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WSWS : News & Analysis : Middle East


8 February 2008
British Army accused of "off the scale" abuses in southern Iraq

7 February 2008
Turkish military again strikes Kurdish areas in northern Iraq

6 February 2008
US military admits to a dozen civilian deaths in Iraq

1 February 2008
Bush rejects congressional ban on permanent bases in Iraq

British-Iraqi survey confirms one million deaths as a result of US invasion

30 January 2008
Iraq: US military extends its offensive into the northern city of Mosul

26 January 2008
Study documents nearly 1,000 lies from Iraq war propaganda campaign

25 January 2008
Desperate plight facing millions of Iraqi refugees

17 January 2008
"De-Baathification" laws modified by Iraq's parliament

14 January 2008
New study estimates more than 150,000 violent deaths in Iraq over three years

12 January 2008
US carries out massive bombing on outskirts of Baghdad

11 January 2008
Shiite powersharing deal exacerbates sectarian divisions in Iraq

10 January 2008
Death toll continues to rise as US military launches new offensive in Iraq

5 January 2008
Cutbacks to Iraqi food rations threaten malnutrition and starvation

2 January 2008
The state of Iraq as it enters 2008

29 December 2007
Turkey continues its incursions into northern Iraq

US occupation prepares Basra operation following British withdrawal

28 December 2007
The reality behind Britain's claims of military success in Iraq and Afghanistan

24 December 2007
What has the US "surge" in Iraq accomplished?

21 December 2007
Woman accuses US contractors in Iraq of rape as Justice Department shuns hearing

18 December 2007
Corporate oil giants scramble to plunder Iraq's energy reserves

5 December 2007
A prelude to confrontation with Iran: the US arms Sunni militia in Iraq

1 December 2007
Bush pressures Congressional Democrats on war funding

28 November 2007
US signs deal for long-term occupation of Iraq

17 November 2007
Iraqi archivist demands US return seized documents

13 November 2007
US, British and Australian forces build oil-protection base in Iraq

7 November 2007
US troop deaths in Iraq set yearly record

24 October 2007
As Turkey-Iraq crisis escalates, US plans military strikes on PKK bases

US government unable to account for $1.2 billion paid to Iraq contractor

22 October 2007
US raid on Baghdad's Sadr City leaves many dead and wounded

18 October 2007
Former UN Official: US blocked certification that Iraq had no WMDs in 1990s

15 October 2007
US air strikes kill 34 Iraqis

11 October 2007
Haditha massacre defendant pursues defamation suit against US congressman

10 October 2007
Private security contractors in Baghdad kill two Iraqi women

8 October 2007
Iraqi probe finds Blackwater mercenaries fired without provocation in Baghdad massacre

Officer recommends dropping last murder charges in Haditha massacre

1 October 2007
Blackwater mercenaries' record of murder in Iraq

28 September 2007
Trial exposes Pentagon "baiting" program in Iraq

24 September 2007
Blackwater mercenaries resume patrols in wake of Baghdad civilian killings

21 September 2007
Charges dismissed against another officer in Haditha war crimes case

19 September 2007
From the horse's mouth: Greenspan says Iraq war was for oil

18 September 2007
Iraq suspends license of Blackwater USA
US mercenary firm denounced after civilian killings in Baghdad

Baghdad residents protest US-erected dividing wall

17 September 2007
A deafening silence on report of one million Iraqis killed under US occupation

15 September 2007
British polling agency: More than one million Iraqi deaths since US invasion

Bush-linked Texas company signs oil deal with Iraqi Kurds

13 September 2007
Democrats prostrate as Bush, generals vow Iraq war will continue for years

US military pre-trial hearings end in Haditha civilian massacre case

12 September 2007
US congressional hearings reveal consensus that Iraq war will continue

US seeks legal expert to oversee plunder of Iraqi oil

8 September 2007
18 US troops killed in Iraq in first week of September

Bush, Bremer clash over decision to disband Iraq's army

5 September 2007
Cholera outbreak in northern Iraq

4 September 2007
Bush presses campaign for open-ended war in Iraq

Tensions with the US sharpen as Britain begins handover of Basra

27 August 2007
US occupation fuels ethnic cleansing and mass repression in Iraq

US intelligence report points to Iraqi government's removal

25 August 2007
US fears of British pullout from Basra raise transatlantic tensions to new pitch

24 August 2007
President Bush's history lesson

23 August 2007
Amid calls from Clinton and Levin, US moves to oust Iraqi prime minister

14 US soldiers killed in Iraq helicopter crash

16 August 2007
US military launches offensive against "Iranian-backed" militia in Iraq

15 August 2007
New York Times defends military escalation in Iraq

13 August 2007
Four British soldiers killed in Basra

11 August 2007
Iraqi government on brink of collapse following cabinet walkouts

9 August 2007
US generals insist on no troop withdrawal from Iraq

7 August 2007
Iraq: Kurdish leader threatens civil war over Kirkuk

6 August 2007
Washington discusses plans for covert action against Kurdish PKK in Iraq

3 August 2007
Sharp tensions between US military and Iraqi prime minister

1 August 2007
Adding fuel to the Mideast fire: US unveils huge arms package

31 July 2007
Humanitarian disaster produced by US invasion
Oxfam reports one-third of Iraqis in need of emergency aid

Iraqi team wins Asian Cup, captain condemns US occupation

30 July 2007
International conference offers no solution to Iraqi refugee crisis

27 July 2007
Thousands held in horrific conditions in Iraqi prisons

24 July 2007
US pressure on Iraqi parliamentary factions to enact "benchmarks"

24 July 2007
Bush orders seizure of assets from those threatening Iraq "stabilization efforts"

Royal Dutch Shell and the struggle for Iraqi oil

19 July 2007
Iraq: Carnage in Kirkuk amid conflicts over city's future

17 July 2007
An unpalatable truth for Bush: most foreign insurgents in Iraq are Saudis

US forces kill Iraqi civilians every day

14 July 2007
Fighting rages across Iraq as Bush claims military "progress"

7 July 2007
Faced with the failure of Bush's "surge"
Congressional Republicans, Democrats prepare fallback Iraq war strategy

US troops charged with murders, cover-ups in Iraq

5 July 2007
Under sustained US pressure, Iraqi cabinet sends oil law to parliament

UN shuts down Iraq inspection program

3 July 2007
Iraq: European think-tank documents occupation failure in Basra

2 July 2007
Dozens killed in Shiite neighborhood
US military massacre in Baghdad's Sadr City

28 June 2007
Iraqi court hands down 22 death sentences in four weeks

27 June 2007
Iraqi general "Chemical Ali" condemned to death

25 June 2007
US military prepares Fallujah-style bloodbath in Iraqi city of Baqubah

22 June 2007
Fourteen US troops killed in two days of Iraq fighting

The Iraq orphanage story: US troops "rescue" 24 as thousands remain in the streets

20 June 2007
US military launches massive assault in Iraq

Death penalty on the rise in US-occupied Iraq

18 June 2007
US commander warns Iraq war will go on for a decade

US intensifies pressure on Iraqi government to meet "benchmarks"

15 June 2007
Pentagon admits US "surge" in Iraq has yielded only more carnage

14 June 2007
Iraq on edge following second bombing of Shiite Al-Askariya mosque

13 June 2007
Bush administration embarks on reckless new tactic in Iraq

9 June 2007
Iraqi oil workers strike in Basra

7 June 2007
Turkish military flexes its muscles in northern Iraq

Report challenges US claims of Iranian sponsorship of Iraq insurgency

6 June 2007
US talks of "reconciliation" with Sunni insurgents in Iraq

5 June 2007
First days of June claim 17 more US soldiers in Iraq

2 June 2007
As May death toll of US soldiers hits 124
Bush administration calls for permanent US military presence in Iraq

1 June 2007
The Bush administration's new "model" in Iraq's Anbar province

30 May 2007
May death toll spikes as 10 US soldiers die on Memorial Day

29 May 2007
Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr makes bid for greater role in US-occupied Iraq

28 May 2007
Bush administration failing to achieve its "benchmarks" in Iraq

24 May 2007
US officials guilty of "sociocide" in Iraq must be held accountable

23 May 2007
Iraq: British troops battle Shiite militia in Basra

22 May 2007
American military deaths soar as US extends its "surge" in Iraq
"Second Fallujah" plan for Baghdad’s Sadr City

The US war and occupation of Iraq--the murder of a society--Part three

21 May 2007
Former US President Jimmy Carter blasts Bush and Blair over Iraq

The US war and occupation of Iraq--the murder of a society--Part two

19 May 2007
The US war and occupation of Iraq--the murder of a society--Part one

17 May 2007
A response from Iraq Body Count

16 May 2007
US soldiers captured as "surge" provokes greater Iraqi resistance

11 May 2007
US Vice President attempts to strongarm Iraqi political leaders

9 May 2007
Iraq: clashes mount between US forces and Sadrist militia

Pentagon survey exposes deep demoralization of US occupation troops
Support for torture, routine abuse of Iraqi civilians

Iraqi infant mortality soars by 150 percent--a damning revelation of US war crimes

8 May 2007
Iraq war "surge" claims lives of 12 more US soldiers

7 May 2007
International conference on Iraq: bitter antagonisms on display

5 May 2007
Report warns of civil war spreading to Kurdish north of Iraq

4 May 2007
Iraq's "stable" south descends into political chaos

2 May 2007
Pressure mounts on Iraqi government as Sunni bloc threatens to pull out

1 May 2007
More than 100 US soldiers in Iraq killed in April

30 April 2007
US analyst derides ineffective US-created Iraqi military

26 April 2007
UN warns of growing humanitarian crisis in occupied Iraq
Iraqi government withholds civilian death count

25 April 2007
Iraq: Nine US troops dead, 20 wounded in Baqubah

Iraqis oppose US plan to divide Baghdad into ghettos

24 April 2007
Torture exposed in new US-Iraqi "security stations"

Haditha massacre report: US commanders see killing Iraqi civilians as "cost of doing business"

23 April 2007
International conference highlights plight of Iraqi refugees

20 April 2007
Anger erupts in Iraq over Baghdad bombings

19 April 2007
Four years since the looting of the National Museum
The plunder of Iraqi antiquities continues

18 April 2007
Under pressure from below, Sadrist ministers withdraw from Iraqi cabinet

17 April 2007
Iraqi parliament bombing: a sign of deepening crisis

What are Britain's special-forces doing in northern Iraq?

