NWA Wildside
Monday, October 22, 2007

BILL BEHRENS NWA NOTES for 10-22-07 - Bill Behrens @ 12:11 pm PSTBILL BEHRENS NWA NOTES for 10-22-07

10/20 NWA Anarchy Report by Larry Goodman
Austin “Consequences” Creed has been offered a TNA contract.

TNA Booking Director, Bill Behrens presented Creed with the envelope containing the contract in the ring at the NWA Arena. It was the real deal in a building filled with the fans that witnessed Creed’s rise to stardom over the last 17 months.

Behrens called the contract offer an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Behrens mentioned the other TNA stars that once called the NWA Arena in Cornelia home including A. J. Styles, Hotstuff Hernandez, Abyss and Ron Killings.

Creed made his Anarchy debut on June 3, 2006. Right from the get go, it was obvious that he was something special. Creed was paired with Hayden Young to become one of the hottest acts in the company as Awesome Attraction. Their current six month reign is the longest in NWA Anarchy history.

As for the rest of the evening, the fans got more than their money’s worth – plenty of in ring action and some killer angles. It’s a lock that this show will produce two jam packed hours of television.

There were over 200 people in the building. Coming off of a house of 290 for Fright Night, Anarchy has broken 200 at consecutive television taping. These people are hooked bad, and they need their biweekly fix.

(1) Wes Grissom & Chris King beat Talent and $ (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) in 5:06. Another great pop for Grissom. He pulled off a major Lucha style satellite headscissors. Pendleton added the catch phrase “now that was money” and a heelish laugh when he did his neckbreaker spot. Pendleton tried to intimidate Grissom. Dude, those were some girlie slaps. The finish was nice. While Referee Ken Wallace was admonishing King, Pendleton planted Grissom on the top rope for Talent. When Wallace admonished Pendleton, King spilled Talent off the ropes and Grissom hit a Shooting Star Press for the pin. There was some serious contact on that SSP.

Melissa Coates crashed a backstage interview that John Johnson was fixing to do with Anger Alliance (sans Adam Roberts). She went ballistic on Johnson, accusing him of being the secret admirer that sent her flowers at the last TV (since day one, Johnson had been making suggestive remarks about Coates on commentary). Roberts showed up and argued with Chase about the leadership of the Alliance. Roberts said he would be thinking about the three of them when his hand was raised in victory as the new Anarchy TV Champion. Chase wondered how Roberts was able to finagle a title shot.

(2) Truitt Fields pinned Adam Roberts to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title after Roberts was distracted by Brodie Ray Chase (8:42). Fields is over period. Roberts was good in the role of the wily veteran trying to capitalize on his opportunity. First, he succeeded in getting Fields pissed off. Then, Roberts posted Fields shoulder and followed up with a divorce court at two minutes into the match. I liked the aggressiveness in this spot. Roberts gave Fields a hammerlock slam on the floor. Just as Fields rallied with a middle rope bulldog, Chase walked out to ringside. Fields foiled Roberts’ finisher. Roberts dumped Fields out of the ring and had angry words with Chase. Fields caught Roberts with the Killing Fields, except this was Rockbottom style. Interesting timing since Rock was just elected into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

(3) Kory Chavis (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) decimated Billy Buck in 3:49. Crowd was hot and split for this one. The crowd popped for Chavis as the cool heel. This was a grade A squashing by Chavis. He’s really moving well at his lowered weight, while maintaining a degree of muscularity. All the fight had gone out of Buck by the 3 minute mark. Chavis hit a sitout gordbuster, a high boot and finished with the Spinesplitta.

Jeff Lewis jumped Chavis after the match. He was going crazy on Chavis until Abomination showed up. A-bomb hit Lewis with the Final Solution and Chavis locked in the Hillside Strangla. Chavis refused to break the hold until the refs came out. Bailey finally said enough and gave Lewis a parting stomp.

Backstage, NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer was interviewed by Greg Hunter. Palmer said he didn’t have any answers about the disintegration of Urban Assault Squad. Palmer said neither Nemesis nor Shadow Jackson would return his calls. Hunter said Jeremy Vain was still kavetching about the way he lost the TV title. Palmer said Vain lost on a level playing field and it was a closed book as far as he was concerned.

(4) Tony Santorelli and Sal Rinauro went to an alleged 10 minute draw (actual time of 8:50). The only match that didn’t work and it wasn’t a bad match. In fact, it was a very good match technically, just not the one this crowd wanted to see. Rinauro got a great pop coming out, but they went dead after the opening bell. The first five minutes was mostly on the mat, which is an acquired taste for most Anarchy fans. Santorelli assumed control and was able to thwart Rinauro’s comebacks. At one point, Rinauro took a bump out of the ring where his body made a sick thud when hit the wood floor. There was a mixup on the time, which voided Rinauro’s big comeback before the finish. Santorelli caught Rinauro coming off the ropes and applied his chickenwing crossface variant. He had it on like forever before the bell rang. Santorelli went nuts about not getting the win.

(5) Slim J & Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers & Patrick Bentley with Reverend Dan Wilson ) in 10:10. Bentley came to ring wearing a freaky mask. Once removed, his facial expressions were freakier than the mask. The pop for the babyface trio was amazing. Creed teased throwing a trinket into the crowd and the squealing about blew my eardrums out. J is solid muscle like an MMA fighter. There’s a reason for that. J nailed Tempers with a step up kick and pointed at Bentley. Then he pounded Tempers from the mount. Bentley ate a pair of dropkicks and a Vader bomb elbow drop from Young. But Bentley got an assist from Tempers, and Young crashed to the mat on an ill-advised aerial move in the heel corner. Azrael applied a choke submission, as the fans chanted for Young. Young went for a frogsplash and somehow altered it to avoid a kick from Azrael. Creed took the hot tag and his offense was inspired. Creed had Tempers pinned with a somersault lariat. Bentley broke it up. J attacked Bentley, and the place exploded as they spilled over the ropes. Iceberg came out to shield Bentley from further abuse. The other Rejects had Creed set up for the hellhammer, but it was Young to the rescue with a missile dropkick on Azrael, and Creed pinned Tempers with a huracanrana. Humongous pop for the finish. The way the match was built around J getting his hands on Bentley worked like a charm.

Palmer summoned Behrens to the ring to present Creed with the TNA contract offer. Behrens mentioned that TNA considered a number of options before settling on Creed. Young got on the mic to honor his parnter, but his emotions pretty much got the best of him. The babyface side of the dressing room hit the ring and hoisted Creed up on their shoulders. It was beautiful the way the fans got to share in the moment.

This was one of the most uplifting experiences in my 8 years of attending wrestling in Cornelia. The kid got the opportunity, and he made the most of it. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

(6) Todd Sexton beat Jesse Emerson via submission in 3:40. Emerson looks like a pro wrestler and showed some skills here, something he didn’t get a chance to do against . Sexton started out pure technico. Emerson stayed pretty even with him. Sexton decided to take the low road and beat up on Emerson outside the ring. Sexton got the tap out with front guillotine.

