The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)

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Reviews Counted: 149 Fresh: 119  Rotten:30 Average Rating: 7/10
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 56 mins
Theatrical Release: Oct 31, 2001 Limited
Box Office: $7,408,031
The Coen brothers' THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE is a brilliantly photographed black-and-white absurdist noir set in Santa Rosa, California, in 1949. Ed Crane (the outstanding Billy Bob Thornton) is a slow-moving, barely talking barber who doesn't seem to want much out of life. He has virtually... [More]
Director: Joel Coen
Screenwriter: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Producer: Ethan Coen
Composer: Carter Burwell

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It's James M. Cain without the prevailing sexual tension and without characters pleasuring themselves in deceit. [More]
Stands as another masterful Coen brothers effort and ranks as one of the best films of 2001. [More]
In this the Coens' sly script is helped no end by Billy Bob Thornton's supremely eloquent performance as the taciturn tonsor, lent terrific support from Frances McDormand as the wife. [More]
Like Thornton’s pitch-perfect, carefully modulated performance, it is well-planned and exquisitely executed. [More]
A rural pace and straight-faced delivery provide the greatest possible contrast to the quirky brand of humor a la Coen brothers (of "Fargo" fame) [More]
Once you get the joke and grasp the aesthetic they're after, it's fun, and it almost works on the steam of its clever plot mechanics. [More]
The resulting hodgepodge is a medley of the brothers' favorite verbal and visual tics, making much noise and signifying nothing. [More]
Los Coen siguen demostrando que el cine es mucho más que simples efectismos visuales que no dejan nada para la posteridad. [More]
Nothing else matters here except Thornton's blandly bravura performance ... and the film's rampant, detailed atmosphere. [More]
An unconventional, unpredictable thriller that Hitchcock probably would have enjoyed. [More]
Thornton...has the most subtly expressive, heavily crevassed film noir face to smoke a dangling cigarette since Humphrey Bogart. [More]
Roger Deakins’ artful black-and-white photography beautifully recreate the shadows and starkness of the noir film world, while Carter Burwell’s score adds to the atmosphere. [More]
If the drabness doesn't get you, the deliberately glacial pacing will. [More]
It is the best American film of the year. [More]
It's a gem of a movie but, alas, may be appreciated by a less than universal audience. [More]
A black-and-white tour de force by the Coen Brothers about all the changes that rain down upon a passive man when he decides to change his life. [More]
I ain't so sure where the Coens are trying to go with it, and I'm fairly certain the movie gets pretty far away from them somewhere during the second hour. [More]
Trouble is, there's not enough there there. [More]
Another quirky, intelligent, beautifully photographed, and finely crafted movie from the Brothers Coen. [More]
More gris than noir.
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