14 April 2007
Civilian compensation claims: a glimpse into US crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

13 April 2007
John McCain at VMI: A blunt statement of US imperialism's stake in Iraq

12 April 2007
US raid on mosque leads to massacre in Baghdad

11 April 2007
After mass protest in Iraq: US forces press attack on Sadrist movement

10 April 2007
Hundreds of thousands march in Iraq to demand end of US occupation

7 April 2007
As US, British death toll rises: Pentagon orders 14,000 National Guard troops to Iraq

6 April 2007
Exchange of letters with Iraq Body Count on Johns Hopkins study estimating 650,000 Iraqi war dead

4 April 2007
US demands bring Iraqi government to brink of collapse

30 March 2007
Iraq: US occupation sets off sectarian atrocities in Tal Afar

28 March 2007
British government scientists vouched for validity of study estimating 655,000 war deaths in Iraq

21 March 2007
Iraq: Protests against US operations in Sadr City

20 March 2007
The human costs of four years of war
The US invasion has caused nearly three-quarter million Iraqi deaths

16 March 2007
The Bush administration manoeuvres to unseat Iraqi government

10 March 2007
US military begins operations in Baghdad's Sadr City

6 March 2007
Wall Street drools over prospect of capturing Iraq oil wealth

1 March 2007
US soldiers detain prominent Iraqi ally: a warning to governing parties to toe the line

20 February 2007
US troops terrorize Baghdad in "Operation Law and Order"

15 February 2007
The implications in Iraq of Bush's military "surge"

10 February 2007
Blaming the Iraqis: A new cover-up for American militarism

9 February 2007
Iraq and Darfur: the politics of war crimes

8 February 2007
Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Baghdad: another US provocation?

6 February 2007
Unanswered questions about the Karbala raid

Huge bomb blast in Baghdad inflames sectarian tensions

2 February 2007
Iraq: Who did the US military massacre near Najaf?

31 January 2007
Violence escalates against students and teachers in Iraq

30 January 2007
Hundreds die as US military steps up operations in Iraq

Iraq's colonial occupier, the US, denounces "foreign meddling"

29 January 2007
Troop surge paves way for wider war
Bush authorizes shoot-to-kill policy against Iranians in Iraq

23 January 2007
US occupation turns 3.7 million Iraqis into refugees

22 January 2007
For an international mobilization of workers and youth against the war in Iraq
Statement of the World Socialist Web Site and the International Committee of the Fourth International

19 January 2007
Rice's Middle East tour: Arab regimes back US war drive in Iraq and Iran

18 January 2007
UN report: More than 34,000 Iraqi civilian deaths in 2006

17 January 2007
Two more barbaric state executions in Iraq

Civilian contractors in Iraq placed under US military law

15 January 2007
Bush administration threatens Iraqi prime minister as Baghdad bloodbath is prepared

12 January 2007
US offensive in Baghdad begins surge of killing and repression

US forces carry out provocative raid on Iran's consulate in northern Iraq

11 January 2007
In speech on Iraq escalation, Bush promises more bloodshed, wider war

Iraqi regime set to hand over oil reserves to US energy giants

6 January 2007
Bush purges Iraq command to prepare military escalation

5 January 2007
White House, US military respond to outrage over Hussein's execution

4 January 2007
Letters on the execution of Saddam Hussein

3 January 2007
Saddam Hussein execution: A sectarian lynching

US death toll reaches 3,000 in Iraq, with no let-up in sight

Iraq: Violence against journalists at record high last year

30 December 2006
The execution of Saddam Hussein

More US troops to Kuwait, as Bush moves to escalate the war in Iraq

27 December 2006
A legal farce: Iraqi court confirms Saddam Hussein's death sentence

23 December 2006
US Marines charged in Haditha massacre of Iraqi civilians

21 December 2006
Year-end press conference
Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq

20 December 2006
Pentagon report paints grim picture for US in Iraq

18 December 2006
Bush administration elaborates plans for bloodbath in Iraq

16 December 2006
Washington pushes ahead with plans for Iraq "regime change"

15 December 2006
Bush administration preparing to boost US troop strength in Iraq

14 December 2006
Bush administration conspires to replace Iraqi government

13 December 2006
Opposition in Baghdad among Kurdish, Shiite parties to Iraq Study Group

8 December 2006
Bush rejects Iraq Study Group report

7 December 2006
Iraq Study Group report highlights crisis of US imperialism in Iraq and at home

6 December 2006
Death toll continues to rise as Iraq war grinds on

4 December 2006
US seeks Shiite collaboration in attack on Moqtada al-Sadr

1 December 2006
Bush-Maliki summit: White House rejects any withdrawal from Iraq

30 November 2006
Bush to deliver ultimatum to Iraqi prime minister at Jordan summit

29 November 2006
Bush visits Middle East to intensify Iraq war

28 November 2006
What the New York Times has learned from Iraq

25 November 2006
More than 200 dead in Baghdad's deadliest day of bombings

24 November 2006
UN report documents huge October death toll in Iraq

22 November 2006
Sectarian rifts in Iraqi government intensify

17 November 2006
US hearings on Iraq set course for intensified conflict

16 November 2006
After the US elections: Renewed pro-war consensus emerges in Washington

US soldier pleads guilty to rape and murder in Iraq

14 November 2006
Washington debate sets stage for escalation of violence in Iraq

11 November 2006
Iraqi prime minister calls for Saddam Hussein to be hanged before year's end

8 November 2006
As Hussein sentenced to death, US pushes to rehabilitate his functionaries

7 November 2006
Saddam Hussein verdict: US politicians, media applaud the gallows and the noose

6 November 2006
Saddam Hussein's death sentence: a travesty of justice

2 November 2006
Relations between US and Iraq government at breaking point

31 October 2006
Amidst reports of US coup preparations in Iraq
Prime Minister Maliki vents grievances against Washington

The bitter price of militarism: US casualties mount in Iraq and Afghanistan

26 October 2006
New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq

25 October 2006
Baghdad press conference outlines plans for intensified US war

24 October 2006
New York Times "military analysis" foreshadows US bloodbath in Baghdad

23 October 2006
Demands for Iraq "course change" grow louder in Washington

19 October 2006
US military and Iraqi deaths soar amidst preparations for major offensive

17 October 2006
The Iraq Study Group: a bipartisan conspiracy against the American and Iraqi people

14 October 2006
Head of British Army calls for Iraq withdrawal

Behind the Foley scandal: A bitter struggle within the US ruling elite

Mounting social crisis in Kurdish Iraq

13 October 2006
Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths?

12 October 2006
New study says US war has killed 655,000 Iraqis

11 October 2006
Provocative US attack on Shiite militia in Iraq

6 October 2006
US casualties soar as military intensifies violence in Baghdad

5 October 2006
Will a coup in Iraq follow the US elections?

23 September 2006
Torture and civilian deaths reach record levels in Iraq

21 September 2006
Bush wants a bloodbath in Baghdad

14 September 2006
Pentagon concludes US defeated in key Iraqi province

13 September 2006
Shiite faction pushes for control over southern Iraq and its oil

7 September 2006
Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe

31 August 2006
US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq

25 August 2006
US-installed regime begins second Saddam Hussein show trial

23 August 2006
Bush press conference on Iraq: "We're not leaving so long as I'm the president."

22 August 2006
Is the US planning a coup in Iraq?

8 August 2006
Huge protest in Baghdad against US-Israeli war in Lebanon

5 August 2006
Iraq faces civil war and sectarian partition

31 July 2006
Bush administration deploys thousands more troops in Baghdad

24 July 2006
Japanese government withdraws its troops from Iraq

19 July 2006
Sectarian violence escalates in Iraq

17 July 2006
Letter on US atrocities in Iraq

10 July 2006
Five more US soldiers charged in rape-murder atrocity in Iraq

6 July 2006
New York Times report from Ramadi: evidence of US war crimes in Iraq

4 July 2006
Former US soldier charged in rape and murder of Iraqi girl

Australian government escalates its military involvement in Iraq

24 June 2006
The killing of US soldiers in Yusufiya: who's responsible?

22 June 2006
As violence spirals in Iraq
Prosecutor demands death penalty in Hussein show trial

21 June 2006
Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq

17 June 2006
A grim milestone in the Iraq war: 2,500th US military death

14 June 2006
Bush in Baghdad

Unanswered questions in the killing of Zarqawi

10 June 2006
On the official US response to the killing of Zarqawi

9 June 2006
The Bush administration and the killing of Zarqawi

6 June 2006
US Army clears troops in Ishaqi massacre

3 June 2006
Another US atrocity in Iraq: Eleven civilians massacred in Ishaqi

2 June 2006
George Bush and the Haditha massacre

1 June 2006
CBS journalists wounded, killed in Iraq: Where the responsibility lies

27 May 2006
Blair joins Bush to defend Iraq occupation and back preemptive action vs. Iran

24 May 2006
Fractured new Iraqi regime: a prelude to deepening sectarian violence

20 May 2006
Witnesses, video document massacre in Haditha
US Marines killed Iraqi civilians "in cold blood"

19 May 2006
Slaughter and ethnic cleansing accelerates in Iraq

12 May 2006
Helicopter downing in Basra underscores hostility to British occupation

9 May 2006
US Democrat Biden advocates the communal break-up of Iraq

2 May 2006
Three years since Bush's "Mission Accomplished": Torture, corruption, growing resistance in Iraq

29 April 2006
Lies surround first death of an Australian soldier in Iraq

27 April 2006
Deal on US bases sought
Rumsfeld, Rice fly to Baghdad to back new prime minister

26 April 2006
Behind the installation of Jawad al-Maliki as Iraqi prime minister

21 April 2006
Shiite leader bows to US demands as Iraq slides further into civil war

More revelations of US profiteering and corruption in Iraq

15 April 2006
Rumsfeld and the generals: Splits, recriminations over Iraq debacle

14 April 2006
The Iraq war and the eruption of American imperialism
Part Two

13 April 2006
The Iraq war and the eruption of American imperialism
Part One

11 April 2006
Daniel Pipes and the unfolding civil war in Iraq

10 April 2006
New charges of genocide against Hussein over Kurdish "Anfal" campaign

7 April 2006
Three years after looting of Iraqi National Museum: an official whitewash of US crime

6 April 2006
Discontent grows against Kurdish nationalist regime in northern Iraq

4 April 2006
US-British diktat makes mockery of "democracy" in Iraq

1 April 2006
British companies draw huge profits from occupied Iraq

29 March 2006
Australian parliament embraces Blair's lies and hypocrisy

28 March 2006
Iraq: US mosque massacre deepens occupation's crisis

24 March 2006
Iraq's "National Security Council": a move toward open dictatorship

22 March 2006
Bush says US troops to remain in Iraq indefinitely

20 March 2006
North American protests mark third anniversary of Iraq war

Europe: antiwar protests draw largest numbers in London and Rome

Thousands march in antiwar rallies in Australia and Asia

18 March 2006
As Iraq war enters fourth year
For the immediate withdrawal of all US troops

Amid mounting sectarian violence, political stalemate continues in Iraq

17 March 2006
Saddam Hussein turns the tables at US-run show trial

11 March 2006
Washington's "democracy" in Iraq hangs 13 political prisoners

Abu Ghraib to close, abuse to continue

7 March 2006
US holding thousands without trial
Torture in Iraq worse since Abu Ghraib

6 March 2006
Hundreds of Iraqi academics and professionals assassinated by death squads

3 March 2006
WSWS International Editorial Board meeting
The consequences of the US-led war against Iraq

US tries to use Saddam Hussein trial to justify its own crimes

Iraq: violence continues and sectarian divide widens

2 March 2006
New York Times raises new charges against German intelligence

1 March 2006
Bush administration drags Iraq towards the abyss of civil war

Pentagon whitewash for Halliburton corruption in Iraq

28 February 2006
Iraq occupation makes possible record profits for British private military contractor

24 February 2006
Sectarian violence engulfs Iraq following mosque bombing

21 February 2006
US media drops Abu Ghraib torture issue

IMF measures wreak havoc on Iraqi people

17 February 2006
The Abu Ghraib photos and the anti-Muslim "free speech" fraud

Intrigues continue to stall new Iraqi government

16 February 2006
Australian TV airs more photos of US torture at Abu Ghraib

14 February 2006
Video shows British Army brutality in Iraq

7 February 2006
An American tragedy-the plight of the US war wounded

3 February 2006
One hundredth British military death in Iraq

2 February 2006
US machinations in Iraq delay formation of government

31 January 2006
Hussein trial descends into a legal farce

30 January 2006
Army court marshal conceals CIA involvement in death of former Iraqi general

20 January 2006
American freelance journalist kidnapped in Iraq

11 January 2006
British journalist seized by US troops while investigating corruption in Iraq

9 January 2006
Iraqi oil minister resigns amid protests and economic chaos

6 January 2006
Another war crime: US air raid kills Iraqi family

29 December 2005
US, UN dismiss claims of electoral fraud in Iraq

28 December 2005
Latin American mercenaries guarding Baghdad's Green Zone

21 December 2005
After the Iraq election: Washington steps in to shape the next government

16 December 2005
US ambassador "will remain the critical behind-the-scenes power," says New York Times
Iraqi election to rubber-stamp continued US occupation

14 December 2005
Iraq elections: a democratic façade for a US puppet state

An interview with Sigfrido Ranucci, director of The Hidden Massacre

10 December 2005
Saddam Hussein hearings: a show trial orchestrated in Washington

8 December 2005
Report outlines plans for corporate plunder of Iraqi oil

5 December 2005
Ten Marines killed in Fallujah blast: more carnage in a criminal war

Document puts lie to oil executives' testimony
Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?