Wes Grissom hit the ring to confront Sexton. In a repeat of the last show minus the verbiage, Sexton blew off Grissom’s challenge.

(7) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat The Anger Alliance (Don Matthews & Brandon Phoenix with Brodie Chase) in 7:30. The babyface duo got their two minutes of fame before the Alliance put them through their paces. Matthews was the offensive star. When I watch him now, it’s hard to believe I once wrote that his chops looked lame. Matthews was killing them with strikes and his power game was spot on. Driver took the heat. Driver eventually made it to his corner, but Chase had pulled Walters off the apron. Phoenix dropped Driver on his freaking head with a release German suplex. Roberts came out and got into it with Chase. Matthews tried to play peacemaker. While this was going, Driver rolled Phoenix up. Roberts walked off on the other three, as the Alliance continues to crumble.

Ring announcer Eddie Rich threw it to the back where Nemesis was about to do a sitdown interview with Greg Hunter. This was an awesome segment. Nemesis glanced at the three security guard standing behind him and said he was feeling paranoid, like he was about to go to jail. Nemesis got in the big security guard’s face and started talking trash, challenging the hard guy to try him. The security guy didn’t move a muscle. Nemesis moved on to another, less imposing security guy and got a thrill when he made the “chump” jump. “This gorilla is no longer locked in a cage,” said Nemesis. He threw a chair at the wall. Security stepped forward. Nemesis (wearing a “Free T. I.” t-shirt) said he wasn’t Rodney King. Security backed Nemesis out of the interview area, down the ramp, through the ringside area and out the front door. All the while, Nemesis was issuing challenges and telling them not to step in his space. A tour de force performance by Nemesis.

(8) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) in a tornado tag match in 10:39. This was a wild, back and forth, spotfest of a brawl. They took full advantage of the rules. Brunettes came out in streetfight gear. Non-stop action. I’ll just hit on a few of the more brutal highlights. Brunettes gave Delay a double back suplex on the rail. Then they took turns choking him with a belt. Hawkins gave Matthews a snap suplex on the ramp, while Delay catapulted Alexander into the post. Alexander bled heavily after that one. Hawkins took a flying leap off the announcer’s booth to hit a double plancha. The finish went like this: WP2T kicked out of simultaneous pin attempts by the Brunettes. Brunettes went for the Sheeney Curse on Delay, but Hawkins broke it up. WP2T came back with an Overnite Sensation (Delay) and Unprettier (Hawkins) but Brunettes kicked out. WP2T blasted Brunettes with stereo knock out chairshots for the win. Revenge is sweet…and sick.

Jeremy Vain was accompanied to the ring by Rob Adonis. Vain accused Jerry Palmer of screwing him every way possible. He said the lumberjack strap match at Fright Night was “15 minutes of total unfairness,” and Truitt Fields had the help of seven people to beat him for the TV title. Vain ordered Greg Hunter to come down from the announcer’s booth to interview him. Vain berated Hunter. Adonis ripped Hunter’s suit and stomped on his glasses. Vain smacked Hunter in the face HARD, knocking him to the canvas. Palmer and the Attraction hit the ring to chase Vain and Adonis out of there. Hunter needed help getting to the back and did not return to his announce position. Vain crossed a line that hasn’t been crossed in Anarchy by getting physical with an announcer. I’m guessing that Palmer may have to revisit that closed book.

(9) Iceberg (with Reverend Wilson) & Mikal Judas beat NWA Elite (Shatter & Abomination with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) in 10:19 when Judas pinned the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shatter with El Crucifijo. Judas is over for sure but in a unique way. They stand (literally) in awe of the larger-than-life quality of his entrance before they pop. Wilson joined Johnson on commentary. That should be very interesting. Shatter wanted no part of Judas. Iceberg tagged himself in to face Abomination, who ended up on the receiving end of the most gargantuan top rope crotch ride I’ve even seen. Interference by Bailey set up a huge lariat on Judas by Abomination. The spot was timed and executed in such a way that Judas didn’t look stupid. The heels trapped Judas in the corner and worked him over. Iceberg would distract the ref with a wry smile in face, as if he might purposely be adding to Judas’ misery. Shatter was very impressive here. He was hitting power moves on a guy that is 6-7 and close to 300 pounds, and he’s gotten more animated with his facial expressions. Shatter goozled Judas. Judas goozled a stunned Shatter. Double lariats. Both men staggered backwards. Iceberg tagged in and hit the Ground Zero splash on Shatter. But Judas had made a blind tag. Abomination pulled Iceberg out. Dominous entered through the front door. Abomination went after him. Judas picked Shatter up like he was nothing (and he’s a good 275) and LAUNCHED him with the crucifix powerbomb for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Iceberg confronted Judas. When Judas dropped down to go under the ropes, Iceberg hit the Thigh Drop of Doom and the Ground Zero on him. Bailey and Shatter stood on the ramp laughing and applauding. Wilson and Iceberg glared at Bailey and Shatter, each side trying to creep the other out and neither having any success at it. They made their respective exits. Judas recovered for one final pop and left through the front door.

For photos of the show by Blake Arledge go to http://www.ringsidephotos.net.

NOTES: North Georgia wrestling fans will have the opportunity to double their Halloween wrestling pleasure next weekend. APW presents “Nightmare on Cherry Street” on 10/26 in Royston headlined by Shadow Jackson defending the APW title against Abomination. Then, on 10/27 GWP has their first annual “Monster Mash Spooktacular” at the Waleska Ballpark with Brunettes vs. Regular Guys(c) in a Barbwire Death Match (the entire ring will be wrapped in barbwire), Tempers(c) vs. Slim J in a Casket Match and D. L. Norris vs. Leatherface in a Four Corners of Pain (weapons in all four corners)…NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on 11/3 with Iceberg vs Judas, Awesome Attraction vs. Vain & Adonis, Sexton vs. Buck and Rejects vs. Brunettes.


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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 85
October 15, 2007

The OMEGA reunion show has been cancelled. Congratulations to all Anarchy talent, especially Austin Creed, for making a strong showing in TNA.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, dissension continued amongst the ranks of the NWA Elite when Jeff G Bailey accidentally powdered Jeff Lewis’s eyes. This week, a Mega Rumble will be held to determine the new #1 contender to NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Ace Rockwell. John Johnson picks Phil Shatter and Chad Parham to win the Mega Rumble.

