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Lphant is an overall complete solution to find, download and share any file.

Lphant allows you to download and share files of any kind or size with millions of other people using the eDonkey network, where more than 25 millions of files are available or download any of the millions of torrent files you can find in the Net .
Version 3.50 changelog

Kademlia support available

Version 3.50 Beta1 changelog

Beta Kademlia support added

Version 3.02 changelog

Recommended upgrade

Version 3.01 available

UPnP support and torrent creator

With Lphant you will be able to download virtually any content you wish. Lphant is fast an easy to use with the most sophisticated file sharing technology available.

Compatible with emule/edonkey
Compatible with BitTorrent
Compatible with Kad (kademlia)
Easy to use and configure
Fast and stable
Available Multiplataforma Lphant(Windows, Linux, Mac and PDA)
Command lines
Webcache support
A big variety of skins
Multilanguage version
Same file format than emule, you can change between lphant and emule and continue your downloads without problems
Protocol obfuscation support to avoid ISP speed throttling

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