3 December 2005
Britain: Two charged under Secrets Act for leaking Bush threat to bomb Al Jazeera

2 December 2005
Made in the USA "free press" in Iraq
US military covertly pays to plant stories in Iraqi media

1 December 2005
Bush, Democrats back protracted war in Iraq

30 November 2005
Saddam Hussein trial resumes: a grotesque display of imperial justice

US-backed government in Iraq: "The same as Saddam's time and worse"

26 November 2005
Violence against occupation opponents continues in lead-up to Iraq election

24 November 2005
British government threatens prosecution to suppress claim that Bush sought to bomb Al Jazeera

21 November 2005
New revelations of US military use of white phosphorus in Iraq

19 November 2005
Iraq fraud arrests expose criminality of US occupation

18 November 2005
More evidence of US dirty war in Iraq
Torture centre discovered in Baghdad

15 November 2005
The terrorist bombings in Jordan
A byproduct of US aggression

A soldier's story
Fugitive GI speaks to WSWS on Iraq war

11 November 2005
Burying the lies on Iraq war
Judith Miller and the New York Times make a deal

Film documents American use of chemical weapons in Iraq

10 November 2005
Second defence lawyer assassinated
More accusations of US-backed death squads in Iraq

9 November 2005
Britain: Iraq murder court-martial collapses

8 November 2005
"Steel curtain" in Iraq-another US war crime

2 November 2005
US military massacres Iraqi civilians near Syrian border

Iraq election to exacerbate slide toward civil war

27 October 2005
Thomas Friedman and Iraq: A bad case of amnesia

Iraq referendum produces a divisive and illegitimate result

25 October 2005
Friedman on Iraq--the "thinking" behind the New York Times's debacle

Iraqi interior ministry accused of assassinating defence lawyer in Hussein trial

US military suppresses information on death of contractors in Iraq

24 October 2005
Rigging accusations surround Iraq referendum result

21 October 2005
British military investigator found hung in Basra

19 October 2005
Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq

18 October 2005
US military massacres dozens in wake of Iraq referendum

17 October 2005
Washington, predictably, hails Iraq constitution vote

15 October 2005
Iraqis to vote on neo-colonial constitution

13 October 2005
Moqtada al-Sadr refuses to call for a no vote on Iraqi constitution

12 October 2005
Iraqi regime orders arrest of ex-officials in $1 billion theft

11 October 2005
American Enterprise Institute conference Demoralization grips Iraq war's ideological architects

Robert Fisk addresses Sydney audience on history, journalism and Iraq

6 October 2005
Iraq's constitutional referendum makes a mockery of democracy

1 October 2005
New York Times' Friedman proposes "endgame" bloodbath in Iraq

30 September 2005
Pentagon dismisses new report on US military torture in Iraq

28 September 2005
What was the British SAS doing in Basra?

US military intensifies campaign of intimidation prior to Iraqi referendum

26 September 2005
Iraq: a reactionary call for "war" on Shiites

21 September 2005
British troops in pitched battle in Basra

17 September 2005
Iraq's libraries: what recovery from "a national disaster beyond imagination"?

13 September 2005
Iraq: US military lays waste to Tal Afar

8 September 2005
Is the US military preparing another massacre in Tal Afar?

2 September 2005
Close to 1,000 dead in Baghdad tragedy

US military sniper kills Reuters soundman in Baghdad

30 August 2005
Iraq's draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule

26 August 2005
Shiite factions clash as opposition mounts to the draft Iraqi constitution

24 August 2005
Bush's campaign on Iraq: more lies in defense of war

23 August 2005
Iraqi constitution delayed again amid deep differences

20 August 2005
Further into the Iraqi quagmire:
US intensifies repression

16 August 2005
Despite US pressure, no agreement reached on Iraqi constitution

Where Frank Rich goes wrong: the war in Iraq and the stakes for American imperialism

Growing support for Cindy Sheehan protest against Iraq war

13 August 2005
Protest at Bush's ranch gathers momentum--mother of fallen soldier continues to demand meeting with president

5 August 2005
US deaths in Iraq underscore need to revive the antiwar movement

US lies and murder in Iraq: the killing of Maj. Gen. Mowhoush

US journalist who exposed Shiite death squads murdered in Basra

30 July 2005
Amid "civil war" warnings, Rumsfeld flies to Iraq

28 July 2005
British soldiers face war crimes charges for killing Iraqi civilians

26 July 2005
Study documents US-inflicted carnage on Iraqi people

Iran-Contra redux: Bush White House ran "off-the-books" covert operation for Iraq elections

22 July 2005
The formation of Iraq's interim government and the missing billions

20 July 2005
A legal sham: first charges laid against Saddam Hussein

14 July 2005
More killings of civilians by US-led forces in Iraq

6 July 2005
US "democracy" in Iraq: death squads, torture and terror

1 July 2005
Journalist killed after investigating US-backed death squads in Iraq

28 June 2005
Washington in crisis over opposition to Iraq war

US military sinks further into the Iraqi quagmire

24 June 2005
Questions surround rescue of kidnapped Australian in Iraq

22 June 2005
The Washington Post and the Downing Street memo

18 June 2005
Bush faces growing opposition to Iraq war

17 June 2005
Detention of US security contractors highlights "culture of impunity" in Iraq

16 June 2005
State Department cable details ethnic cleansing by US-backed forces in Iraq

10 June 2005
Animosity toward military service produces desperate US recruiting measures

8 June 2005
A show trial in the making: Iraqi officials outline charges vs. Saddam Hussein

3 June 2005
Further details released of British Army abuses in Iraq

2 June 2005
US and Iraqi government troops begin lockdown of Baghdad

1 June 2005
US military recruitment crisis deepens

31 May 2005
Three trials, three whitewashes: US military ratifies murder of Iraq prisoners

27 May 2005
US puppet government announces state of siege in Baghdad

Sunni elite moves toward an accommodation with US occupation of Iraq

25 May 2005
Wall Street Journal alibis for Nazi-style crimes in Iraq

21 May 2005
Bush unveils plans for US colonial office

20 May 2005
US issues more demands on Iraqi government to include former Baathists

18 May 2005
UN report finds
US war in Iraq yields a social "tragedy"

14 May 2005
The Iraq occupation and the kidnapping of Douglas Wood

12 May 2005
Iraq: US Congress approves $82 billion as colonial war grinds on

10 May 2005
Soaring birth deformities and child cancer rates in Iraq

7 May 2005
US imprisons Iraqi journalists without charges

6 May 2005
One year since the torture revelations at Abu Ghraib
Mistrial in reservist's court martial

5 May 2005
As Congress approves $82 billion more Wholesale corruption exposed in Iraqi contracts

4 May 2005
US demands Iraq's new government repudiate "de-Baathification"

30 April 2005
Britain: Blair forced to publish legal advice on Iraq war

29 April 2005
Iraqi cabinet announced under US pressure

27 April 2005
US rights group calls for criminal probe of Rumsfeld

26 April 2005
More evidence of US military's culture of torture in Iraq

22 April 2005
Iraqi legislators denounce US assault on assembly member

20 April 2005
Washington Post glorifies US military "ruthlessness" in Iraq

18 April 2005
Who is Iraq's new prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari?

13 April 2005
Rumsfeld's mission to Baghdad: keeping Saddam's secret police in power

11 April 2005
Baghdad protest demands an end to US occupation of Iraq

9 April 2005
Attacks on Abu Ghraib highlight continuing Iraqi armed resistance

8 April 2005
New puppet government takes shape in Iraq

1 April 2005
Bush-appointed intelligence commission whitewashes war based on lies

31 March 2005
Iraqi puppet parliament adjourns in disarray

30 March 2005
New documents confirm widespread US abuse of Iraqi prisoners, implicate top general

29 March 2005
Canada denies asylum to US soldier who refused to serve in Iraq

21 March 2005
Iraq's national assembly shows its subservience to Washington

19 March 2005
Washington's criminal war against Iraq enters its third year

12 March 2005
International health experts demand inquiry into number of Iraqi war casualties

10 March 2005
"I feel that there has been an enormous betrayal of truth and principle"
An interview with the mother and widow of a former Iraqi contractor

7 March 2005
Did the US military target Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq?

4 March 2005
Iraq suicide bombing campaign: a reactionary diversion from the political struggle against imperialism

23 February 2005
Australian government commits more troops to Iraq

22 February 2005
Britain: radio programme exposes corruption and theft in Iraq

16 February 2005
Iraq election results reflect broad hostility to US occupation

8 February 2005
Letters on the Iraq elections

7 February 2005
General who led US Marines in Iraq says "It's fun to shoot some people"

5 February 2005
Iraq election sets stage for escalating political turmoil

Vietnam 1967 & Iraq 2005: using elections to justify criminal wars

4 February 2005
WSWS replies to letters on Iraq's election and the US occupation

3 February 2005
British military plane downed in suspected Iraqi insurgent attack

2 February 2005
The American media and the Iraq election

31 January 2005
Iraq elections set stage for deeper crisis of US occupation regime

29 January 2005
Congressional Democrats line up behind Bush request for $80 billion in war spending

Rumsfeld charged with war crimes in Germany
May skip Munich conference

Report documents torture by US-backed Iraqi police

27 January 2005
The Iraq election: a travesty of democracy

Iraq crisis dominates Bush press conference

26 January 2005
US occupation damages ancient sites at Babylon
Imperialism and cultural vandalism in Iraq

20 January 2005
New Yorker journalist corroborates murder allegations against Iraq's prime minister

Fallujah two months after the US military assault
The "City of Mosques" has become the "City of Rubble"

19 January 2005
Bush tells Washington Post he is not accountable for Iraq war lies

Abu Ghraib abuse trial shields Pentagon, White House war criminals

18 January 2005
US officially ends hunt for Iraqi WMD

14 January 2005
Growing anxiety in US ruling circles over Iraq debacle
New York Times calls for postponing January 30 election

12 January 2005
US military "mistake" claims 14 lives in occupied Iraq

8 January 2005
Iraq elections loom as debacle for US occupation

30 December 2004
Fallujah residents return to a destroyed city

23 December 2004
US military begins retaliation for Mosul bombing

The New York Times manufactures support for the Iraq war in aftermath of Mosul bombing

22 December 2004
Mosul resistance attack reveals US disarray in Iraq

21 December 2004
Closed-door court proceedings in Iraq against Hussein's associates

20 December 2004
More casualties of war: US soldiers charged in deaths of Iraqi civilians and fellow servicemen

13 December 2004
Razing of Fallujah fails to break Iraqi resistance

9 December 2004
US troops confront Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

6 December 2004
Bush rules out any delay in bogus Iraqi election

3 December 2004
After Fallujah's destruction: US occupation force to reach 150,000

27 November 2004
Egyptian ministerial conference: Middle East leaders rubberstamp US occupation of Iraq

Iraq: Reporters Without Borders condemns US report on killing of journalists

26 November 2004
Two opponents of the US occupation assassinated in Iraq

Iraq: child malnutrition almost doubles after US invasion

25 November 2004
New York Times calls for more troops and more Fallujahs

24 November 2004
Fallujah and the laws of war

22 November 2004
Iraqi elections announced amid mass repression

20 November 2004
US soldiers in Iraq suffer horrific brain and mental injuries

18 November 2004
The siege of Fallujah
America on a killing spree

Leading journalist Robert Fisk asks: Who killed Margaret Hassan?