1. Steven Walters & Derek Driver defeated Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew “The Wizard of Aaaaaaas” Alexander).
This contest starts with an argument between Johnson and Hunter regarding betting, Johnson’s personal assistants and professional wrestling. Johnson further insults the World’s Pretties Tag Team, the Brunettes were like honey baked ham who worked with pig snouts and cow tongues. That’s pretty low, I say. After commercial, Walters escapes a suplex with an enziguri. Driver receives the hot tag and he goes Buck Wild on Alexander. Driver sends Matthews flying over the top rope, but he manages to hold on for dear life. Driver sends Alexander flying into Matthews and connects with a slingshot back suplex. Matthews breaks up the pin attempt with a slingshot senton, but he lands on his fellow Brunette. Driver makes Alexander pay with a spinning sitout facebuster. Matthews seizes an opening by grabbing a handful of tights for a near fall. The Brunettes have had enough and set up Driver for the Sheeney Curse, but the World’s Pretties Tag Team interferes. Driver takes advantage with a Sunset flip for the upset victory.
COMMENTS: The closing moments turned this from blah to worthwhile television. As usual for NWA Anarchy, another hot tag feud is brewing between two young gun teams. Kudos to the fur ball face producer for editing the match. It really added to overall experience.

- Greg Hunter is scheduled to interview NWA Owner Jerry Palmer about the Mega Rumble. As everyone knows, when Hunter speaks, trouble follows. As Palmer speaks, Nemesis confronts Palmer regarding a position in the Mega Rumble, but is informed he’s too late. Nemesis cries like a little pregnant dog to Palmer, but Shadow Jackson quickly intercepts him to prevent further confrontation. Unfortunately, Palmer’s Myspace account is invaded by former two time NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham. The former King of Cornelia is pissed because Ace Rockwell dethroned and embarrassed him. Parham wants Palmer to enter him into the #10 position. Palmer smartly counters Parham by acknowledging that the most arrogant son of a pregnant dog in Georgia would have to live up to the print on his tights. Yep, Chad Parham will enter the Mega Rumble as entry Numero Uno. Palmer offers a handshake and wishes Parham, “Good luck.”

- “The Best d**n Announcer in Georgia” Eddie Rich announces that we are ready for this evening main event. Someone yells out, “no it ain’t” and out pops the most important figure in the National Wrestling Alliance, Bill Behrens. Mr. Behrens announces a special messenger delivered a letter from Al Getz. Apparently, Getz donated a fairly large check made out to NWA Anarchy. Al Getz is regretful that he is unable to address everyone and is unable to appear tonight. His absence should not represent the fact that he continues to fight for equality throughout the world of professional wrestling. Getz questions, how can a Mega Rumble exclude the undefeated Melissa Coates? Mrs. Coates will display her manhood and physical prowess. Behrens introduces international fitness model, Anarchy’s greatest athlete, and your idol and role model. d**n, it sounds like Chris Jericho wrote this speech. Coates desecrates the NWA Arena by donning a robe, bikini top, short skirt and fishnet stockings. I seriously doubt Morris Day & the Time were singing about Mrs. Coates in their song “Fishnet.” Vince McMahon can brag about Wrestlemania moments, but this NWA Arena moment will deflate McMahon’s grapefruits any day of the week. This scene is truly awesome. Only at the NWA Arena will you see a she-male flexing to New York! Coates flexes her muscles to Hunter’s disgust and Johnson’s delight. I’ll just say I’m ROTFLMAO. ER heads back into the ring more puzzled than a third grader trying Chinese arithmetic. The crowd is confused too by chanting “she’s a man.” Rich informs Coates she must vacate the premises, but he tugs him by the collar. She greets NWA security by manhandling one member with a sitout facebuster. Jerry Palmer, accompanied by numerous referees, escort her, uh, I mean, him, from the building.

2. Iceberg wins the 10 man Mega Rumble to win #1 contender to the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title.
RULES: The match will start with two participants and entrants will enter at two minute intervals. Participants are eliminated by being tossed over the top rope to the floor.
ENTRY #1: Chad Parham. Life sure sucks for the once King of Cornelia.
ENTRY #2: Sal Rinauro. This starts out pretty quick with Rinauro frustrating Parham by outwrestling him. Parham avoids early elimination by sliding underneath the bottom rope. Rinauro makes him pay the R Kelly way with a little Bump & Grind on the top rope.
ENTRY #3: Patrick Bentley with Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness. Parham chop blocks Rinauro after taking a breather. Bentley aids Parham with an inverted suplex on Rinauro. As the next entry heads out, Rinauro introduces his opponents with a double coconut.
ENTRY #4: Slim J delivers a beat down on Bentley. Rinauro invites Slim J in a double team of Parham. Yep, this is the same Sal Rinauro who last year smashed Slim J with a bottle across his dome. The beauty of professional wrestling is that wrestlers will form alliances after enjoying hostilities. Slim continues to murder Bentley. Slim takes out Bentley with a top maneuver and assistance from Rinauro.
ENTRY #5: Mr. Rob Adonis enters to a rather familiar theme song to one American Dragon. He introduces himself to Slim J with a delayed vertical suplex. It’s not in the league of Claudio Castignoli, but still impressive. Bentley returns Slim J’s offense with a barrage of bombs. Mr. Adonis continues to demonstrate his strength with a spinebuster on Slim J.
ENTRY #6: NWA Anarchy TV Champion Jeremy Vain joins Mr. Adonis in decimating the faces. Wilson extinguishes Rinauro’s short offensive flurry with a mere trip. Bentley takes advantage with the Dirt Driver. Parham tosses Rinauro to the floor. RINAURO ELIMINATED.
ENTRY #7: Truitt Fields introduces Chad Parham with a military press slam and eliminates Mr. Adonis with a clothesline. MR. ADONIS ELIMINATED. Meanwhile, Slim J wipes himself and Bentley out with a hurricanrana. SLIM J & PATRICK BENTLEY ELIMINATED. This leaves Fields, Vain and Parham in the ring. The heels try to eliminate Fields, but Fields fights his way back in.
ENTRY #8: Shadow Jackson has never received a shot at the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title and decided to make most of an opportunity by cleaning house. Fields continues to make the TV champ look bad by outsmarting and eliminating him. JEREMY VAIN ELIMINATED. Parham is outnumbered dos to uno. Shadow no sells a pair of Parham chops and backdrops him.
ENTRY #9: “The One Man Walking Genocide” Phil Shatter quickly tosses his former partner Truitt Fields like a rag doll. TRUITT FIELDS ELIMINATED. Meanwhile, Parham poses in the corner while Shadow and Shatter collide. Shadow sees different and nearly eliminates Parham. Shatter takes advantage of the situation by nailing Shadow.
ENTRY #10: “The No Pain Train” Iceberg is the final participant and immediately attacks Shatter. Shadow clotheslines Parham to the crowd’s delight. CHAD PARHAM ELIMINATED. Nemesis evens the odds by leading the chant for Shadow. Meanwhile, Iceberg devastates his adversaries with a double clothesline. Shadow joins Shatter to double suplex the behemoth Iceberg. Nemesis jumps on the ring apron in celebration or does he have an ulterior motive? Referee Ken Wallace instructs Nemesis to jump back to the floor, but in doing, he pulls the top rope down and Shadow tumbles to the NWA Arena floor. That was awesome. Johnson calls Nemesis a dummy.
FINAL 2: It’s down to Shatter and Iceberg. The two continued to brawl until Shatter landed a fistdrop. Shatter backs Iceberg to the ropes, but he fights back with an eye gouge. Shatter reverse whips and powerslams Iceberg. Shatter sets up for a suplex, but Iceberg drops him on the apron and forearms him to the floor. PHIL SHATTER ELIMINATED.
POSTMATCH: The Reverend and Iceberg celebrate with an evil gaze. Shatter wants more, but Jeff G Bailey pulls him back. In two weeks, it’s Ace Rockwell vs. Iceberg for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title.

