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Gold, Silver and Bronze Harvest for Pinoy math whizzes

By Joe Carrasco
First Posted 05:03pm (Mla time) 09/03/2007

Hurrah! They made it! The challenge is over and the results are exceptional for the Philippine math whiz kids who bagged 11 gold,12 silver, 21 bronze medals and 15 merit awards at the recently concluded 3rd IMC International Mathematics Invitational Competition held at the ISS International School (Elementary and Middle Schools) in Singapore on August 16-21, 2007.

The contest had participants from the geographical giants China and India, along with Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

China has three biggest mathematics competitions: the Huabeisai Math Competition, the China Primary/High School Levels Math Olympiad and the "Hope" Trophy National Math Competition. IMC participants from China are the top winners of the Hope" Trophy Competition. Though 70% of the contestants have the opportunity to be awarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals, they have to meet a cut-off score specified by the organizer, the Beijing Hecate Center of Cultural Communication.

Well-known Singapore schools also participated - the National University of Singapore, Hua Chong Institution of Singapore, High School of Math and Science, Raffles Institution and Nanyang Primary School.

The contest was in three parts, 10 questions each for Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blanks with, and three Problem Solving questions that required solutions on the spot.

Open to primary/elementary pupils and secondary students, the competition was done according to grade/year level. Thus, awards were also given based on grade/year level.

Besides the contest objectives to awaken the public awareness on the importance of mathematics and to encourage everyone to study hard, the goal also includes sharpening of mathematical skills and competence in preparation for an International Mathematics Olympiad.

The winning Pinoys who proudly hoisted the red, white and blue banner when they garnered the gold medals are:

1 Uy, Harvey Eaton – Grade 3 – Xavier School
2 Lao, Ma. Czarina Angela – Grade 3 – St. Jude Catholic School
3 Uy, Mikaela Angelina – Grade 4 – St. Jude Catholic School
4 Tiu, Sterling Alvin – Grade 4 – St. Stephen's High School
5 Chua, Gari Lincoln – Grade 4 –St. Jude Catholic School
6 Vieja, Roselen Ann – Grade 6 – West Visayas State University
7 Uy, Geovin Dexter – Grade 6 – Chiang Kai Shek College
8 Wu, Zheng Rong – First Year – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
9 Perea, Rafael – First Year– Philippine Science High School
10 Adajar, Francisco – Third Year – PAREF Southridge School for Boys
11 Hao, Paul Julian – Third Year – Chiang Kai Shek College

The MTG kids who won silver were:

1 Damian, Janina Erica – Grade 3 – Colegio San Agustin
2 Cheng, Deany Hendrick – Grade 4 – Grace Christian High School
3 Santelices, Leif Mikael – Grade 5 – Philadelphia High School
4 Go, Brendon Matthew – Grade 5 – Xavier School
5 Chan, Janssen Lawrence – Grade 5 – St. Jude Catholic School
6 Masaluρga, Brian James – Grade 6 – Naga Hope Christian School
7 Uy, Kurt Daniel – Grade 5 – St. Jude Catholic School
8 Tan, Earl Alexjeandre Sio – Grade 6 – Xavier School
9 Co Ting Keh, Lance – First Year – Philippine Science High School-Main
10 Baniqued, Angeline – Third Year – St. Paul College, Pasig
11 Go, Jeffrey – Third Year – Xavier School
12 Co, Hannah – Fourth Year – Jubilee Christian Academy

And these are the bronze medalists:

1 Gamboa, Jasmine – Grade 4 – Bacolod City St. John's Institute
2 Ongkiko, Mario Antonio – Grade 4 – Xavier School
3 Sy, Julius Vincent – Grade 5 – St. Stephen's High School
4 Calderon, Karlo Jose – Grade 5 – West Visayas State University
5 Mayoralgo, Aldrich Aldwin – Grade 5 – Xavier School
6 De Juan, Mark Elerey – Grade 6 – Ateneo de Iloilo - SMCS
7 Lim, Antonie Kyna – Grade 6 – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
8 Saniel, Katherine Lorenzena – Grade 6 – St. Mary's School- Cagayan de Oro
9 Lim, Antonie Kyla – Grade 6 – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
10 Chua, Arielle Elise – First Year – St. Jude Catholic School
11 Uy, Alyanna – First Year – Immaculate Conception Academy
12 Sia, Sean Benson – First Year – Oro Christian Grace School
13 Sia, Andrew – First Year – Chiang Kai Shek College
14 Uy, Vance Mikhail – Second Year – St. Jude Catholic School
15 Tan, Eldridge Myles – Second Year – Xavier School
16 Mupas, Charles Kyle – Second Year – Colegio San Agustin- Binan
17 Saavedra, Stephanie Eden – Second Year – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
18 Ong, Lu Kevin – Third Year – Grace Christian High School
19 Mujer, Mark Terrence – Third Year – De La Salle University- Canlubang
20 Gayangos, Sigrid Marianne – Third Year – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
21 Hao, Francis Mason – Fourth Year – Zamboanga Chong Hua High School

Recipients of Merit Awards are:

1 Lizarda, Philip – Grade 4 San Beda College – Alabang
2 Utanes, Kerwin Edfrey – Grade 5 – San Beda College- Alabang
3 Virata, Angelique Joy – Grade 5 – Pagadian City Pilot School
4 Amar, Joseph Aldrick – Grade 5 – Divine Light Academy
5 Saquing, Frances Sarah – Grade 5 – Dee Hwa Liong Academy
6 Sing, Bianca Lorraine – Grade 6 – Chiang Kai Shek College
7 Arias, Alfredo Joaquin – Grade 6 – Ateneo de Manila Grade School
8 Docuyanan, Mary Ann – Grade 6 – St. Augustine's School-Iba Zambales
9 Tupas, Fred Nyll – First Year – Philippine Science High School-WVC
10 Chua, Lance Robin – First Year – Bayanihan Institute
11 Suyko, Janiz – Second Year – Zambaonga A. E. Memorial Science High School

12 Mallari, Juan Carlo – Second Year – UP Rural High School
13 Sy, Abigail Crystel – Second Year – Chiang Kai Shek College
14 Dominisac, Gabriel Joshua – Second Year – Philippine Science High School-
15 Ngan, Emil Joseph – Third Year – Zamboanga City St. Joseph High School

Aside from the contest, the Philippine team also visited key tourist spots in Singapore – the famous Night Safari, Sentosa, and the Newater System of Singapore- a water treatment plant that changes water from sewage to potable.

The MTG President, Dr. Simon Chua felt fulfilled by the performance of the Pinoy kids. Dr. Chua said, "This is not only the achievement of the individual Filipino student nor of the MTG but also of the Philippines." Dr. Chua expressed gratitude l for the unremitting support of the parents, teachers and the school administrators, which he regards as the "main factor why these kids remain achievers" in all the international math competitions.

The participants were accompanied by Mr. Anthony Ang, Mr. Jonathan Glorial, Ms. Ruby Cristobal- DOST-SEI representative, Mrs. Sanet Hipolito, Mrs. Myrna Agtarap, Mr. Renato Guerrero, Mr. Hernan Jalon and Mr. Ronnie Apari.

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