Horrific scenes from the ashes of Fallujah

16 November 2004
Fallujah in US hands as uprising sweeps Sunni regions of Iraq

15 November 2004
Bush and Blair pledge to continue Middle East aggression

13 November 2004
Iraq aflame over mass killings in Fallujah

The German media and Fallujah: accomplices to a war crime

Britain: growing opposition to occupation of Iraq as more Black Watch troops die

12 November 2004
Australian soldiers fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians

11 November 2004
US assault leaves Fallujah in ruins and unknown numbers dead

Letters to US newspapers reflect widespread revulsion over Fallujah attack

Iraq veteran Jimmy Massey speaks to the WSWS
"We're committing genocide in Iraq"

10 November 2004
US massacres civilians in Fallujah

9 November 2004
US media and liberal establishment: accomplices in the assault on Fallujah

New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq

US troops begin slaughter in Fallujah

8 November 2004
Mike Hoffman of Iraq Veterans Against War speaks to the WSWS
"We're fighting average Iraqis who don't want the US there"

5 November 2004
Massacre looms in Fallujah following the US election

3 November 2004
CIA involved in illegal deportation of Iraqi prisoners

30 October 2004
As US prepares mass killings in Fallujah
Study estimates 100,000 additional Iraqi deaths since the invasion

Expanding Halliburton probe confirms Bush administration is most corrupt in US history

28 October 2004
Missing explosives at Al Qaqaa: Bush caught in another Iraq war lie

27 October 2004
Guerilla attacks increase as US forces continue air raids against Fallujah

23 October 2004
Britain agrees to troop redeployment to back Fallujah offensive

21 October 2004
The New York Times and the reservists in Iraq who said "No"

Iraq: US assault underway on Fallujah

20 October 2004
Iraqi social crisis continues unabated as US slashes funding

19 October 2004
Iraq's nuclear-related equipment goes missing under the US occupation

18 October 2004
US soldiers mutiny over "suicide mission" in Iraq

16 October 2004
Discontent rife in US military ranks

15 October 2004
WSWS Chairman David North denounces Iraq war at Dublin debate

14 October 2004
An exchange with the Australian's Iraq correspondent

8 October 2004
Iraq WMD report proves Bush, Democrats lied to justify Iraq war

4 October 2004
US troops storm the Iraqi city of Samarra

1 October 2004
America's oligarchy in the mirror of the debacle in Iraq

Washington's policy of sadism and sexual abuse: excerpts from Seymour Hersh's Chain of Command

29 September 2004
Another round of US airstrikes on Fallujah

British forces involved in Abu Ghraib torture prison

24 September 2004
US Congress hails Washington's Iraqi stooge

Britain: Iraq debacle deepens crisis of Blair government

22 September 2004
Bush defends Iraq war before a hostile UN General Assembly

21 September 2004
Official probes of US prisoner abuse document crimes, exonerate arch criminals

18 September 2004
Mounting concern in US, Europe over Iraq debacle

17 September 2004
Reaction to the French hostage crisis

15 September 2004
US media covers up American war crimes in Iraq

14 September 2004
A daily toll of US atrocities in Iraq

11 September 2004
US military launches bloody attacks on rebel strongholds in Iraq

7 September 2004
The US sinks deeper into the Iraqi quagmire

2 September 2004
The execution of the 12 Nepalese workers in Iraq

28 August 2004
As thousands march to demand end to siege
US pulls back from Najaf

23 August 2004
The battle for Najaf and the US crisis in Iraq

19 August 2004
New York Times and Washington Post remain silent on murder allegations against Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi

17 August 2004
Fighting in Najaf exposes an unpopular, isolated Iraqi regime

14 August 2004
US onslaught on Najaf triggers protests and fighting across Iraq

13 August 2004
US atrocity in Najaf

12 August 2004
US commanders stop troops from protecting Iraqi torture victims

10 August 2004
Iraqi interim regime implements further police state measures

9 August 2004
US assault kills hundreds of Iraqis in Najaf

5 August 2004
Survey claims 37,000 Iraqi civilians killed in first seven months of war

3 August 2004
Murder allegations against Iraq's Allawi: an exchange of letters with the New York Times' public editor

2 August 2004
Delayed conference underscores phony character of Iraqi "democracy"

US army officially whitewashes Abu Ghraib torture

22 July 2004
US media covers for Allawi--Washington's executioner-in-chief in Iraq

21 July 2004
Report highlights unchecked looting of Iraq's oil resources

19 July 2004
Iraqi prime minister accused of murdering detainees

10 July 2004
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate
Senate cover-up of WMD lies underscores Democrats' support for Iraq war

8 July 2004
Iraqi regime prepares for martial law

5 July 2004
Saddam Hussein in court: a show trial made in the USA

2 July 2004
The Australian and the social catastrophe in Iraq

29 June 2004
Insurgency forces speedup of Iraqi "handover"

Is the US military preparing another massacre in Fallujah?

25 June 2004
Washington renews war crimes immunity in "sovereign" Iraq

24 June 2004
Dress rehearsal for torture in Iraq
Former US soldier speaks on near-deadly beating at Guantanamo

23 June 2004
The beheadings of Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-il

Fury in Fallujah after US air strikes

Iraqi prime minister foreshadows martial law

19 June 2004
Rumsfeld, Rice tied to torture in Iraq

18 June 2004
US killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians in "precision" strikes

17 June 2004
Iraq's new prime minister, the CIA and their record of terrorist bombings

15 June 2004
US torture in Iraq, Afghanistan: Authorized at the highest levels

12 June 2004
Iraqi resistance rejects interim government, fighting continues

11 June 2004
UN Security Council rubberstamps Washington's continuing subjugation of Iraq

8 June 2004
Chalabi, Iranian spies and the crisis of Bush administration

Email indicates Cheney involved in Halliburton deal in Iraq

5 June 2004
Australian SEP public meeting:
"Iraq has become a military and political debacle for the US"

New US Iraq resolution
German chancellor Schröder declares his support for Bush

4 June 2004
Nick Beams addresses Australian public meetings
The Iraq war and the international working class

Australia: SEP public meetings discuss Iraq war

3 June 2004
Washington installs new puppet regime in Baghdad

2 June 2004
Pentagon secretly investigated detainee deaths as homicides

Australian government lies exposed on Abu Ghraib torture

Inside Fallujah: An insightful report on US atrocities against Iraqi civillians

1 June 2004
US makes tactical retreat before Iraqi uprising

An exchange on Nader, Kerry and the US war in Iraq

31 May 2004
Long-time CIA "asset" installed as interim Iraqi prime minister

28 May 2004
UN Security Council stalls vote on US Iraq resolution

27 May 2004
Bush's prime-time speech highlights deepening crisis over Iraq

Thieves fall out in Baghdad: behind the US raid on Ahmed Chalabi

26 May 2004
Furore over torture in Iraq prompts new revelations of US abuse in Afghanistan

24 May 2004
Iraqi city of Karbala left in ruins by US military

21 May 2004
US military strafes Iraqi wedding party, killing at least 40

White House pushes ahead with plans for Iraqi puppet state

New US torture revelations
Former prisoners demand release of Guantanamo Bay videotapes

Australian government dismisses proof of torture in Iraq

20 May 2004
Bush's legal propagandist defends the indefensible: torture in Afghanistan and Iraq

Letters on the murder of Nick Berg

19 May 2004
US occupation regime staggered by bomb blasts, uprisings

18 May 2004
US press accounts confirm: Rumsfeld, Bush approved Iraq torture policy

17 May 2004
Fighting intensifies around Shiite holy cities in Iraq

15 May 2004
Democrats agree to suppress photos of US torture in Iraq

14 May 2004
The terrible and strange death of Nick Berg

Red Cross report documents US torture of Iraqi prisoners

13 May 2004
Washington imposes punitive sanctions on Syria

12 May 2004
What the record shows: hypocrisy and lies over US torture of Iraqis

Britain: Blair and Hoon plead ignorance of human rights abuses in Iraq

11 May 2004
US forces attack in Baghdad, tensions build around Najaf

10 May 2004
Rumsfeld testimony reveals: New photos will show "blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhuman" torture of Iraqi prisoners

Fighting escalates in Iraq as US seeks to crush Shia rebellion

8 May 2004
Soldiers report British torture of Iraqi civilians

7 May 2004
Behind the demands for Rumsfeld to resign: White House prepares a fallback position to continue Iraq atrocities

Private security company in Iraq suppressed labor struggles in US

6 May 2004
US faces ongoing Shiite uprising in southern Iraq

Bush on Arabic-language television: old lies and glaring contradictions

5 May 2004
Washington's hypocrisy over Iraq torture

Washington fields mercenary army in Iraq

4 May 2004
Marines pull back from Fallujah: a debacle for American imperialism

3 May 2004
US media alibis for torture in Iraq

Private military companies in Iraq: profiting from colonialism

1 May 2004
Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate:
“Bush and the Democrats are responsible for torture in Iraq”

Australian prime minister visits Baghdad amid US-led bloodbath

30 April 2004
US: Mass opposition grows to Iraq war

US war crimes
Torture of Iraqi prisoners exposed

Ahmed Chalabi and the "liberation" of Iraq

29 April 2004
US war crimes in Fallujah
Stop the slaughter in Iraq

28 April 2004
Washington unleashes bloodbath in Iraq

27 April 2004
The struggle against war and the 2004 US elections

SEP holds meeting in Colombo against US occupation of Iraq

24 April 2004
Pentagon censors images of US soldiers' coffins returning from Iraq

23 April 2004
US officer threatens to turn Fallujah into "a killing field"

22 April 2004
Iraq crisis spurs call for US military draft

Occupation imposes Washington-style democracy
18,000 Iraqis illegally held in jails and prison camps

21 April 2004
The Negroponte nomination: a warning to the people of Iraq

Testing of New York guardsmen: first confirmed cases of Iraq war depleted uranium exposure

20 April 2004
Washington to use UN to select puppet regime in Iraq

19 April 2004
Kerry on "Meet the Press:" Democratic candidate reiterates support for Iraq war

15 April 2004
US military prepares assault on Najaf and Fallujah

14 April 2004
Socialist Equality Party US presidential candidate: "A vote for Kerry is a vote for war"

Reject Blair's colonial adventure-- Withdraw British troops from Iraq now!

Students for Social Equality hold rally and meeting at University of Michigan

13 April 2004
US press justifies slaughter in Iraq

Thousands dead and wounded
US military seeks to crush Iraqi uprising

12 April 2004
The inevitable logic of US repression in Iraq

Greetings from David North to Australian SEP:
A devastating blow to the myth of American invincibility

10 April 2004
SEP presidential candidate: "Pull all US troops out of Iraq now"

Support the Iraqi resistance.
Australian troops out of Iraq.