OVERALL: Bill Behrens for head booker of TNA. ‘Nuff said.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html

Fright Night 07 Review

If you’re not into all the blah, blah, blah, the bottom line is this: If you can appreciate the brilliance of Anarchy’s storytelling and why they make you care about the character, you will want this DVD. For those looking for that one blowaway show in the ring, this isn’t it.

Please note that what follows is based solely from viewing a tape of the hard camera angle and not the DVD, which will be released shortly.

The crowd looked and sounded great. It was a full house of over 280.

Randy Hughes opened the show with a truly cringeworthy version of the National Anthem.

Jerry Palmer introduced Hall County firefighter Angie Roach to the crowd. Part of the proceeds went to a fund for Roach, who was injured in the line of duty.

(1) Urban Assault Squad defeated Hollywood Brunettes and Anger Alliance #1 (Matthews & Roberts) and Anger Assault #2 (Chase & Phoenix) in a four corners elimination match in 14:37 to win the Mysterious Benefactor Memorial Cup. Dissension was immediately apparent in the camp of Anger Alliance. The pop for Chase and Phoenix was a surprise. UAS got their usual monster response. Jackson dominated the chickennuts Brunettes early. On commentary, John Johnson claimed Terrrell Owens and Brunettes had a mutual admiration society going. Business picked up with a vicious exchange of chops between Matthews and Nemesis. Matthews hit the BFK and AA numero uno took over. When Roberts hit a big move, Chase tagged himself in to make the cover. Roberts returned the favor with an unsolicited tag. All the while, Nemesis was taking a beating. Roberts invited Chase to punch Nemesis. He ducked. Roberts took the blow and was rolled up to eliminate AA#1 at 8:12. Chase strutted. Hunter said he had seen that somewhere before. Johnson asked if he was referring to Jackie Fargo. Chase went for the figure four and Nemesis countered with an inside cradle to eliminate AA#2 at 8:54. Chase tried to play peacemaker, but Roberts walked away. Brunettes picked up where AA left off, as they set out to destroy the knee of Nemesis. Jackson cleaned house with the hot tag. Alexander tried a springboard maneuver off a blind tag, but Jackson caught him with the 1031 (spinebuster slam) for the pin. Nemesis sold the knee huge during the postmatch celebration.

Comments: Basic match, which was fine for the opener of a show with so many gimmicks. Everything made sense. The battle for control between Roberts and Chase had been building since the formation of the Alliance. Sound psychology with the opportunistic Brunettes following up on the job AA did on Nemesis’ knee. Jackson was booked like Superman. That was proper given the direction they were heading. This was a the first year that the MB Cup tournament was spread across several shows. It surely diminished the impact of ultimate triumph you get with a focused, one night tournament, although that may have been a necessary evil in the grand scheme of things.

Chad Parham announced his retirement. An emotional John Johnson presented the former two-time Anarchy Heavyweight Champion with a “certificate of awesomeness.” Parham congratulated HIMSELF on building Anarchy, putting all of those redneck asses in seats, and working through numerous injuries. Parham had a breakdown. Johnson consoled him. Parham invited the fans to chant “Chad’s a legend.” They had something else in mind.

Hunter said Parham a piece of work. “Nobody ever questioned the guy’s determination, his ability, his skill. After this display. I question the man’s sanity…”

(2) Tony Santorelli & Melissa Coates beat Todd Sexton & Wes Grissom when Santorelli submitted Grissom at 10:42. Coates was wearing one of those chaps type outfits that provides maximum ass exposure. They did comedy spots focused on the forbidden zones of Coates’ anatomy. Santorelli clubbed Grissom from behind to give Coates the advantage. Grissom took punishment from Coates’ power offense. At one point, Grissom knocked Santorelli into Sexton, so he wasn’t there to take Grissom’s tag. There was no heat for Sexton’s supposed hot tag. Santorelli clocked Coates when Sexton ducked. Sexton then nailed Santorelli with a dropkick. In a fit of youthful exuberance, Grissom made a blind tag and crash-landed on a Shooting Star Press. Santorelli forced Grissom to tap with a variant of the crossface.

Everything looked hunky dory on the babyface side until Sexton took Grissom’s face off with what amounted to a flying superkick to leave him laying.

Comments: Again, this was more for the story than the wrestling. Santorelli has dropped the excess poundage. Coates has comedic talent, and it’s workable because her strength and muscularity works against smaller guys. I love Grissom in this role, but the spot where he sent powered Santorelli off to make the hot tag was beyond the bounds of credibility. Sexton’s turn is a good thing. He d**ned sure wasn’t over as a babyface.

(3) Kory Chavis (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Jeff Lewis in a First Blood match in 8:40. Hunter quoted Bailey on Chavis’ unique abiltity to “draw more blood than the Red Cross,” Ref Jacob Ashworth wiped Vaseline off of Chavi’s forehead. Johnson called it preventive maintenance. Lewis attacked Chavis and tried to bust him open. Bailley intervened with a great right hand. Johnson said Bailey’s ring cost in excess of $11 grand. Spinespitta by Chavis. He pounded Lewis with taped fists, Both down on a giant headbutt collision. Bailey swiped Chavis’ head. Lewis reversed a Spinesplitta with a DDT. Bailey passed a roll of nickels to Chavis and distracted Ashworth. Bullseye, Ashworth saw the blood. The Sout Assassin is your winner.

Lewis called Ashworth’s attention to the coins, but he blew it off.

Comments: Good back-and-forth brawl that wasn’t any longer than it needed to be, and was all about drawing blood. It was the kind of loss that helped Lewis get over as a gutsy, half-crazy babyface. Lewis cut a blood-drenched promo after the match that is probably on the DVD. He was literally covered in crimson from head to toe.

