C H A P T E R   V I I I



As most of you know by now, the 4 of us see the recordings of "Deliverance" and "Damnation" as the toughest test of our history. We wrapped everything up in the studio in the early fall of 2002. Andy Sneap and Backstage productions had been booked for mixing and mastering. Peter and myself went down there just days after we came back home. I remember being so tired that I virtually just came in there, gave Andy the hard drive that contained the album, said something like: "Mix it!" and then went to sleep on the couch. I was in a terrible state...all of us was tired, but I was the only one who'd been working basically 24/7. The other guys in the band had been able to take some time off, go home etc. Sneap started mixing and everything went fine. He's credited as a "saviour" in the sleeve as he surely saved much of the recording. "Deliverance" was so badly recorded, without any organisation whatsoever... some sounds we're dirty, and some instruments, like the hi-hat, didn't have a microphone of it's own at all.

He had to get it out of the overhead microphones. Anyway, he probably did loads of tricks we don't even know about, basically I don't wanna know. Everything came out fine in the end, and we've now put it behind us.

Music for nations we're eager to start promoting the album, so they'd arranged for a few journalists to come down to listen

to some rough mixes, and photo sessions had been arranged at location in Ripley just outside Nottingham. Since only Peter and myself we're there, the band pictures are, obviously, not complete. They told us the pictures we're for some guitar magazines only, but they we're used as promo pictures anyway. Regrettable since... well Opeth is not a duo! Anyway, when we came back from the photo session, the journalists we're there to listen to the tracks. In the middle of the session I got a phone call from my sister saying that my grandmother had been hit by a car and was most likely to die very soon.

Mikael in the studio.                    Photo: Anna Åkerfeldt