9 April 2004
The Democrats and "Bush's war"

8 April 2004
Defend the Iraqi masses

7 April 2004
Stop the war on the Iraqi people

6 April 2004
Operation Iraqi Bloodbath: US prepares reprisals against uprising

5 April 2004
Shiite uprising erupts against US occupation of Iraq

3 April 2004
The real lessons of Fallujah

2 April 2004
The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part nine: American policy after the Iran-Iraq war

1 April 2004
Iraqi hatred for US occupation erupts in Fallujah

30 March 2004
US shuts down anti-occupation Iraqi newspaper

29 March 2004
The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part eight: The end of the Iran-Iraq war

26 March 2004
The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part seven: US financial assistance for Hussein in the 1980s

24 March 2004
Citing killing of civilians, lies:
US soldier refuses to return to Iraq

The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part six: Reagan administration deepens ties with Hussein

23 March 2004
Australian pilots aborted US-assigned bombing raids during Iraq war

Slain Irish soldier's mother condemns Iraq war

22 March 2004
Hundreds of thousands join in international protests against Iraq war
Demonstrations in more than 45 countries

Iraqi journalists protest US killing of two Al Arabiya reporters

19 March 2004
One year since the US invasion of Iraq

The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part five: Donald Rumsfeld and the Washington-Saddam Hussein connection

17 March 2004
The diplomacy of Imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part four: Iraq in the 1970s and the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War

16 March 2004
The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part three: The Iraqi Baath Party, from its origins to political power

13 March 2004
Iraq's illegitimate interim constitution

The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part two: The Iraqi nationalist movements, the permanent revolution, and the Cold War

12 March 2004
The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy
Part one: Monarchical Iraq and the growth of social antagonisms

11 March 2004
Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops
Part Two

10 March 2004
Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops

5 March 2004
Who benefits from the Karbala and Baghdad bombings?

3 March 2004
UN endorses US plans for an unelected Iraqi government

28 February 2004
Britain: Short's allegations of spying against UN confirm criminal character of Iraq war

27 February 2004
British government abandons trial of whistleblower who said Iraq war was illegal

Australian sailors misled about anthrax vaccinations for Iraq war

23 February 2004
Attack on Fallujah police highlights lack of US control in Iraq

17 February 2004
Iraq: A convenient letter from an Al Qaeda terrorist

14 February 2004
Protest planned over US killing of journalists in Iraq

11 February 2004
Guerilla war intensifies in Iraq despite Hussein's capture

US: Behind the AFL-CIO's call for a "a new labor code for Iraq"

Bush's Iraq commission and the "intelligence failure" fraud
Part Three

10 February 2004
A soldier's view of the Iraq war

UN summoned to salvage US plans for Iraq

9 February 2004
Bush's Iraq commission and the "intelligence failure" fraud
Part Two

7 February 2004
Bush's Iraq commission and the "intelligence failure" fraud
Part One

5 February 2004
Irbil suicide bombings aggravate tensions in northern Iraq

4 February 2004
Washington conceals US casualties in Iraq

29 January 2004
Blair's 45-minute WMD claim refuted by Iraqi group that supplied the intelligence

28 January 2004
Chief US inspector admits Iraq had no WMD stockpiles

26 January 2004
US plans for a new Iraqi regime in disarray

Japan stakes its claim to Iraqi oil and gas

British Socialist Equality Party addresses students on Iraq war

24 January 2004
Call to investigate Britain for Iraq war crimes

22 January 2004
Britain: Troops died in Iraq as a result of equipment shortages

20 January 2004
Bush administration seeks UN aid as Iraqi political crisis mounts

19 January 2004
Pentagon lies exposed over killing of reporters in Baghdad

17 January 2004
Human rights groups: US may be guilty of "collective punishment" war crime in Iraq

15 January 2004
Protests grow against US-led occupation of Iraq

The New York Times whitewashes Bush's lies about Iraq

13 January 2004
Former cabinet member: Bush pushed war with Iraq long before 9/11

Iraq troop rotation plan: Pentagon prepares for next war

12 January 2004
Pilger punctures "war on terror" lies
Breaking the Silence, written and directed by John Pilger

10 January 2004
US withdraws Iraq weapon-hunters as WMD lies crumble

9 January 2004
Mounting attacks on US-led troops in Iraq

7 January 2004
Blair in Basra: Iraq a "test case" for other countries

31 December 2003
Blair caught out again over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction

29 December 2003
Nine months after US invasion
Fuel shortages, blackouts heighten Iraqi opposition to American occupation

27 December 2003
More letters on the capture of Saddam Hussein

24 December 2003
US media, government scramble to obscure criminal dealings with Hussein

22 December 2003
US military metes out collective punishment to Iraqi city

18 December 2003
Bush calls for Hussein's execution: a portrait of sadism and ignorance

17 December 2003
Day three of US media coverage of Hussein's capture: no let-up in the hysteria

16 December 2003
The official US response to the capture of Saddam Hussein: a degrading spectacle

Letters on the capture of Saddam Hussein

15 December 2003
Saddam Hussein's capture will not resolve Iraqi quagmire

13 December 2003
Bush backs blacklist on reconstruction deals in Iraq

Iraqi "reconstruction" as corporate looting

12 December 2003
A young US Marine's death in Iraq
An interview with the father of Jesús Suárez del Solar

Florida National Guardsmen victimized for wedding Iraqi women

11 December 2003
Pro-US Iraqi factions enlisted for counterinsurgency operations

10 December 2003
US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq

Iraqi colonel says he is source of 45-minute claim on Iraqi WMDs

5 December 2003
Alarming rise in suicides among US troops in Iraq

4 December 2003
US soldiers' families, veterans go to Iraq to oppose war

3 December 2003
Massacre in Samarra: US lies and self-delusion

2 December 2003
US military opens fire on Iraqi civilians following skirmish in Samarra

1 December 2003
US military adopts "no-holds barred" tactics against Iraqi resistance

29 November 2003
Bush's PR stunt in Baghdad underscores US crisis

28 November 2003
US moves to silence Iraq's most popular TV news channel

26 November 2003
The New York Times: a proposal for ethnic cleansing in Iraq

25 November 2003
US occupation authority tramples on Iraqi workers' rights

20 November 2003
Bush's London speech: A defense of aggression and lawlessness

19 November 2003
The New York Times "sours" on Bush's new plan for Iraq

PR blitz to boost Iraq war fizzles
Jessica Lynch criticizes government-backed lies

17 November 2003
US media sanctions campaign of atrocities in Iraq

15 November 2003
US 'turning point' in Iraq--deeper into the abyss

Mother of US soldier: "Bush killed my son"

13 November 2003
A study in political cowardice:
Congress strips profiteering penalties from $87.5 billion Iraqi occupation bill

12 November 2003
New evidence of official lies on Iraq's "nuclear program"

11 November 2003
US unleashes renewed bombing raids on Iraqi towns

8 November 2003
Bush vows decades of war for "democracy" in the Middle East

7 November 2003
Washington rejected sweeping Iraqi concessions on eve of war

6 November 2003
In wake of helicopter attack--Washington prepares for mass killing in Iraq

Relatives of US soldiers killed in Iraq denounce Bush policy

Iraqi police to be trained in Jordan

4 November 2003
The New York Times' Friedman libels the Iraqi resistance

3 November 2003
Iraqi guerrillas shoot down US helicopter, killing 16 soldiers
Rumsfeld says more such "bad days" to come

29 October 2003
Bush's Philippines model for Iraqi "democracy"

28 October 2003
US shaken by barrage of attacks from Iraqi resistance

27 October 2003
Tens of thousands in Washington demand end to US occupation of Iraq

Families of soldiers condemn Bush's war

Bush's Madrid shakedown nets $13 billion in pledges

24 October 2003
Hands off Iraq! Withdraw all US forces from the Middle East now! Build an antiwar movement based on the international working class!

Stars & Stripes poll reveals
Growing anger among US troops in Iraq

23 October 2003
White House bans news coverage of coffins returning from Iraq

18 October 2003
UN vote on Iraq: Paris, Berlin and Moscow bow before Bush

As Bush lies, Iraq seethes against US occupation

17 October 2003
The New York Times's "liberal" argument for colonial occupation

16 October 2003
Letters from US troops exposed as Pentagon fraud

US army bulldozes Iraqi farms

A rare media exposure of Bush administration lies about Iraq
Television review: PBS's Frontline, "Truth, War and Consequences"

11 October 2003
UN estimate for rebuilding Iraq half that of Bush's--where's the money going?

10 October 2003
Turkey sends troops to Iraq

More questions on the deaths and illnesses of American soldiers

17 deaths not included in the US military pneumonia investigation

4 October 2003
WMD report: more proof Iraq war was based on lies

Pentagon calls up 10,000 National Guard for combat duty in Iraq

2 October 2003
As Washington readies "reconstruction" Iraqis riot over unemployment, corruption

1 October 2003
Thailand sends troops to bolster US occupation of Iraq

29 September 2003
Thousands join renewed antiwar protests around the world

27 September 2003
An international socialist strategy is needed to oppose war
Statement by the Socialist Equality Party (Britain)

A handshake and a cowardly speech
German Chancellor Schröder rushes to the aid of Bush

26 September 2003
CIA recruiting Saddam's secret police

25 September 2003
US troops slaughter three more Iraqis

US soldier asks: "How many more must die" in Iraq?

24 September 2003
Bush at the UN--a war criminal takes the podium

22 September 2003
Escalating attacks on US troops in Iraq

17 September 2003
Interview with Felicity Arbuthnot
US actions in Iraq building a "well of hatred"

Britain: Another whitewash over Iraq

15 September 2003
Descent into chaos: US soldiers slaughter 10 Iraqi police in clash outside Fallujah

13 September 2003
Bombing in Irbil points to growing instability in northern Iraq

12 September 2003
Paris, Berlin react to Bush's speech
Europe lays down conditions on Iraq

As Iraq war lies disintegrate
Australian government tries to discredit former intelligence analyst

11 September 2003
US army extends Iraq tours of Guard and Reserve troops

Iraq: Eyewitness says US helicopter attack killed ITN reporter Terry Lloyd

10 September 2003
Socialist candidate John Christopher Burton replies to Bush speech on Iraq:
"Stop the slaughter in Iraq and the looting of America! US troops out now!"

Blair government sends more troops to Iraq

9 September 2003
Bush, 9/11 and Iraq--a policy founded on deception

Thousands of US troops evacuated from Iraq for unexplained medical reasons

Al Jazeera correspondent arrested in Spain

8 September 2003
Desperate over growing debacle:
Bush justifies Iraq occupation with lies on "terror"

5 September 2003
British army admits brutalising Iraqi civilians

4 September 2003
Bush seeks UN bailout of Iraqi occupation

3 September 2003
Washington's Iraqi stooge urges mass repression

2 September 2003
British troops killed in Iraq totals 50

1 September 2003
The Najaf bombing: US occupation yields catastrophe

30 August 2003
Iraq: Attack on UN spurs plans for international military force

28 August 2003
The UN, de Mello and the US occupation of Iraq

27 August 2003
As "post-war" casualties top invasion's
Bush Iraq policy in disarray

US menaces Al Jazeera over Iraq reportage

26 August 2003
US occupation force in Iraq recruiting former Iraqi secret police

21 August 2003
The Iraq quagmire

US military kills another journalist in Iraq

20 August 2003
The UN bombing: a product of the US occupation of Iraq

Why are they dying?
More questions over US military fatalities in Iraq

19 August 2003
Iraq: No letup in anti-US riots and guerrilla attacks

Iraq: Civil unrest hits British-controlled Basra

Bush grants permanent legal immunity to US corporations looting Iraqi oil

18 August 2003
US antiwar protesters face $10,000 fines for travel to Iraq

12 August 2003
Spanish troops in Iraq to wear Christian badge

8 August 2003
US occupation forces attack Iraqi journalists

Japanese parliament gives green light for troops to Iraq

7 August 2003
Military families speak out against Iraq war at Pittsburgh rally

Poland sends troops to Iraq

5 August 2003
Niger president challenges Blair government over uranium allegations

4 August 2003
Are American soldiers in Iraq dying due to depleted uranium?

2 August 2003
Iraqi civilians gunned down in US military raids

1 August 2003
Wolfowitz on Iraq: "Murky intelligence" suffices to launch pre-emptive wars

30 July 2003
America's maimed come home from Iraq

29 July 2003
Iraqi Communist Party joins Washington's puppet administration in Baghdad

26 July 2003
International outcry over release of Hussein sons' photos and video

Turkish-US tensions continue over Kurds in northern Iraq

25 July 2003
Release of Hussein son's photos: Washington exposes its own barbarism

24 July 2003
The killing of Hussein's sons: the Nuremberg precedent and the criminalization of the US ruling elite

Military review reveals more government lies
US launched air war against Iraq in 2002