(4) Devil’s Rejects (Shaun Tempers & Azrael & Patrick Bentley with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Slim J & Adrian Hawkins & Ace Rockwell in a Street Fight (14:45). Rich announced J and Hawkins didn’t have partner. They were game, but the number game got the best of them. J was busted open. Rejects used Wilson’s Staff of Righteousness to waste Hawkins. Wilson cackled with glee at the sight of Bentley smearing J’s blood across his chest. Rejects set J up for a triple team version of Bentley’s Dark Driver onto a steel chair. Even Johnson was skittish about that one. Rockwell showed up in street clothes. He wasted Bentley with a sick spinebuster onto the chair. Hawkins hit an Asai moonsault on Azrael. Tempers was bleeding. Slim nailed a double diving inverted DDT on Tempers and Bentley. Hawkins, Anarchy’s unofficial chair swinging freak, hit a pair of homeruns. Azrael kicked out of a Van Terminator by Hawkins. Rockwell brought a table in. Hunter called it a Home Depot special. Bentley escaped from the certain death of going through the table via Anger Management and gave J a low blow. Rockwell’s attempt to superplex Tempers through the table was foiled by Azrael, Tempers powerbombed Rockwell through ala Bubby Ray. Azrael and Tempers spiked Hawkins with the Hellhammer. The coup de grace was Bentley’s Dark Driver on J for the pin. The faces were destroyed to where none could make it to the back under their own power.

Comments: This match climaxed the opening half of the show going into the intermission, just the way you would want it. Wild action and awesome heat make an unbeatable combination. Rockwell’s appearance appeared to catch most of the crowd by surprise. They were on fire for the babyface comeback. I believe Hawkins’ Van Terminator was an Anarchy first. I liked the brutally decisive finish in favor of the Rejects. After coming out on the losing end of the War Games, anything else would have weakened them. They could beat J from now until doomsday in Cornelia and the fans would still go crazy for him. The carnage at the end made a dramatic closing image.

Ring announcer Eddie Rich drew the number of Mr. Adonis to be one of the lumberjacks for the fan participation strap match. Adonis said it was fair and square because he bought $200 worth of tickets. Palmer was furious. He let it stand but evened things out by appointing himself as one of the lumberjacks.

(5) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat UAS to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 10:30. Nemesis was still gimpy from the first match. Hunter said Attraction’s five month run with the belts made them the longest reigning tag champs in Anarchy history. Nemesis started s### with Attraction before the bell. Dueling chants erupted as Jackson and Creed wrestled clean. Nemesis brawled with Young. Body of the match was Jackson taking heat from the Attraction. Young taunted Nemesis into distracting the ref, so Attraction could hit combo move on Jackson. Jackson hit the 1013 to get the tag, and Nemesis came in firing lariats. He had Creed pinned with an Alabama Slam, but Young held the ref’s attention long enough for Creed to kick out. Nemesis attempted to whip Creed into his partner (same tactic UAS used to win their opening round match in tournament), but Creed reversed it and UAS collided. Young pinned Nemesis with the Flying Squirrel.

Nemesis laid his hands on Jackson. For the first time, Jackson responded with a temper flare up before cooler heads prevailed.

Comments: The match was OK for what it was, which was mostly about the disintegration of UAS. The screwed up finish cost UAS their fourth title reign, and they were close to the breaking point, which came one week later. They also did a nice job of building the grudge between Young and Nemesis. I see a singles match in their future. Jackson is incredibly over. It will be interesting to see how far he goes as a singles act.

Bill Behrens laid down the ground rules for the use of the straps: no buckles and no head shots.

(6) Truitt Fields beat Jeremy Vain to win the NWA Anarchy Television Title in a Fan Participation Strap match (14:03). Vain donned a hoodie to start the match. Fields showed little tolerance for that nonsense. He pulled the hoodie over Vain’s face and clotheslined him out, but Adonis protected Vain from the fan lumberjacks. Fields then backdropped Vain onto Adonis, and the lumberjacks got their monies’ worth as Vain circled the ring. Back inside the ring, Vain escaped the Fields’ finisher and superkicked him. Vain tossed Fields out, but a fan lumberjack shielded him and gave Adonis hell. Vain used a short hook and a gordbuster to cut off a Fields comeback. Vain threw Fields out near Palmer, who lightly tapped him with the strap. Vain used a camel clutch and Adonis was in Fields’ face, begging him to come outside. Hunter called it psychological warfare. Really nice punch exchange here. The key spot saw Vain block a rolling reverse, point at his brain, and get turned inside out by a Fields clothesline. The time was winding down. Adonis distracted, and Vain spiked Fields with a DDT. Referee Harold James signaled that Fields had kicked out by a fraction of an inch. Vain collared James. Adonis tried to interfere but Palmer cut him off with a stunner. The fans strapped Adonis all the way to the back with Palmer egging them on. Meanwhile, Vain got one of the straps and put the leather to Fields, who was impervious the pain. A shot to the face only intensified his rage. Vain blocked the Killing Fields and went for the VKO. Fields fought it off and planted Vain in the middle with the Killing Fields for the 1-2-3. The pin got the biggest pop of the night. As Palmer was putting the strap around Fields’ waist, Adonis was dragging Vain’s limp body to the back.

Comments: A great blow off match, This was do or die for Fields and everybody knew it. Vain had used every sleazy tactic in his vast arsenal to keep his title from Fields, with the hoodie being one last gasp, inspired piece of wackiness. The moment where Fields stood up to the strap shots was awesome. Vain was born to be a pro wrestler. He was the perfect opponent for a guy with all the potential in the world and limited big match experience. Fields has grown tremendously as a performer over the course of this program. With the chase now over, Fields has an even bigger challenge ahead of him.

(7) Phil Shatter (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Mikal Judas to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 14:14. Hunter pointed out that Bailey had managed three NWA World Heavyweight champions and four NWA Anarchy Heavyweight champions including Judas. Johnson said Judas was a changed man since going to Puerto Rico. I’ll say. Hunter explained that Bailey had snubbed Judas until he needed someone to face the Rejects. Now, Judas was back to take what was rightfully his. For his part, Shatter was a rookie heavyweight champion, who had backed down from no one until he cross paths with Judas. The monsters went toe-to-toe. Judas came out on top, so Shatter decided to take short cuts. Judas goozled him and Shatter bailed. Judas snatched Shatter by the throat and brought him back in the hardway. Judas leveled Shatter with a rabbit lariat and gazed to the heavens before climbing to the top rope. Shatter hit the rope to upend Judas. Shatter worked on the back of Judas. Hunter said he was softening Judas up for the PTSD, and weakening Judas’s ability to execute his own finisher. The momentum started to turn when Shatter accidentally hit the post and then got flattened by a shot into the post. Back inside the ring, Judas gave Shatter a ferocious beating in the corner, but he made the mistake of turning his attention to ref Brent Wiley. Shatter made the “rookie mistake” of abandoning his ground game for a top rope elbow. It missed huge, but Shatter got back on track with a spinebuster for a near fall. Shatter went for the PTSD (powerbomb) but Judas backdropped him. Both men crumbled after their heads collided. Shatter escaped from El Crucifijo (crucifix powerbomb) and bumped Wiley. Judas spit the red mist in Shatter’s eyes. Chokeslam! Visual fall with no ref to count, as Bailey frantically motioned to the back. Abomination jumped Judas from behind and gave him the Final Solution (tree slam). Shatter covered but Judas rolled a shoulder. Shatter sealed the deal with a pair of PTSDs. Dominous came through the front door. Abomination went after him. Judas sat up and stalked after A-bomb.

