28 May 1968 Kylie Ann Minogue born, Melbourne, Australia.
1980 First professional acting role in Australian T.V. series "Skyways".
1981 Role in Australian T.V. series "The Sullivans".
1984/5 Role in "The Henderson Kids".
1986 Kylie leaves school and accepts role of Charlene in "Neighbours" (first engaged week commencing 24 Feb.)
1987 "Neighbours" becomes Australia's highest rating program.
March 1987 Kylie becomes the youngest star ever to win the Silver Logie for "Most Popular Actress in Australia".

Kylie mobbed at Sydney shopping centre.
July 1987 Release of Kylie's first single, a remake of the '60's Little Eva hit "Locomotion"
August 1987 "Locomotion" hits No. 1 nationally around Australia and remains there for seven weeks.
September 1987 Locomotion" goes Platinum in Australia. Kylie teams up with famed record producers Stock, Aitken, Waterman in London.
October 1987 "Neighbours" becomes the highest rating program on U.K. television.

"Locomotion" sets records as the biggest Australian single of the decade.
November 1987 "Locomotion" becomes Mushroom Records first international No.1 by topping the charts in New Zealand and Hong Kong.
January 1988 Release of "I Should Be So Lucky" in U.K. and Australia.

Performance before Prince Charles and the Princess Diana for the Australian Royal Bi-Centennial Concert.
February 1988 Kylie presented with award from the Australian Record Industry Association for "Locomotion" being the highest selling record of 1987.
March 1988 Kylie becomes first ever to win 4 Logies on one night: the Gold for "Most Popular Personality on Australian Television", the Silver for the second year in a row, "Most Popular Personality on Victorian (State) Television" and "Most Popular Music Video in Australia" for "Locomotion".

The youngest actor/actress ever to hold five Logies (the Australian equivalent to Emmys).

"I Should Be So Lucky" sets records in U.K. as first single for over 10 years to stay at No.1 for five weeks. "I Should Be So Lucky" becomes the biggest selling single in the U.K., in 1988 (sales in Britain over 675,000, worldwide, well over the million mark.)

With "Lucky" Kylie becomes the first artist ever to hold simultaneous No.1's in Australia and Britain (14 March 88).

April 1988 "I Should Be So Lucky" goes platinum in Australia staying at No.1 for five weeks.

"Lucky" No.1 in Germany (3 weeks), Finland, Israel, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, as well as top five positions in Austria, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, France and New Zealand.

"Lucky" enters Billboard Top 100 with a bullet the week after release in the U.S. Peaking at No.28 giving Kylie her first top 40 hit in the U.S.

May 1988 Having sold over 1 million copies in Europe "Lucky" stays atop Pan-European Charts for 3 weeks.
June 1988 Third single "Got To Be Certain" released in England entering the charts at No.15 and spending six weeks at the No.2 spot.
July 1988 "Lucky", reaches No.1 in Japan and holds that position for twelve weeks.

"Certain" creates history by being the first record in Australia to debut at No.1 on the national charts; it stayed there for five weeks. No.1 in Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, and Finland, and Top 10 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, and Norway.

The fastest start to a career in Europe with three Top 10 records in the first seven months of 1988 plus a platinum album in just four weeks in the U.K.

August 1988 The Loco-motion" debuts on the British charts (1 Aug) at No.2, giving Kylie the record for the highest entry on the U.K. single charts by a female artist, a record previously held by Madonna when she entered at No.3.

The album "Kylie" debuts at No.2 in both Britain and Australia. Never before has a debut album by a female artist entered so high on either country's charts. On release it went double platinum in Australia, gold in Britain and gold in Singapore.

The album hits No.1 in England (21 Aug.) and stays there for 4 weeks. Already platinum in U.K. and gold in Germany. Also top 10 throughout Europe and Asia.

September 1988 "The Loco-motion" hits the U.S. Top 40 on 14 Sept, with a bullet and goes to the No.1 spot on the Eurochart only three weeks after release.

Readers of the London Sun voted Kylie No.1 Girl Singer and the Top Newcomer!

October 1988 Kylie's fourth British single “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi", debuted at No.2 and stayed there for three weeks, giving her the record for being the first artist in the history of the British charts to have 4 top three singles from one album.

U.K. Smash Hits readers voted her Most Fanciable Female and Best Female Singer.

November 1988 "The Loco-motion", reached No.3 on the American charts, with U.S. sales in excess of 1/2 million.

The album "Kylie" returns to No.1 in England (15 Nov.) making eight weeks at No.1. British sales pass the 1.2 million mark (quadruple platinum) making "Kylie" the biggest selling album of the year.

Her duet with Jason Donovan, "Especially For You" debuted at #2 and shipped silver on release, making Kylie the first female artist to have her first five singles go Silver. This brought Kylie's single sales in the U.K. to well over 2 million. Her first video album, released the same week debuted at No.1 and sold in excess of double platinum within 3 weeks staying at No.1 for over 3 months!