22 July 2003
The Times' Thomas Friedman on Iraq: spreading "democracy" with missiles and lies

Die Zeit pleads for German interests in Iraq

WSWS/SEP international conference
Eruption of US militarism forces all states to redefine their relationship with America

21 July 2003
WSWS/SEP international conference
The eruption of militarism and the crisis of American capitalism

US troops voice anger at Pentagon

19 July 2003
The Iraq war and the debate on phony intelligence

16 July 2003
Iraq war lies rebound on Australian PM

14 July 2003
Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies

12 July 2003
Washington seeks cover for occupation
US convenes Iraqi council with aim of grabbing oil

11 July 2003
The political economy of American militarism
Part 2

Mounting casualties, Iraqi resistance take toll on US troops

10 July 2003
The political economy of American militarism
Part 1

The Wall Street Journal and the occupation of Iraq

9 July 2003
World Socialist Web Site holds conference on the political lessons of the war on Iraq

3 July 2003
Iraq and liberation

Britain: Parliamentary probe exposes lies on Iraqi weapons
Part 1: Clair Short, Robin Cook and Andrew Gilligan

2 July 2003
Britain: Blair government blames BBC for crisis over Iraqi war lies

30 June 2003
Washington presses India to send troops to Iraq

28 June 2003
Rising popular anger behind attack on British troops in southern Iraq

What is the US military doing on the Iraq-Syria border?

27 June 2003
New York Times reporter Judith Miller accused of "hijacking" military unit in Iraq
More on the "newspaper of record" and WMD lies

American military morale shaken by Iraq quagmire

24 June 2003
Iraq and Al Qaeda: another lie unravels

Spain extends military presence in Iraq

23 June 2003
US proconsul cancels municipal election in Iraq

21 June 2003
Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Bush's "big lie" and the crisis of American imperialism

20 June 2003
American troops shoot down two Iraqi protesters

18 June 2003
Washington's war of terror in Iraq

17 June 2003
Unexploded cluster bombs blanket Iraqi cities

14 June 2003
BBC and Guardian cover up US role in Iraq looting

13 June 2003
US launches major military offensive in "liberated" Iraq

Sean Penn's Times statement: patriotism and the struggle against US militarism

12 June 2003
Iraqi "bioweapons" trailers: another "smoking gun" goes up in smoke

Crisis over missing Iraqi WMDs
Britain: Blair, advisor boycott parliamentary inquiry

9 June 2003
Berlin meeting on Iraq war: "A turning point in international politics"

6 June 2003
Friedman: We did it "because we could"
New York Times
covers up for lies on Iraq war

5 June 2003
Australian prime minister an enthusiastic promoter of the WMD fraud

US raid on Palestinian embassy in Baghdad: an act of political gangsterism

4 June 2003
Photos indicate torture and sexual abuse by British troops in Iraq

3 June 2003
Bechtel advises subcontractors seeking Iraqi deals

31 May 2003
US government lied about Iraqi weapons to justify war

Britain: Blair caught in lies over Iraqi "WMDs"

Imperialism and Iraq: Lessons from the past
Part Three

30 May 2003
Faced with growing resistance
US prepares military repression in Iraq

29 May 2003
Imperialism and Iraq: Lessons from the past
Part One

Another US war crime: the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq

Washington involved in drafting statements designed to split Europe prior to Iraq war

28 May 2003
Pretext for war exposed
CIA-backed exile was source for Times "scoops" on Iraqi arms program

26 May 2003
The UN vote on Iraq: the political issues

23 May 2003
UN legal fig leaf for illegal war
Paris, Berlin, Moscow sanction US occupation of Iraq

19 May 2003
New proconsul in Baghdad tightens US grip over Iraq

Australian companies rush to profit from Iraqi devastation

17 May 2003
No Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?--US media scoundrel shrugs his shoulders

16 May 2003
Britain: Straw admits may never find Iraqi WMD

13 May 2003
After the Iraq war - Editorial of the magazine Gleichheit

12 May 2003
US tables a transparent plan for plundering Iraqi oil

9 May 2003
The rape of Iraq

Looting of nuclear sites poses deadly threat in Iraq

Australian prime minister instructs UN: Legality of Iraq war no longer an issue

7 May 2003
War, oligarchy and the political lie

5 May 2003
US invasion produces human catastrophe in Iraq

2 May 2003
Militarist speech on the carrier Lincoln
Bush promises unending war in Iraq and internationally

30 April 2003
US troops gun down Iraqi demonstrators

Washington pushes for interim regime in order to pump Iraqi oil

29 April 2003
Bechtel awarded Iraq contract: War profits and the US "military-industrial complex"

28 April 2003
US will provide no estimate of Iraqi war casualties

26 April 2003
Why won't Washington allow the UN weapons inspectors into Iraq?

The German press and the Iraq war: "Might makes right"

25 April 2003
Britain: Blair under pressure over failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

24 April 2003
US recruits Ba'athist police and functionaries for new Iraqi state

23 April 2003
Manufacturing the news: New York Times report on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction

22 April 2003
US administration plans for long-term military occupation in Iraq

What happened to Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction"?

21 April 2003
Washington caught in "weapons of mass destruction" lies
New Iraq sanctions debate bares US-European tensions

19 April 2003
Iraqis demand end to American occupation

The looting of Baghdad's museum and library
US government implicated in planned theft of Iraqi artistic treasures

US culture advisers resign in protest over looting of Iraqi museums

European Union summit: France, Germany seek rapprochement with US

18 April 2003
A revealing glimpse of Washington's "free and democratic Iraq"

"Supporting the troops": a crisis of perspective

17 April 2003
The German government and the Iraq war
A reply to Günter Grass

The ties that bind
Media giant headed by Bush cronies promotes Iraq war

Letters on the war against Iraq

16 April 2003
American troops massacre Iraqi protesters in Mosul

The sacking of Iraq's museums: US wages war against culture and history

15 April 2003
How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq

"A rapacious colonial war": Interview with Arab journalist Said Dudin on US bombing of Al Jazeera

American's "free press" in action
US networks agree to serve as Pentagon propaganda tool in Iraq

International protests against the US-led war on Iraq

12 April 2003
A spectacle of filth and reaction
New York union gangsters celebrate slaughter in Iraq

The stage-managed events in Baghdad's Firdos Square: image-making, lies and the "liberation" of Iraq

The battlefield deaths of American journalists Michael Kelly and David Bloom: some hard truths

US barbarism in Iraq
The way forward in the struggle against imperialist war
Download as a PDF leaflet

Political lessons of the war in Iraq
Download as a PDF leaflet

On the "Battle for Baghdad"

11 April 2003
US barbarism in Iraq
The way forward in the struggle against imperialist war
Download as a PDF leaflet

Political lessons of the war in Iraq
Download as a PDF leaflet

Putin, Schröder, Chirac to meet in St. Petersburg

Oakland residents demand accounting of police attack on antiwar protest

Sri Lankan SEP speaks in Jaffna against the Iraq war

Embedding, repression and murder: How the US military degraded journalism in Iraq

Deaths of two Spanish journalists in Iraq sparks protests

10 April 2003
Liberation by murder: Baghdad falls to American invasion

US fires on Russian diplomats fleeing Baghdad

9 April 2003
Journalists' organizations demand inquiry
US bombs Al-Jazeera center in Baghdad

8 April 2003
CIA death squads operating in Iraq

7 April 2003
US rampage through Baghdad kills thousands

Washington's colonial regime in waiting for Baghdad

US bases in Germany critical to assault on Iraq
Schröder government complicit in war

Britain: Blair government announces near doubling of budget for war vs. Iraq

More antiwar demonstrations throughout Europe

Toronto marchers denounce slaughter in Iraq

5 April 2003
Iraq: the digitalization of slaughter

US uses cluster bombs to spread death and destruction in Iraq

What are cluster weapons?

Australia: Hundreds of police mobilised to stop antiwar march

4 April 2003
Iraqi troops massacred from the air as US advances to Baghdad

Right-wing ideologue Peggy Noonan welcomes US casualties in Iraq
"Some good" from bloodier war, says Wall Street Journal columnist

WSWS international conference: Resolutions on war and the US social crisis, development of the World Socialist Web Site

Britain: Soldiers face court martial for refusing to fight in Iraq

AFL-CIO union federation pledges support to Iraq war

3 April 2003
US forces rounding up Iraqi civilians
International condemnation of Guantanamo Bay plan

WSWS international conference: Resolutions call for political independence of working class, oppose attacks on democratic rights

World Socialist Web Site Review: April issue now available

Is the Bush administration seeking "regime change" in Canada?

Ireland: Mass opposition to war vs. Iraq

Signs of a growing antiwar movement in Malaysia

2 April 2003
Iraq checkpoint killings--the ugly face of imperialist war

WSWS international conference: Resolutions condemn war in Iraq, call for international unity of working class

Washington's warnings to Iran and Syria part of a broader agenda

Pentagon advisor Perle becomes first political casualty of US setbacks in Iraq

Britain: Labour's Cook and Mowlam rally round the flag

German Greens back airspace for US warplanes

Turkey: Protests against US army

Solomon Islands dragooned into the "coalition of the willing"

World Socialist Web Site and Socialist Equality Party public meeting in Sydney
The struggle against imperialism and war: the socialist perspective

1 April 2003
Into the maelstrom: the crisis of American imperialism and the war against Iraq

31 March 2003
Another market massacre in Baghdad

29 March 2003
Bush and Blair hold crisis summit

Blair caught lying about soldier's "execution"

BBC complains of Pentagon lies

Washington's use and abuse of the Geneva Conventions

Russia: Putin condemns Iraq war as an "error"

Anti-war protests in Turkey

Pittsburgh police lock up antiwar protesters for 30 hours

28 March 2003
Washington's hypocrisy over Iraqi "war crimes"

Baghdad market massacre sheds ghastly light on nature of US invasion

Washington's dirty military intrigues in northern Iraq

WSWS/SEP to hold public meeting in Colombo against US war on Iraq

Protest in Colombo against the US war on Iraq

Democratic Party leaders embrace Bush's war of aggression

War coverage takes over as top Internet search

27 March 2003
British troops lay siege to Basra

Blair's press conference: lies and self-delusion

Iraq war: suspected war criminal at the side of Bush?

