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Thursday, January 10th 2008, 5:44pm

[91/100] Gothic 3: The Beginning [ENG]

Game Title: Gothic 3 – the Beginning
Developer: HandyGames
Publisher: HandyGames
Game Platform: J2ME
Tested Version: 1.0
Phone Reviewed: SE K610i

Gothic is Not The End!

In a rough world, set more than 140 years prior to the first part of the "Gothic" series, it's up to you to change the fate of Myrtana. You slip into the role of young Xardas, who is visited one night by Buthomar's Ghost, servant of God Innos, himself. He asks you to find the four chosen ones to bring back the sealed magic to the island Khorinis. The evil forces simultaneously try to seize the cruel orcs, in order to attain the immense power of the banned "Magic Rune Stones"! And you, Xardas, were chosen to fend off the misery that’s befalling Khorinis!

Like usual titles from HandyGames, the game design is very nice. I like the story that the hero saves the world. :love: And what’s more, the game is also very exciting. You will encounter 14 kinds of enemies, and many more circumstances. With a good inventory system and game engine, "Gothic 3" shows the charm of a traditional RPG game. Without boringly killing enemies, you have to find clues to step further. You have to look everywhere to find better weapons, and meanwhile, do some sub-quests.

At the very beginning, you are at your home; the Ghost will teach you how to play. Once you leave this location, you can travel from one place to another in the world map. Frequently, you will be interrupted by a group of enemies. You can choose to experience them or not. Speak to the NPCs to find new clues to achieve missions. You can also find "gold" or other equipments in the "wells", "buckets", "brushes" and "treasure boxes". During the game, you will learn up to 7 different magic spells, such as "Heal", "Fire Arrow", etc. Another highlight point is "Lock Picking"; During the adventure, you will see many locked chests, and you have to use "Lock Picks" to unlock them.

I have never played the PC versions of "Gothic", but after playing this mobile game, I think it’s worthwhile to give it a try. And for those "Gothic" fans, it should be a nice opportunity to travel and save the world with Xardas in your cell phone.
Take your weapon and be on the way! :thumbsup:

Story - 91
Design - 92
Gameplay - 89

Total - 91


Link to Preview Thread in "Game Previews"

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