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Neither Black nor Gass practice everything they preach. In order to support themselves during the 10 years between forming Tenacious D and recording Tenacious D, each continued to act. Black, who had appeared in an Atari commercial at 12, "because I wanted attention", has done well for himself, following in the deeply imprinted footsteps of overweight party animals like John Belushi, even playing alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal, a film he now demonizes.

"In movies, Jack's a well-paid whore," Gass has said. As befits his sidekick status, Gass's screen career has been less remarkable. He has appeared in a few films and had cameos in some of Black's comedies. "Probably my worst movie is The New Guy," he admits candidly. "I'm in it for 12 seconds, just long enough for the main guy to rip off my toupee."


Despite the fact that on the cover of their album they are shackled to a horned demon inside a candlelit pentagram and that they shout "Hail, Satan" on the record, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are clearly not devil worshippers because they are too cheap to pay a surcharge for their spiritual beliefs. Or maybe they are Satanists who are once again breaking their own commandments. Tenacious D have no comment on this.


It is not uncharitable to say that Tenacious D are a bit more than big- boned or even pleasingly plump. They will never make a list of the sexiest men in rock unless that list also happens to include Meat Loaf and David Crosby. They are, though, fond of posing in their Y- fronts - "We don't have a problem with frolicking," Gass confesses.

Tenacious D have charitably decided to dress up for this interview. For Gass, this means a T-shirt with a logo on it that was probably given to him at a recording studio and a pair of shorts that display his mayonnaise- coloured legs to great advantage. Black, who stands no taller than five- and-a-half feet, is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans with a belt buckle studded with crystals. From a distance it appears to be the logo for AC/DC, but closer inspection reveals the initials JB/KG.

Around the corner from where we are sitting is a painted backdrop of a Wild Western scene. In the foreground is one of those old- fashioned bathtubs. Upon seeing it, Black remarks, balefully: "I didn't know I had a bathtub scene today. Last night I went to Burger King and got two BK Big Fish sandwiches and a double cheeseburger because my girlfriend Laura wanted a Big Fish. When I got home I found out she'd already gone out and gotten herself one and I was like, I can't let it go to waste, so I ate all three sandwiches." Then he rips open the snaps on his shirt. "I mean, I'm READY!" he roars.


Though they have called their act a "marriage", the Black-Gass union remains unconsummated. "Jack and I have had sex only twice and each time was not satisfactory," laughs Gass. Both, in fact, are in long-term relationships - with women! - and for all the raunchy references on Tenacious D, each seems to be rather conventional in their preferences.

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