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January 21, 2008

BANGOR, Maine -- Best-selling author Stephen King has turned 60, a milestone that forces him to accept that he's no longer middle-aged.

''I look the same as I ever did when I look in the mirror. I can still see the kid there. But people seeing you see someone who's older. I went to a movie theater, and the woman asked if I wanted my golden-ager discount. I asked how old you have to be for that, and she said 65. I said, 'Not yet, dear,' '' says King, whose new novel, Duma Key -- about a man whose life takes supernatural turns after he's injured -- hits bookstores Tuesday.

In an interview with the Bangor Daily News, King also said he is backing Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president.

''We need a big change,'' King said. ''It's an amazing thing to see the two front-runners be a woman and a black man. Obama has the least baggage of the two and is willing to try new things. It wouldn't be business as usual. Also it would do wonders for us in the world community to have a black man in the White House."


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