The mystery clocks
Cartier becomes famous for its unique creations as early as 1912 –– of particular note are the mystery clocks, described by the Gazette du Bon Ton as “otherworldly and precious, handspun with moonlight in a dream”
|Mystery clock in rock crystal and agate, model A from 1914.||Mystery of rock crystal for a portico Billiken clock. 1923.||Sculpted jade elephant for a Chinese clock. 1928.
The mystery clocks |
At the very heart of the myth, enter the universe of the Maison : history, know-how, creations, news.
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Watches, jewellery, leather-goods, accessories, and fragrances: the complete Cartier creations.
The Cartier Club: a privileged relationship with the Maison and with advantages to be discovered.
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