The lights went out. The arena stayed dark for over 2 minutes while a serial killer highlight reel played. The punchline was there was one sicko still at large, and he had purportedly sought refuge in the world of pro wrestling. When the lights came on, Iceberg was nose-to-nose with Shatter. The ring filled with Anarchy officials. The fans were on their feet, most of them in stunned silence. Bailey got Shatter out of the ring. Iceberg was hitting himself in the face and begging Shatter to get back in there.

Comments: Judas and Shatter are two big guys that can really go. This was a substitute main event due to Iceberg’s injury, and they produced a fine match for a first meeting. Hunter did a great job of providing the kind of analysis that gives a match a sports-like feeling. The crowd was behind Judas but not like they are for the top babyfaces. I think they’re still warming to the idea. They never liked him as Mikal Adryan, and the Judas character is not a babyface gimmick, then again, neither is Undertaker. It would have been nuts to beat Judas clean, so it had to be some type of screw job, and this choice set up issues between Judas and Abomination. At least they kept the ref bump and run-in down to this one instance. The Iceberg/Shatter showdown didn’t give me goose marks after a two static minutes of pitch black on the hard cam. I’m certain the DVD version is significantly better.

Closing Thoughts: Hunter said it best: “An incredible evening that has only raised more questions than it has answered.” They weren’t trying to top Hostile Environment. Under the circumstances, there was really no way they could have. It couldn’t be Fright Night without gimmicks and blood, but I’m glad they kept it down to a dull roar. There were no crazy acrobatic spotfests like the ladder match or violent blood baths like the War Games. The timing wasn’t right. You need time to develop compelling reason for stuff like that, and Anarchy was in a building phase. The TV title switch was the only program ripe for a conclusion. With that said, the six-man and the main event were both very strong matches, and Fields/Vain was a memorable match with terrific heat.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this tape was the commentary by Hunter and Johnson. Hunter is as smooth and as easy to listen to as any play-by-play announcer around. It’s a recurring theme that Hunter doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and he’s got one as his color commentator. The thing about Johnson is that he comes from left field with zany heelish comments. You never know what’s going to come out his mouth, and it’s usually pretty funny.


NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich has stripped Chance Prophet of the
NWA National Heavyweight title and ordered a match between top
contenders Pepper Parks and Kory Williams to fill the vacancy. Prophet
is currently out of action with a broken leg suffered over a month
ago. "Chance is a great champion", said Trobich, "but the simple fact
is he is going to be out of action for a couple months and we can't
hold the title in limbo until he recovers. I tell Chance and all his
fans that he will be the number one contender for the title as soon as
he returns to the ring." Kory Williams is the former National champion
and Pepper Parks is the NWA Empire champion and was a participant in
"Reclaiming the Glory", the tournament to name the new NWA World
Heavyweight Champion. "Kory Williams and Pepper Parks are two of the
top regional wrestlers in the NWA," said Trobich "it will be a great
match and either one will be an excellent champion"

Match will take place in NWA Top Rope on 10/20

Here are the results from NWA Indiana on 10/14 in
Lafayette, Indiana at Riehle Brothers Sports Complex
in front of a crowd of 268.

Kenneth James & Pogo defeated Luis Rojas & Apocolipz
in a pre show match

Jeremy Hadley defeated Justin Andrews

Guy Lombardo defeated Justin Frost

Marc Houston defeated Neeko Killawaya

The Metal Master defeated Joey Owens to retain his NWA
Indiana State Title

Brett Havok won a 20 man over the top rope battle

Don Basher defeated Brian Roberts in a steel cage

And in the main event inside a steel cage with war
game rules the team of Shawn Cook, Guy Lombardo, PT
Hussla & Billy Roc defeated Rob Ramer, Billy Bart,
Kenny Courageous & Devon Fury

NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette on 11/21 for their
final show of 2007 with WWE Hall of Famer "Handsome"
Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant making his

Log onto http://www.nwaindiana.com for more info

Courtesy of NWA Southwest.

First Time Ever in Dallas-Fort Worth
The National Wrestling Alliance in Nashville, on
October 11-12, voted NWA Southwest (NWA-SW) to host
the Annual Members Meeting in the Dallas-Fort Worth
area, in October 2008.

NWA Southwest.

October 13, 2007
Lindero Ranch
Irving, TX

NWA Texas Junior Title - Codie Jones def. Golden
Prince - (New TX Junior champion)

6 Man Tag - Cyclone, Awesome Andy, & Tejano Kid def.
Commando, Boomerang, & David Stahr, 2 out of 3 Falls.

Mr. Destiny def. Mike DiBiase

NWA Texas Heavyweight Title - Chaz Taylor def. Kevin

NWA World Heavyweight Title - Adam Pearce &
Sicodelico, Jr. - 30 min. time-limit draw

Tag - Team Monterrey & Team Juarez ended in a draw at
one fall each.

NWA MIDWEST/INSANE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING will return to the The Sports Connection located at 3000 S 13th Street in Milwaukee, WI. (13th & Manitoba, 1 block north of Oklahoma Ave) on Oct 27. Bell time is 7:30pm Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are only $15 dollars for ringside $12 for G.A $5 for kids 12 and under and are available by emailing icw_talent_relations@yahoo.com

Insane 8 Tournament
The 2nd annual hardcore tournament will feature 8 of the top guys trying to win The Heavyweight and Midwest Title Shot Anytime in 07-08

Justin Dredd,Dysfunction,Bobby Valentino , Troy Walters, Arya Daivari ,Hardcore Craig, Esteban Molina and Mickey Mccoy
1st round stipulations will be

Arya Daivari Vs Mickey Mccoy
Dueling chairs

Bobby Valentino Vs Esteban Molina

Justin Dredd Vs Troy Walters
1st Blood

DysFunction Vs Hardcore Craig
4 corners of pain

2nd round
Will feature 2 Fans Bring The weapons matches

The Main Event will be a Tables,Ladders and Tacks match

Non Tournament

Mason Quinn Vs Big Brody Hoofer
ICW Heavyweight Title Match

20 man Insane Royal winner becomes #1 Contender for the Midwest Title
Jayson Cash,The Ninja,Chase Mccoy,Mase Morgan, Jared Johnson,Brandon Blaze,Kody Rice,Super Mario and Many More!

NWA EAST/AWC 10-20 show started off the night with a 10 bell salute for
the recently departed Sean "Shocker" Evans.