Australia: Police arrest student antiwar demonstrators

International protests continue against US war in Iraq

26 March 2003
Faced with popular resistance
US prepares for slaughter in Iraq

Against political censorship and bureaucratic caprice
An open letter from the WSWS Editorial Board to the Attac movement in Berlin

Britain: Media report widespread hostility to US/UK forces in Iraq

Australian unions guarantee no ban on war materials

US Homeland Security's "Operation Liberty Shield" targets democratic rights
"Orange" terror alert designed to terrorize and intimidate

White House dictates war coverage to a pliant media
Office of Global Communications oversees press censorship

Antiwar web site shut down

International legal experts regard Iraq war as illegal

Indonesian president "strongly deplores" US attack on Iraq

War and the dismantling of the welfare state
German Chancellor Schröder attacks the socially disadvantaged

The ideological forebears of Washington's "neo-conservatives"

Singer Iris DeMent refuses to perform in protest against Iraq war

25 March 2003
Iraqi resistance shatters US propaganda of "liberation" war

The speech that could not be delivered: What WSWS spokesman planned to tell Berlin rally

The US media: propagandists for a criminal war

Media lies and war crimes: the instructive case of Julius Streicher

British journalist killed by American troops

Britain's Socialist Workers Party suppresses dissent at antiwar "People's Assembly"

Antiwar protests in France

India offers half-hearted criticism of US war on Iraq

War rally on Wall Street may be short-lived

Iraq war dominates 75th Academy Awards
Filmmaker Michael Moore denounces Bush

Antiwar protest outside Oscar ceremony

24 March 2003
The US war against Iraq: the historical issues

Millions around the world join weekend antiwar protests

22 March 2003
A shameful day in American history
US blitzkrieg turns Baghdad into an inferno

Thousands arrested at US antiwar protests

Australian cabinet rubberstamps military commitment to Iraq war

Canadian law professors declare US-led war illegal

Britain: Trades Union Congress disowns antiwar movement

Britain: Protesters condemn military assault on Iraq

Ann Arbor, Michigan high school students speak out against war

Reports on international protests against Iraq war

21 March 2003
The crisis of American capitalism and the war against Iraq

Build an international working class movement against imperialist war

Worldwide protests against US invasion of Iraq: millions take to the streets

20 March 2003
The twenty lies of George W. Bush

Britain: Blair suffers second parliamentary rebellion over war vs. Iraq

19 March 2003
Chirac and Schröder oppose Bush’s war ultimatum

18 March 2003
The Bush administration repudiates international law

British journalist Felicity Arbuthnot speaks on Iraq
"There is going to be a bloodbath"

17 March 2003
The Azores summit: Bush sets deadline for US aggression against Iraq

Millions join in worldwide protests
against US war with Iraq
WSWS Reports
Washington DC
Cambridge, Massachusetts
San Francisco, Los Angeles
Berlin, Frankfurt

On the eve of Iraq war
America snubs new International Criminal Court

Howard confirms Canberra's commitment to a US-invasion of Iraq

15 March 2003
Britain: Charities warn 11 million Iraqis face starvation in event of war

Paris, Berlin and the war against Iraq

Antiwar protests in Pakistan rattle the Musharraf regime

Large antiwar rallies in Indonesia and Japan

Actors stage Aristophanes' Lysistrata to protest war against Iraq

14 March 2003
Britain: Blair government called to order by Washington

Blair's six-point "benchmark" for Iraq:
A thinly disguised pretext for war

Faced with mass opposition to war
Mexico's President Fox leans toward US on Iraq

13 March 2003
Wall Street Journal editorial reveals imperialist arrogance and racism behind US war drive

British intelligence employee arrested for leaks on US bugging of UN

Thatcher backed British firm in building "chemical weapons" plant in Iraq

Australian intelligence analyst resigns, declaring Iraq war "unjustified"

Antiwar protest in Sri Lankan capital

US-Australia free trade deal: a dubious payoff for joining Iraq war

12 March 2003
Comment from builder of bombed pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum:
Britain's record on Sudan highlights hypocrisy over Iraq

A glimpse into the background of an Iraqi "oppositionist"

11 March 2003
US Britain intensify air strikes against Iraq:
Hundreds of daily sorties in run-up to invasion

10 March 2003
International protests continue against US war in Iraq

Antiwar protests held across the UK

Britain's Jack Straw warns Europe not to anger the US

8 March 2003
The presidential press conference

Britain: Times leaks secret UN blueprint for post-war Iraq

Archaeologists warn of Iraq war's devastating consequences

Reports on March 5 student protests

As Iraq war looms: Australian government shuts down parliament for two weeks

7 March 2003
British ex-radical berates antiwar protestors for failing to back Iraqi "democrats"

6 March 2003
Students stage international protests against war on Iraq

Bugging, bribes and bullying: US thuggery in advance of UN vote

4 March 2003
Turkish parliament votes down US war plans

Who's going to be next?
Canada's prime minister denounces US "regime change" policy

Washington Post justifies jingoism on Iraq

Transcript of interview with Iraqi defector exposes White House lies on Iraqi weapons

28 February 2003
Bush lays out his "vision" for the Middle East
US imperialism's rendezvous with disaster

Italian opponents of war block US military transports

27 February 2003
Britain: Blair ignores popular opposition in parliamentary brief for war

Australian legal experts declare an invasion of Iraq a war crime

26 February 2003
Bush hands UN an ultimatum on Iraq war

24 February 2003
Rumsfeld pushes big lie on "human shields" in Iraq

22 February 2003
Public meetings in Britain on the tasks facing the antiwar movement

US telecom giants and the war in Iraq: It's not just about oil

21 February 2003
Britain: The significance of Blair's response to the mass antiwar protest in London

French government party leaders solidarize themselves with American imperialism

20 February 2003
Russia and the war against Iraq

Bush administration accelerates US military buildup against Iraq

19 February 2003
EU summit agrees on war against Iraq as a "last resort"

Oil and the coming war against Iraq

Desperately searching for allies: Washington fetes Australian prime minister

15-16 February 2003
Global Antiwar Protests,
February 15-16, 2003
WSWS Full Coverage

15 February 2003
WSWS to provide on-the-spot coverage of global anti-war rallies

Bush administration stung by second report of Iraq inspectors

Incident in Alexandria: Antiwar outpouring in the Pentagon's back yard

US right-wing media, politicians spit out anti-French venom

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch explains why he backs war vs. Iraq

Treatment of refugees exposes Australian government hypocrisy on Iraq war

14 February 2003
The US terror alert
Washington employs fear and panic as instruments of war

“Human shields” charge
Bush prepares alibi for slaughter in Iraq

Britain: Why are troops really deployed in London?

Powell's Al Qaeda-Baghdad link falls apart

Behind the posturing
Canada has decided to join in war on Iraq

Ankara lines up behind a war against Iraq

13 February 2003
Iraq war splits NATO

12 February 2003
The tasks facing the anti-war movement Statement of the World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board

10 February 2003
Britain: Blair government caught out in plagiarism and lies over latest Iraq dossier

White House cancels poetry symposium in response to protest

Australian government commits to US-led war in face of growing opposition

8 February 2003
After Powell's UN speech
Media pundits in lockstep behind US war drive

Kurds know nothing of "terrorist poison factory" cited by Powell

Leading Democrats line up behind Bush on Iraq war

UN conceals Picasso's "Guernica" for Powell's presentation

Franco-British summit: Chirac signals Paris ready to back war vs. Iraq

6 February 2003
Powell's UN speech triggers countdown to war against Iraq

Scandinavian governments divided over US-led war vs. Iraq

China prepares to fall into line with US war on Iraq

5 February 2003
Left apologists for US imperialism red-bait the anti-war movement

4 February 2003
US military chief admits American troops already in Iraq

1 February 2003
Bush's claims on Iraqi weapons--lies in pursuit of war

30 January 2003
Bush's State of the Union speech: the war fever of a ruling elite in crisis

US plans "shock and awe" blitzkrieg in Iraq

29 January 2003
Blix report to the UN: diplomatic charade masks US imperialist war aims

Britain: SEP supporter addresses Bradford anti-war meeting

28 January 2003
New York Times offers "friendly advice" to abort the anti-war movement

25 January 2003
How to deal with America?
The European dilemma

Casting about for a pretext for war
Washington insists Iraqi scientists submit to private interviews

24 January 2003
Washington Post columnist Michael Kelly red-baits the Workers World Party

War plans against Iraq aggravate conflict over Cyprus

23 January 2003
One-quarter of British army sent for war vs. Iraq

22 January 2003
Australian government deploys military forces to the Persian Gulf

21 January 2003
Blueprint for a US colonial regime in Baghdad

New York Times discovers the opposition to war in Iraq

Britain: demonstrators speak out against war vs. Iraq

20 January 2003
Hundreds of thousands protest US war drive vs. Iraq
Demonstrations in Washington, San Francisco and cities worldwide

Washington demonstrators speak out against war on Iraq

Canada: Mass protests against war on Iraq

18 January 2003
Blair warns United Nations has no veto over US-led war vs. Iraq

17 January 2003
The political issues in the struggle
against war
Statement of the WSWS Editorial Board

16 January 2003
German government signals support for Iraq war

Britain: Train drivers refuse to move supplies for war vs. Iraq

15 January 2003
New York Times' Thomas Friedman: "No problem with a war for oil"

Canada intensifies support for US war on Iraq

14 January 2003
Britain: Foreign secretary admits oil central to war vs. Iraq

Thousands in Los Angeles protest war vs. Iraq

13 January 2003
UN report details humanitarian disaster expected from war vs. Iraq

9 January 2003
Turkey prepares to line up
behind US war vs. Iraq

8 January 2003
No to war against Iraq
Editorial of Gleichheit, magazine of the Socialist Equality Party of Germany

7 January 2003
French government moves toward participation in Iraq war

6 January 2003
On eve of US war against Iraq: the political challenge of 2003

4 January 2003
US accelerates preparations for invasion of Iraq

24 December 2002
Blair seeks to bring Syria's Assad behind war vs. Iraq

20 December 2002
US actor Sean Penn visits Baghdad

19 December 2002
Britain: Socialist Equality Party hold meetings to oppose war against Iraq

30,000 British troops on standby for war vs. Iraq

17 December 2002
WSWS holds New York meeting on the
US drive to war

14 December 2002
The strange affair of the Yemeni Scud missiles

12 December 2002
US seizes Iraqi UN documents to further war drive

9 December 2002
Former UN weapons inspector denounces Bush war plans against Iraq
Scott Ritter speaks at Oakland University in Michigan

7 December 2002
White House demands weapons inspectors abduct Iraqi scientists

6 December 2002
Europe: Thousands protest plans for US-led war against Iraq

5 December 2002
Britain's dossier on Iraq: human rights as a pretext for war

4 December 2002
Australia: Nationwide protests against war in Iraq

3 December 2002
Inventing a pretext for war against Iraq
Friedman of the Times executes an assignment for the Pentagon

US, British air strikes kill Iraqi oil workers

26 November 2002
Bush advisor tells British MPs: war against Iraq regardless of UN findings

23 November 2002
Right-wing US group lobbies for war on Iraq
Colonial conquest in the name of "liberation"

21 November 2002
Iraq war dominates NATO summit in Prague

14 November 2002
Mounting signs of early US invasion of Iraq

The US "free" press and the Pentagon war machine

WSWS Chairman David North addresses Berlin meeting on US war drive against Iraq

12 November 2002
Over 500,000 march in Florence against Iraq war

9 November 2002
UN resolution on Iraq: a cynical cover for US aggression

6 November 2002
US masses forces for war on Iraq

4 November 2002
UN diplomatic charade on Iraq nears final act

1 November 2002
The political economy of American militarism in the 21st century

Public meetings in Australia discuss
the US drive to war

30 October 2002
Report on urban warfare points to US plans to destroy Iraqi cities

28 October 2002
Hundreds of thousands in US protest Iraq invasion plans

International demonstrations against Bush war plans

25 October 2002
A political strategy to oppose war against Iraq

23 October 2002
Prague meeting--one of many lies
Iraqi tie to September 11 hijacker debunked

16 October 2002
Wall Street/Washington insider spills the dirty secret of Iraq war
"Getting control of that oil will make a vast difference"

15 October 2002
Anti-war protests begin in Asia-Pacific

Canada falls in line behind US war drive

14 October 2002
US plan for Iraq: Back to colonialism

12 October 2002
Ultimatum to Europe in advance of Iraq war
US demands total impunity on war crimes

Opposition to war grows across Europe

11 October 2002
Why the Democratic Party is backing Bush's war drive vs. Iraq

10 October 2002
WSWS & SEP (Australia) public lectures
The politics and economics of American militarism in the 21st century

