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Nintendo: Virtual Console Reviews


Super Street Fighter II

You'll never play a better beat 'em up on Virtual Console
You may remember when the original Street Fighter II was released on the Virtual Console, we said it was great but not as good as the Turbo edition.

Well, Super Street Fighter II is a similar leap up from Turbo. Simply put, this is the ultimate Street Fighter game that you'll ever find on the Virtual Console. If you've been sitting back and waiting for the definitive one-on-one fighter to arrive before you spend any Wii Points, now's the time to cash in.

What's so good about it? Basically, it features everything from Street Fighter II Turbo and throws some new stuff into the mix too. There are four new characters (T Hawk, Fei Long, Cammy and Dee Jay), four new stages to accompany them, some changes to each character's fighting styles (Ryu's fireballs are faster, for example), and the whole combo-tracking system, which made it one of the first games to tell you how many hits your combo contained.

In fact, there's something we just don't understand: why are you wasting your time reading this, when you could be playing it?


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