AWC Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor defeated Guido
Corleone to retain the title. During the course of the
match, Chris LeRusso ran to ringside while Krystal
Frost had the referee tied up, presumably to attack
Chris Taylor on her behalf. However, LeRusso chose not
to interfere and instead grabbed Frost by the head
while Taylor rolled up Corleone for the win! After the
match, as Taylor made his way to the locker room, "The
King of Diamonds" Eddie Kingston, the self-proclaimed
"Last of a Dying Breed". laid Taylor out.

AWC Tag Team Champions The Straight Jacket Mafia
defeated The Franchise Players. Before the match
started, JC Slick, manager of the Franchise Players,
distracted "Syko" Sean Dahmer long enough for Jon
Kronica & Max Alexander to destroy the knee of
Apollyon with a chair. Referees carried him out while
Slick declared the match a handicap match. The Players
decimated Dahmer for the better part of the match. It
wasn't until Apollyon made his return to the ring with
a wrapped up knee that Dahmer was able to overcome the
2-1 odds. After disposing of Slick, the SJM dumped
Kronica on his head with a sick reverse double
brainbuster. Then, after putting Alexander in the same
straight jacket he put on Dahmer, Dahmer powerbombed
Alexander on the knees of Apollyon for the decisive

Crusher Hansen & Benjamin C. Steele made their way to
the ring to announce that SAMU was not in the
building. However, much to their chagrin (and the
fan's delight), SAMU made his way to ringside! Hansen
& Steele argued, with both men claiming they hadn't
seen the former PWX Heavyweight, WWE Tag Team, and PWX
Tag Team Champion all day. Hansen shoved Steele into
an awaiting bodyslam by SAMU. As Steele tried to crawl
away in the corner, SAMU smashed him in the corner
with a running hip attack. However, the distraction
allowed Hansen to attack SAMU from behind. Both men
stood off as they prepared for their battle later in
the evening.

AWC Brass Knuckles Champion Dash Bennett defeated All
Business Brant in a bodyslam match.... by
disqualification. Bennett had it built in his head
that he could slam "The Biz". His new manager Stacy
Hunter filled his head with incredible lies and
fallacies to the point where Bennett even changed his
theme music to "Simply The Best"! But just as Hunter
was attempting to interfere in the match, The Mantis
made a shocking appearance, attacking Dash Bennett.
Mantis was not booked to appear on the AWC showcase,
because the last AWC officials heard, he was still
resting after injuries suffered at the hands of
Bennett & Hunter. Mantis quickly disposed of his foe
Bennett with a Manticide while All Business took care
of Hunter on the floor. A show of respect in the ring
between Mantis & Brant certainly showed where Mantis'
allegiances lie.

The appointed NWA representative for the night, Kameo,
made an appearance to discuss the recent investigation
by the NWA into NWA East/AWC/PWX. Kameo stated she was
sent by the NWA Board of Directors and NWA Virginia
promoter Rick O'Brien. She stated that her business
for the night was to meet with PWX's Jim Miller and
AWC's Curtis Stevenson to discuss the mess as of late
between the two groups. The NWA wants to know why
titles are being used for ransom and why Miller isn't
taking action and making decisions for his company,
NWA East.

Chris LeRusso defeated Ophidian. Ophidian came to the
ring escorted by his tag team partner Amasis (they
team under the name The Osirian Portal). This was a
very quick, fast-paced, back and forth contest between
two very skilled up-and-comers in wrestling. LeRusso
was able to get Ophidian with a yakuza kick and
finished him off with a death valley driver variation
for the pin.

"Division 1" James Ross defeated "The Spotlight"
Scottie Gash via disqualification. Gash hit the ring
early and attacked Ross from behind, nailing the
Spotlight Drop. He claimed he made his impact and the
match wasn't happening. Ross, refusing to give up,
demanded Gash come in and face him. The match
commenced, with Gash going to work on Ross' arm. The
punishment continued with brutal bodyslams on the arm
and more. Gash decided to make another impact and
grabbed a road sign from underneath the ring. After
hitting Ross in the back with it, Gash was
disqualified. Not satisfied, he tied up Ross' arm in
the sign and delivered what can only be described as
an Arm-Cracker. The referees and medical staff had to
assist Ross out of the ring.

The Wrong Crowd defeated NWA Underground. Rex Sterling
& Chris Escobar, with Kameo at ringside, fought
valiantly against the Wrong Crowd. However, a crucial
move by Paul Atlas early in the match took out
Sterling's arm for the remainder of the match. The
Wrong Crowd went to work, with Atlas using his mat
technique to rip and tear at it, including locking in
a vicious fujiwara armbar. Escobar was able to come
in, but was quickly disposed by Brian Anthony. Paul
Atlas once again applied a fujiwara armbar on Sterling
to get the submission victory. After the match, the
Wrong Crowd made sure to let the Old School Empire
know that they're coming for the NWA North American
Tag Titles... whether the Empire comes here, or they
have to go after them.

AWC Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor defeated Eddie
Kingston. As expected, Kingston brought the fight to
Taylor. Using several brutal strikes and suplexes,
Kingston seemed to have the match in hand. But he
seemed to be a little too arrogant, and Taylor
surprised Kingston with a schoolboy rollup for the
quick pinfall victory! Kingston shook his hand after
the match... but warned him that he'd better watch his

After the match, Curtis Stevenson came to ringside to
announce his choice. After insulting the AWC web
staff, Stevenson claimed that we made a mistake in
announcing the match. Taylor wasn't going to defend
against somebody IN the AWC locker room. He was going
to defend against the WHOLE AWC locker room! The
locker room emptied and mass chaos ensued.
Participants included Crusher Hansen, The Franchise
Players, The Straight Jacket Mafia, Chris LeRusso, All
Business Brant, Mantis, Amasis, Scottie Gash, James
Ross, Dash Bennett, and of course, the champion Chris
Taylor. Somehow, Taylor managed to outlast everybody
on the roster... except Crusher Hansen, who snuck away
to sit in the crowd. As Taylor eliminated Guido
Corleone, the music DJ cued up Taylor's music...
unaware that Crusher Hansen had not yet been
eliminated. Hansen snuck up from behind Taylor, but
the quicker Taylor sidestepped him and won the battle
royal! As of October 27th, Taylor becomes the first
person to hold the NWA East Heavyweight Title (whether
it be under AWC or PWX) for over one year.

In our main event, SAMU defeated Crusher Hansen! It
was obvious in this contest that SAMU hasn't lost a
step since his last appearance in the Pittsburgh area
over 7 years ago. SAMU and Hansen went back and forth
like two bulls. Despite the constant interference of
Hansen's pest-like manager Benjamin C. Steele, SAMU
was able to finish off Hansen with a superkick to win!
As a result of a pre-match stipulation, Jim Miller
does not have to stop the PWX crusade. In fact, due to
SAMU winning the match, Crusher Hansen & BC Steele
must JOIN the PWX revolution!