9 October 2002
US plan for Iraq inspections: invasion under another guise

8 October 2002
Poll shows widespread disquiet in US over Iraq war

7 October 2002
New York to California
Tens of thousands in US rally against war on Iraq

5 October 2002
Britain: Labour conference votes for war

New York Times urges "debate" to prepare war

Letters on US war plans against Iraq

4 October 2002
The war against Iraq and America's drive for world domination

Labourites' imperial strategy
Blair defends support for Bush on Iraq war

3 October 2002
Bush White House embraces assassination

1 October 2002
Rice and Rumsfeld "discover" Al-Qaeda in Baghdad

The Iraqi oppositionists and US plans for "regime change" in Baghdad
Part 2

30 September 2002
Hundreds of thousands march in London to oppose war vs. Iraq

The Iraqi oppositionists and US plans for "regime change" in Baghdad
Part 1

28 September 2002
US media begins preparing the public for mass slaughter in Iraq

27 September 2002
US, UK warplanes bomb civilian airport in Iraq

Britain: Preparations for war underway despite Blair's assurances

Blair's Iraq dossier: a transparently trumped-up case for war

25 September 2002
US press enlists for war on Iraq

21 September 2002
Democrats jump on Bush's war wagon

20 September 2002
What really happened to the League of Nations

Australian government commits to Bush's war

Bush's pay-off to China over Iraq:
Uighur group declared "terrorist"

18 September 2002
The Bush administration wants war

17 September 2002
US bribes and threatens "allies" over Iraq

14 September 2002
Britain's trade union federation lines up behind Bush/Blair war drive

Letters on US war plans against Iraq

13 September 2002
Bush at the UN: Washington's war ultimatum to the world

12 September 2002
UN report on Middle East catalogues widening inequality

Readers respond to WSWS statement vs. Iraq war

10 September 2002
Behind German Chancellor Schröder's opposition to war on Iraq

Britain: Blair spurns popular opposition to back US war vs. Iraq

9 September 2002
Oppose US war against Iraq! Build an international movement against imperialism!

6 September 2002
US, UK step up air war on Iraq

5 September 2002
European Union foreign ministers divided on Iraq war

3 September 2002
US seeks Japanese government support for war on Iraq

2 September 2002
Cheney's brief for war: a mass of lies and historical falsifications

26 August 2002
German chancellor lines up with US critics of Bush war plans vs. Iraq

24 August 2002
Behind the official debate, US builds up forces for attack on Iraq

23 August 2002
British establishment divided over US war against Iraq

12 August 2002
German chancellor speaks against US war vs. Iraq

9 August 2002
Australian government backs a US war against Iraq

6 August 2002
American public left in dark on US war aims in Iraq

31 July 2002
Washington debate continues over attack on Iraq

23 July 2002
US moves closer to war against Iraq

16 July 2002
New bombing raids on Iraq as US seeks pretext for war

10 July 2002
US preparing full-scale invasion of Iraq

29 June 2002
Washington's phony pretext for Iraqi invasion

9 March 2002
Gangsterism in the guise of diplomacy
US flaunts scheme to use weapons inspections as pretext for war vs. Iraq

16 February 2002
Bush administration confirms plans for war against Iraq

31 January 2002
State of the Union speech: Bush declares war on the world

13 December 2001
Anglo-American tensions over Afghanistan and Iraq

20 October 2001
Bush aides push war with Iraq

17 August 2001
US and Britain step up bombing of Iraq

12 July 2001
UN Security Council deadlocked
Washington forced to shelve Iraq sanctions plan

23 June 2001
Twenty-three reported dead in new US-British attacks on Iraq

2 March 2001
On the US-British bombing of Iraq

20 February 2001
US and Britain isolated over Baghdad raid

17 February 2001
US-British air strikes on Baghdad:
Bush draws first blood

25 January 2001
Will George W. Bush launch a new US war of aggression against Iraq?

19 January 2001
Ten years since the Gulf War--US and Britain insist sanctions continue against Iraq

Down with US imperialism
Stop the war against Iraq!
Reprinted from the Bulletin of January 18, 1991

19 September 2000
US officials threaten military action against Iraq

7 September 2000
Is Clinton preparing an "October surprise"?
New US provocations against Iraq

15 August 2000
US and British planes kill Iraqi civilians in weekend bombing raid

10 August 2000
Washington police arrest anti-Iraq sanctions protesters

1 June 2000
US drug czar tied to atrocities in Gulf War

29 May 2000
Former chief UN arms inspector denounces Iraq sanctions

13 April 2000
Meeting on Iraq sanctions describes horrors inflicted by US and allies

8 April 2000
New US aggression and machinations in the Persian Gulf

11 March 2000
TV documentary exposes devastating toll of sanctions against Iraq
Killing the Children of Iraq--a price worth paying? written and presented by John Pilger

25 February 2000
UN aid coordinator for Iraq resigns in protest at "human tragedy" of sanctions

5 January 2000
US and Britain combine to maintain crippling sanctions on Iraq

28 September 1999
Clinton administration blocks easing of sanctions against Iraq

8 September 1999
Ongoing consequences of the Gulf War
Casualties increase from use of depleted uranium

14 August 1999
Iraqi child deaths have doubled under UN-imposed sanctions

12 August 1999
Simmering tensions in UN Security Council as
Richard Butler denounces Kofi Annan

21 July 1999
US warplanes continue killing in Iraq
Seventeen dead, eighteen injured near Najaf

5 July 1999
Eye witness account of the impact of war and sanctions on Iraq
"It really is a New World Order imposed by Britain and the US"
A two-part interview with journalist
Felicity Arbuthnot

Part Two
"It's an attempt to destroy the country's psyche, its historic soul"

21 April 1999
The terrible impact of sanctions on Iraq: An interview with journalist Felicity Arbuthnot

6 April 1999
Australian government sends frigate to Persian Gulf

17 March 1999
Nationwide tour opposes Iraq sanctions
Former UN relief coordinator speaks in Detroit

4 March 1999
As US bombing raids continue
Spy revelations vindicate Iraqi charges

18 February 1999
US expands air war against Iraq

6 February 1999
United Nations report: US killed 17 Iraqi women and children in January raid

29 January 1999
Former UN official calls for an end to sanctions on Iraq
"You now have five or six thousand children dying every month"

28 January 1999
Australian agents spied for US in Iraq

26 January 1999
US officials admit missiles hit Iraqi residential areas

MI6 involved in spying against Iraq through UNSCOM

9 January 1999
UNSCOM-CIA revelations show how the American people were lied to about Iraq

7 January 1999
UN inspectors in Iraq helped spy for the CIA

30 December 1998
After the bombing of Iraq, danger grows of a US ground assault

29 December 1998
The mask falls: Germany's Red-Green government and the bombing of Iraq

Protesters in Berlin denounce US-British aggression
Voices against the war

Reply to a supporter of the US bombing of Iraq

24 December 1998
Eyewitness to air assault denounces media cover-up: US and British bombs killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians

Agents provocateur: the activities of Richard Butler and UNSCOM

19 December 1998
The bombing of Iraq:
A shameful chapter in American history

US-British attack on Iraq
Blair is Clinton's sole international ally once again

18 December 1998
UNSCOM aided Pentagon targeting
Controversy mounts over role of UN inspectors in Iraq

17 December 1998
Clinton's attack on Iraq
Military aggression and political diversion

12 December 1998
New threat of air strikes
US moves B-52s towards Iraq

19 November 1998
On US war threats against Iraq

18 November 1998
Washington presses ahead with war plans against Iraq

16 November 1998
New Caspian oil interests fuel US war drive against Iraq

10 November 1998
US moves towards air attack on Iraq

23 September 1998
New tests refute US claims
No nerve gas on Iraqi missiles

4 September 1998
Reader asks about US bombing of baby milk plant during Gulf war

29 August 1998
Resignation of American arms inspector sparks new demands for US military action against Iraq

5 August 1998
New US provocation against Iraq

31 July 1998
US, Britain block relaxation of Iraq inspections

8 July 1998
An exchange on "Danger of a new US-made crisis in Persian Gulf"

2 July 1998
Missile attack on Iraq: Danger of new US-made crisis in Persian Gulf

1 July 1998
Detroit-area meeting hears eyewitness reports on impact of US-backed sanctions
"The people of Iraq are dying"

1 May 1998
Another vote to starve Iraq

11 March 1998
Telling admissions contradict US war propaganda about Iraq
Two noteworthy press reports

4 March 1998
Pentagon strategy for nuclear strikes revealed
Iraq: a testing ground for US militarism

Comment: US militarism, Iraq and the media

Anchorman Dan Rather caught rehearsing coverage of US bombing of Baghdad

Readers oppose imperialist war preparations against Iraq

3 March 1998
As Clinton prepares new pretext for war
Congressmen call for sabotage and assassination

24 February 1998
As UN-Iraq deal stalls US bombing
Clinton issues new war threats

Albright’s big lie:
How the US has "protected"
the Iraqi people

21 February 1998
What the Town Meeting on Iraq revealed
A political system in crisis

Who is the "repeat offender?"

20 February 1998
Town meeting on Iraq
A shabby pretense of democracy

SEP speaker addresses antiwar protest

19 February 1998
CIA and MI6 plot
to assassinate Hussein revealed

British Parliament rubber-stamps war

18 February 1998
Clinton's brief for war in the Persian Gulf
The truth behind the White House lies

A litany of deception

17 February 1998
Antiwar protest grows in Britain

17 February 1998
Clinton's countdown to war

Inspectors or spies -- is there a difference?

Once again on "weapons of mass destruction"

11 February 1998
Why is Canberra backing the US in the gulf?

US steps up war preparations against Iraq

7 February 1998
Eyewitness accounts from Iraq
The toll of death and suffering from US-backed sanctions

6 February 1998
Why is Tony Blair backing Clinton's war policy in the Persian Gulf?

5 February 1998
Massive Iraqi casualties foreseen
US Congress brays for war

3 February 1998
Why is the US going to war in the Gulf?

27 January 1998
Gingrich, Clinton and Iraq


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22 January 2007
For an international mobilization of workers and youth against the war in Iraq
Statement of the World Socialist Web Site and the International Committee of the Fourth International

2 May 2006
Three years since Bush's "Mission Accomplished": Torture, corruption, growing resistance in Iraq

1 March 2006
Bush administration drags Iraq towards the abyss of civil war

1 December 2005
Bush, Democrats back protracted war in Iraq

19 March 2005
Washington's criminal war against Iraq enters its third year

21 October 2004
The New York Times and the reservists in Iraq who said "No"

15 October 2004
WSWS Chairman David North denounces Iraq war at Dublin debate

13 August 2004
US atrocity in Najaf

1 May 2004
Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate:
“Bush and the Democrats are responsible for torture in Iraq”

8 April 2004
Defend the Iraqi masses

7 April 2004
Stop the war on the Iraqi people

10 July 2003
The political economy of American militarism

7 May 2003
War, oligarchy and the political lie

15 April 2003
How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq

1 April 2003
Into the maelstrom: the crisis of American imperialism and the war against Iraq

21 March 2003
The crisis of American capitalism and the war against Iraq

6 February 2003
Powell's UN speech triggers countdown to war against Iraq

30 January 2003
Bush's State of the Union speech: the war fever of a ruling elite in crisis

6 January 2003
On eve of US war against Iraq: the political challenge of 2003

25 October 2002
A political strategy to oppose war against Iraq

4 October 2002
The war against Iraq and America's drive for world domination

9 September 2002
Oppose US war against Iraq! Build an international movement against imperialism!


Essential reading on Persian Gulf War
Desert Slaughter: The Imperialist War Against Iraq

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