Kylie has her 3rd. U.S. hit when "It's No Secret" charts in the U.S. on the week of release. (Hitting the U.S. Top 40 on 25 Jan 89).

December 1988 "Lucky" receives "Record of the Year" Award at the coveted "Japanese Popular Disc Awards".

Kylie became the first artist ever in Finland to have four consecutive No.1 singles.

Australian Smash Hits readers voted her Most Fanciable Female and Best Female Singer. Whilst the readers of the Australian magazine T.V. Hits vote her "Hunkiest Person Alive" and "Best Female T.V. Personality".

In Israel Kylie is the only artist to end the year with three singles in the Top 40. She is voted "Most Popular Female Singer of the Year".

Kylie ends the year in the U.K. with the biggest album 1988 (6 times Platinum with sales of 1.8 million) at No.2 (having been in the top 10 since its release in June); No.1 video, and No.2 single, "Especially For You" with Jason Donovan.

January 1989 Kylie signed to star in feature film entitled "The Delinquents".

"Especially For You" goes No.1 in U.K.

"Turn It Into Love" goes No.1 on Japanese International chart. Kylie's third consecutive Japanese No.1, and the sixth single from the album.

"Locomotion" goes No.1 in Canada, giving her three simultaneous No.1's internationally.

Kylie No.1 in record Mirror survey of the top recording acts of 1988 in the U.K., compiled from sales information of over 40,000 different records, collected by Gallup.

February 1989 "Especially For You" hits Top 10 in Germany and No.1 in Belgium, giving Kylie her fourth No.1 in Belgium!

Kylie voted "Best International Female Artist" by a landslide in Irish Record Industry Awards.

The Japanese Phonographic Record Association presents Kylie two 1988 "Disc Awards" for The Best Selling New Artist and Best Selling Single of the Year ("Lucky") and the album goes platinum in Japan.

"Kylie" the album turns gold in the U.S.A. and Germany, with Switzerland and Austria following shortly after.

"Especially For You" goes No.1 in Hong Kong - staying there for six weeks!

Kylie becomes one of the honoured few to pose for a wax model of herself at the World famous Madame Tussaud's in London.

The Mirror in London voted Kylie the "Best Actress in the World"!

March 1989 The Australian Record Industry Association nominates Kylie for five awards with "Lucky" picking up Biggest Selling Single of the year (1988).

Kylie has FIVE singles on the Japanese International charts, in the Top 40. Turn It Into Love (#1 for 10 consecutive weeks), Especially For You (#3 with a bullet), It's No Secret (#4 with a bullet), The Locomotion (#27) and Lucky (#31). All together over the last 12 months Kylie spent 27 weeks (almost 6 months) in the No.1 spot on the Japanese International charts!

Kylie nominated for three Logies: the Gold for "Most Popular Personality on Australian Television", the Silver for the third year in a row and "Most Popular Music Video in Australia" for "Especially For You".

Kylie receives her second "Heart Award" for Recording Artist of the Year from the Australian Variety Club.

The Canadian Record Industry nominates "The Locomotion" as International Single of the year, and the album sells one and a half times platinum.

April 1989 "Hand On Your Heart" the first single from Kylie's second album debuts on British charts at No.2 on week of release.

Music Week (U.K.) gives Kylie Top Album Award for "Kylie" and Top Music Video Award for "Kylie - The Videos".

May 1989 The week after release "Hand On Your Heart" hits No.1 on the U.K. national Singles chart, the Independent Singles chart and the Dance Singles chart (7 May) giving Kylie her third No.1 and sixth consecutive Top 2 single in Britain.

In the English magazine "No.1"s reader's poll Kylie was voted Best Female Singer, Best Actress, Most Adorable Female and 2nd Most Masterful L.P.

U.S. Smash Hits readers voted her fourth Best Female Singer (after Siouxie, Debbie Gibson and Madonna).

"Hand On Your Heart" debuts on the Australian charts at No. 4 on week of release.

In France "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" enters the Top 20 and "Especially For You" goes to No.1.

Demand for Kylie product from behind the iron curtain becomes so great that an E.P. is released in East Germany. Meanwhile in West Germany "Hand On Your Heart" enters the Top 40. This means that since "Lucky" was released in January 1988 not a day has gone by when Kylie has not had one or more singles on the German charts.

On the 28th May Kylie turned 21. She celebrated her coming of age at a private party in Melbourne plagued by paparazzi.

June 1989 Kylie completes filming on "The Delinquents".

"Kylie" the album has remained in the British Top 40 for over twelve months and is still selling well.

July 1989 "Wouldn't Change A Thing" the second single from Kylie's new album debuts on British charts at No.2 on week of release.
August 1989 "Wouldn't Change A Thing" debuts at No.10 on the Australian charts.

Kylie is presented with an Ampex Golden Reel Award in the U.S. honouring her recording of "Kylie". She donates her cash award to Green Peace International.