Join us for our next showcase on November 3rd at the
JWP in Renzie Park!

October 20, 2007
Covina, CA

"Tough" Tony Raze pinned Red Dragon

Dave The Bruiser pinned The Irish Icon

"Marvelous" Max Martin & Rockstar Cordova defeated
Featured Attraction

Bino Gambino pinned JT Blackstar to win a shot at the
NWA British Commonwealth Championship later in the day

EWF Heavyweight Champion Dan "The Man" Kobrick pinned
Angelas to retain his title

Vizzion pinned "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger

NWA Irish National Champion Phil "The Thrill" Boyd
made his Southern California debut defeating EWF
Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor to retain his title

NWA British Commonwealth Champion Paul Tracy defeated
Bino Gambino to retain his title

Here are the results of the 10-20 NWA/ECCW show from Vancouver, BC in front of 175 fans:

Fast Freddy Funk over MR2

Sid Sylum over Rick the Weapon X

Bollywood Lions (Gurv & Harv Sihra) over Masked Men of Doom (El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo)

Aaron Idol over "Rocket" Randy Tyler by DQ
- Idol remains NWA/ECCW Champion

Tony Tisoy over Azeem the Dream

Cole Bishop over Memphis Raines
- Bishop remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion

Scotty Mac over Moondog Manson and Sweet Daddy and Abbadon
- four way match-up

For more info visit www.ECCW.com.

Upcoming Shows:
Friday, October 26th - Surrey, BC - Halloween Hell
- 12 Men, 2 Rings, 1 Cage, Fans Bring the Weapons
Friday, November 16th - TBA
Friday, November 23rd - Surrey, BC - the return of Juggernaut
Saturday, November 24th - TBA
Friday, November 30th - Vancouver, BC - the return of Juggernaut


(Atkins, Va) After an absence of almost a year, and in front of a very
enthusiastic house at the Atkins Volunteer Fire Department in rural
but beautiful Atkins, Va. the NWA put on a stellar event!
The event featured the return to the area of local wrestling legend
Midnight Mauler and personality Handsome Henry. The action also
showcased exciting action. The Atkins Fire Department was so pleased
with the event that a return date of March 15 was announced to the
assembled fans just before the Main Event.
Here is a recap of the show;
D P Holliday reunited with his former tag team partner Mikkie
McMasters and reformed The Xtreme Outlaws. Holliday had a violent
break up with McMaster's several months ago, after the two had agreed
to the booking for this event. McMaster's was VERY hesitant about the
pairing, but Holliday reminded him that this was a shot at a top slot
in the upcoming NWA Continental Tag Team Tournament. McMaster's
agreed, and the Outlaws were reborn!
In the first match of the evening, 'The Geordie Bulldogs' Sean Denny &
Markie D defeated 'The River City Rogues' Chris Dramin & Mike Vaughn
by pinfall when Markie D covered Mike Vaughn following an inverted
atomic drop from Markie D and a kenta knee from Sean.
Making his return from injury was Vulstag and he defeated Jeff Early.
Early was game but the size and ferocity of Vulstag was too much for
the newcomer to overcome. Referee Kenny Brown stopped the match when
Early could not continue.
For a top slot in the upcoming NWA Continental Tag Team Tournament,
Scotty Blaze and Scotty Rocker defeated The Xtreme Outlaws when
McMaster's fell victim to a second double cross. Unknown by Blaze or
Rocker, who were both down, Holliday entered the ring and nailed
McMaster's with his "Angel's Wings". Holliday then pretended to be
down on the outside while a recovered Blaze easily pinned McMasters.
After the match, Holliday started to kick and beat on McMaster's but
Rocker and Blaze returned to the ring to save McMaster's from further
Following intermission, Grail challenged LaZaRuS to a regular
wrestling match and pinned him in another great battle between the
two. This evened up the Series of 7 Plagues matches to 3 wins each.
LaZaRuS was so frustrated at the loss that he challenged Grail right
then and there to finish the series and have a definite winner! Grail
accepted LaZaRuS' challenge and a No DQ match took place.
In a surprise to the fans of Atkins, the best of 7 was decided right
then as Grail pinned LaZaRuS cleanly in the middle of the ring and
became a 2 time NWA Alpha Champion! The fans in Atkins were ecstatic!
Jeff Early came out to congratulate Grail.
Sean Denny then entered the ring and spoke about the rich wrestling
history that Atkins has had. He spoke about the rich wrestling history
the NWA has and included comments about Scotty Blaze. Denny stated
that as NWA SPW Champion, he had not had the priviledge of wrestling
and defending his title against Blaze.
In a bonus match-up for the NWA SPW Heavyweight Championship, Sean
Denny and Scotty Blaze battled in a very clean and scientific match-up
that was ruled a No Contest when Chris Dramin and Mike Vaughn interfered.
Dramin and Vaughn entered the ring and began putting the boots to
Denny. They motioned for Blaze to jump in and help them, but Blaze
grabbed Dramin and Vaughn by their heads and smashed them into each
other! This led to Vulstag, DP Holliday, LaZaRuS and a masked wrestler
to enter the ring and begin a massive 6 on 2 beat down! Pretty soon,
the ring was filled with wrestlers as Scotty Rocker, Markie D, Grail
and Mikkie McMasters entered the fray.
After several minutes, the ring announcer announced that a 12 man
Survivor Series tag team match was to take place with ALL of the
wrestlers in the ring taking part! The fans in Atkins roared with
approval and the noise was deafening.
Order of elimination was as follows; Geordie Bulldogs and River City
Rogues were both counted out and battled to the back, the masked
wrestler nailed Grail with a beautiful super kick. The masked man tore
off his mask and revealed himself to be JEFF EARLY! Early threw Grail
out and continued his onslaught against him. Early and Grail were
counted out. Grail had to be helped to the back. Mikkie McMasters
finally was able to get his hands on his former partner and made him
pay for his earlier treachery! They brawled wildly around ringside
before both being thrown out of the match!
This left Vulstag and LaZaRuS against Scotty Blaze & Scotty Rocker.
Rocker and Blaze easily dominated the two and scored a double pin and
were declared the Survivors of a 'Night of Champions' in Atkins, Virginia.

November 3, in King and Queen County Elementary School will feature
North American Champion Damien Wayne battling NWA Virginia Heavyweight
Champion Pharaoh! Alpha Champion Grail will battle Jefferson Early in
a Ladder Match. North American Tag Team Champions The Old School
Empire of Mike Booth and Preston Quinn defend against NWA Underground,
Chris Escobar and Rex Sterling. The River City Rogues will be in
action as will Mark Bruvura and Tank Thomas! Contact King and Queen
County Elementary School for ticket information at (804) 785-5830. The
address is 24667 The Trail, Mattaponi, VA 23110.

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