

The former heavyweight champion must pay Turner a percentage of his future purses on top of an undisclosed sum he already has given her, according to Turner's attorney, Sanford Ain. If Tyson fails to pay on time, he's ordered to pay $9 million.

Tyson, who earned about $20 million from a Memphis bout last year, where he was knocked out by heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis (JET, June 24, 2002), did not pay $4 million of the first $5 million that was owed by July 31.

Turner, a pediatric resident at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, was awarded the couple's $4.75 million mansion in Farmington, CT, and the $4 million Potomac, MD, house where she lives. Turner also gets custody of their two children.

Tyson keeps his home in Las Vegas.

The deal ends a yearlong dispute between the estranged couple. Turner, who accused Tyson of adultery, filed for divorce last January. The two met while he was serving a rape sentence in an Indiana prison. They were married in April 1997 in Bethesda, MD.

Tyson's first wife was actress Robin Givens. That yearlong marriage ended in divorce in 1989.

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