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CSS1 Support in MSIE for Macintosh

These pages have been superseded by Web Review's Style Sheets Reference Guide. Please go there for support tables and other information. Thank you!

This page is currently devoted to listing what isn't recognized by the latest version of Microsoft Ineternet Explorer for the Macintosh. The information on this page is intended as reference material for persons authoring pages with style sheets with the intention of making them viewable in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01. This is a working document.

Last updated: 31 July 1997

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If you know of portions of the Cascading Style Sheet, level 1, specification which are not supported in the latest publicly released version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh and which are not listed here, please send e-mail to eam3@po.cwru.edu, preferably with a URL at which the discrepancy can be observed. Similarly, if there are any errors on this page or the Support Grid, let me know.

Latest Updates

[[31 July 97]] MSIE 4.0b1 is out, and sooner than I had expected. Testing will commence shortly...

[[14 May 97]] MSIE 3.01 is out. Its support of CSS1 is, so far as I can tell, in no way different from support in 3.0a. I have updated the Grids anyway, since the version number changed.

[[8 Apr 97]] In the course of talking with sources at Microsoft, I learned that the Macintosh version of MSIE4.0 will be out later this year. I can't be too specific, but I'd say it will be a few months at a minimum... so relax and enjoy the 3.0 series.

[[27 Mar 97]] MSIE 3.0.1b1 is out. It appears to have no CSS1 changes from v3.0a.

[[21 Mar 97]] Contrary to previous statements on this page, MSIE3.0a does support both imported style sheets and images as the backgrounds of elements other then BODY.

[[4 Mar 97]] MSIE 3.0a is out, and has been for at least a little while. With regards to CSS1, it seems to have little or no differences from 3.0, but I am still investigating.

[[7 Jan 97]] Microsoft has released version 3.0 of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. This is a final release-- not beta-- but still has large gaps in its support for CSS1. Since MSIE 3.0 was well under development previous to the point where CSS1 reached Recommendation status (see below), it is hardly surprising that there are some CSS1 properties which MSIE 3.0 does not support.

[[7 Jan 97]] Margin values are now appropriately inherited. For further information, refer to Microsoft's note describing the fix of this problem in the Win95 version of MSIE (the same information applies to the Mac version now).

[[17 Dec 96]] The CSS1 Specification has reached the status of a W3C Recommendation. This makes it a stable document, and the standard by which implementation will be measured.

Unsupported properties

This section is organized along the lines of the CSS1 draft specification; the numbers refer to sections of that document. Properties listed in this section are completely unsupported. Therefore, properties which are supported but are in some way broken are not listed in this section.

2.0 Pseudo-Classes and pseudo-elements

5.2 Font Properties

5.3 Color and Background Properties

5.4 Text Properties

5.5 Box Properties

5.6 Classification Properties

6.0 Units

Discovered Inconsistencies

This section describes various bugs in MSIE's support of CSS1. Observations are welcome; please mail them to eam3@po.cwru.edu.

Basic Concepts

CSS1 Properties

Miscellaneous Observations


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