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Final Statement 42x36 inches - oils
The pallette is the artist's albatross - 2007

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The Trail of Tears 1838 - 7ftx48in - oil on canvas
by 70 yr old fine-artist Rossi d'Providence '08

His Love for the Sea - 33x40in. oils
"Down to the Sea in Ships..." Gloucester, Massachusetts

Teddybear 22x24 inches oils on canvas
NFS - private collection

Girl in Pond
26x32 in. oil on canvas

Artist's back yard - 28x34 in - oils
Creating fine-art since 1937

The 3-dimensional leaf orchid - 32x24 inches
The insert after Bouguereau's Oreade

Herd of Stag - 44x48 inches - 100,000 USD
herdofwhitestag.jpg ... Massachusetts USA

Eagle - 46x24 inches oils on canvas
unstretched, unframed. (401) 949.4321

Heavan and Hell - 30x51 inches, oils
heavenandhell.jpg - Massachusetts USA

bicyclist -- 24x14 inches oils on canvas
401 949.4321

ARTWORLDWIDE (artist's agent) - Click here.

Alexander/Darius battle at Issus 333BCE 9'x48
Owned by Classics Dept. Brown University
Delivering the painting to Brown University Oct '06

A novel by Rossi d'Providence THE LAST MASTER click here

Siege of Rome 1527 CE 56x42 inches
Oil on Canvas Jan. 2007

Mind of the Artist - 42x38 Oils on Canvas 2006

In America Culture is Dead. 40x65 inches oils

1 of 4 abstract Tapestry designs - 9 ft x 10 ft
48x48 inch version in oils/canvas - on commission

Three muse - 2007 - oil on canvas
42x42 inches

Sensai flowers -- 24x28 oils on canvas

Mums 16x20 inches oil on canvas
The Gallery --

The artist with Euripides' work on scroll
From the play "Heracles"

The most important fine-artist in the

world today is always seeking backers

for major art shows in Boston, NYC,

Washington DC, Chicago, Rome

and Sydney.

Further; Rossi d'Providence is working

out the particulars on

The Rossi d'Providence Fine-Art Museum,

(location not yet decided).

Having many hundreds of the paintings

of those shown on these pages and a

vast collection of rare domino sets,

the artist is seeking backers and

investors for this long sought after

venture. The museum will house

the paintings of the artist and the

domino collection plus objects d'art,

writings, sculptures and a coffee

shop. Entrance fee is approx.

10 Euros, elderly and children free.

Five years working capital a must;

insurance, employees payroll,

security systems, transport vehicles,

office supplies, printing, advertising

and construction costs regarding

framing and coffee shop installation.

Both the artist and his agent are

professional builders who will handle

all constructing and installations.

Inquires to:

401-949-4321 (Leave message)

Posted Dec 20, 2007

The oil paintings listed here, and the artist himself,
were made in America, since 1938 AD.

All paintings by

Rossi d'Providence

The Last Judgment - 34x48 in. - oils/canvas
Private commission - November 2007