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A vital Anne Frank tree should not be cut!

It has become world-famous: the chestnut tree that Anne Frank could see from her small attic window. It was her only connection to life outside her safe house and the changing seasons. The sight of this tree, its crown outlined against the high sky, symbolized her hope and love of life. These were moments of happiness.

Should it be cut down? Surely not! There are good methods for preserving it. The tree is 150 years old, but remains vital. On 20 November it passed a test that proves it can survive a hurricane without difficulty. When its crown was reduced in 2005 it responded with an exuberance of new shoots. This summer it looked magnificent.

Like many ancient trees the chestnut is affected by fungi. But that is not a lethal threat. The Dutch Tree Foundation has by research convincingly refuted their claim that there exists an acute danger of collapse. This is the reason why the Amsterdam district court granted the working committee “Support Anne Frank Tree” two months to develop an alternative to the felling of the chestnut tree. Right now it is tirelessly working on this alternative plan, in collaboration with prominent experts from Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. Will you help to support the Anne Frank tree?


17-12-2007: The alternative plan (PDF, 2.12 MB, Niederländischer Tekste / Englischer Tekste) was presented by the working committee Support Anne Frank Tree. The report has english abstracts & conclusions.

3-1-2008: The treespecialists from both sides have made a joined statement about the tree's condition & care. For now, the tree does not endanger its surroundings. Its main risk is a breaking of the trunk: without leaves the tree can handle 200% of wind force 11, with leaves 100%. A supporting construction can be build to ensure safety in summer. With the construction and good care, the tree can live at least 5 to 15 years. The costs of the build would be around € 50.000 and the care € 20.000 this year, and later on a yearly € 10.000.

16-1-2008: The appeal committee of the borough Amsterdam Centre has declared that the borough has rightfully granted the cutting permit. The borough says that this doesn't mean that the tree will be cut down. It regards the permit as a means to the owner of the tree, to cut it down in case Support Anne Frank Tree's plans to save the tree fail.

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