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Israeli American Library Collection Expanded
"For Future Generations"

The nascent collection of Israeli-American archival and library material at UCLA’s Young Research Library received a boost recently, thanks to a donation of printed items that trace the history of Israeli-American community in Los Angeles.

The donation, by publisher and community activist Amnon Peery, includes yearbooks, calendars and docments depicting the formative period of the community, and providing historical perspective to researchers and students interested in this highly entrepreneurial, socially mobile, and diverse ethnic group.

UCLA Middle East bibliographer David Hirsch said that the new materials will enrich the budding collection of primary sources available at the library. “The materials provided by Mr. Peery will help document the social and cultural activities of the Los Angeles Israeli community,” Hirsch said, “and in conjunction with the numerous Israeli newspapers already held by our library should provide an excellent resource for research by UCLA students and scholars.”

Peery hopes that the donated materials will also serve as a legacy to the community’s American-born second generation. “My concern,” said Peery, ”is to preserve local literary material in Hebrew for future generations of Israeli Americans -- after all, this is their heritage." Peery added that unfortunately much literary and historical material of the Israeli community in Los Angeles has been lost over the years, which adds a sense of urgency to his mission.

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Israeli American Study Initiative Launches "IsraelisInAmerica" Website

IsraelisInAmerica.Org, an evolving online project and part of the Israeli American Study Initiative, is pioneering the study of a segment of U.S. population until recently largely neglected — Americans of Israeli descent. The IiA project looks at the Israeli community as a unique group, and as a part of the broader Jewish and Middle Eastern American communities.

What, indeed, is the impact of Israeli Americans on society, culture, economics? How does the community influence the local Jewish population? How will it sustain itself in face of the powerful forces of assimilation and multiculturalism?

What is the nature of its transnational and global identities? Do gender, generation, income and ethno-religious background affect identity within the community?


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