October 1989 Kylie performs live in 4 concerts in Japan playing to 38,000 fans in a single night at the Tokyo Dome.

Kylie performs live in ten totally free roadshows across the U.K. sponsored by local radio stations. She is treated like a hero with thousands of screaming fans and police escorts.

Her second album, "Enjoy Yourself", is released in the U.K. going double platinum with pre-sales of 600,000 and enters the U.K. charts at the number 1 position.

For the second year in a row U.K. Smash Hits readers vote Kylie "Most Fanciable Female" and "Best Female Singer in the World".

November 1989 "Enjoy Yourself" is released in several countries worldwide and enters the following charts in the top ten: Hong Kong #1, Ireland #1, Greece #2, Belgium #3, Norway #4, Japan #5 and Denmark #10.

In its first week of release in Australia, the album goes gold and debuts top #10 nationally.

"Kylie - The Videos II" released in U.K. and goes silver on day of release. Charting at #1 whilst Kylie - The Videos (I) is still #3 in U.K.

Again Kylie has created history, all of the seven singles she has released in the U.K., plus both albums and the videos, have charted at #1 or #2.

"Never Too Late", Kylie's eighth consecutive Top 5 hit single in the U.K., and 10th internationally, goes silver with sales of over 200,000 units.

Kylie is honoured by being only the third artist ever to have a "star" in the "Hard Rock Walk Of Fame" in Sydney.

December 1989 Kylie lights the Regent St. Christmas lights, a time honoured British tradition, usually performed by Royalty.

"The Delinquents" premieres in London's West End. 20,000 fans crowd Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of Kylie.

Scandecor awards Kylie a "Gold Poster" for sales of Kylie's poster in Europe, being their biggest selling product. Kylie and Jason received the "Silver Poster" for the poster of the duet.

Kylie joins with Bob Geldof, Bananarama, Bros, Cliff Richard, Lisa Stansfield, Wet Wet Wet, etc. for Band Aid 2's 1989 recording of "Do They Know It's Christmas" to raise money for Ethiopia. It debuts at #1 in the U.K. and holds that position over Christmas. Kylie ends up participating the #1 to start 1989 "Especially For You" and the #1 to end the year "Do They Know It's Christmas".

In his New Year's Eve "Review of the Decade" on BBC-TV Clive James pays special tribute to Kylie and presents her with the award for "Woman Of The Decade.

Kylie is voted "The Best Female Vocalist" at the "1989 Japan Radio Music Awards".

The album "Enjoy Yourself", after only 10 weeks of release, reaches the 1 million mark in the U.K., going well over triple platinum.

The readers of Australian magazine T.V. Hits vote Kylie "Best Pop Singer" for 1989 and "Sexiest Person Alive" for the second year in a row.

January 1990 "The Delinquents" becomes the top grossing movie in the U.K. and third highest in Australia. Opening to rave reviews in the Australian press.

"Tears On My Pillow", Kylie's ninth consecutive Top 5 hit single in the U.K., and 11th internationally, debuts at #2 in Britain.

In the history of British charts only five records by females have ever debuted at No.2. and four are Kylie's! "The Loco-motion" (Aug. 88) Madonna's "Like A Prayer", "Hand On Your Heart" (May 89), "Wouldn't Change A Thing" (July 89) and now "Tears On My Pillow".

Kylie voted #1 Radio Artist for 1989 in France. (2nd David Hallyday, 3rd Madonna and 4th Phil Collins).

Israeli radio votes Kylie "#1 Female Artist" of 1989.

February 1990 The queen of the No.2 position in England again romps it in the U.K. Music Week awards with #2 Artist of the year, #2 album "Enjoy Yourself", and the #2 single was "Do They Know It's Christmas?".

Kylie's first concert tour of Australia is a resounding success, pleasing fans and critics alike. The Melbourne Herald wrote "Minogue's performance was confident, exuberant and bathed in a joyful sweat. It's time to ditch the snobbery and face facts - the kid's a star" whilst the critic from the Sun wrote "Kylie's first Australian tour was a fashion and dance spectacular".

The U.K. Video Industry awarded Kylie "Top Music Video of 1989" for Kylie - The Videos.

Australian Variety Industry honours Kylie with The "Mo Award" for Ambassador to Australian Showbusiness.

The Music Week awards in London awarded Kylie two of the top five video awards for "Kylie - The Videos" Nos. I & II.

March 1990 Kylie is awarded "Best Video" for 1989 with her video for "Never Too Late" at the 1989 Logie Awards.

Kylie receives the International Outstanding Achievement Award voted to her by the Board of Governors of the Australian Record Industry Association.

April 1990 Kylie's "Enjoy Yourself" tour of the U.K., Europe and South East Asia kicks off in Birmingham where Kylie plays to a full house of 12,700 screaming fans and continues to play to capacity crowds in London, Belfast and Dublin. The British Press are as impressed by Kylie's performance as were the screaming fans that attended the shows - Music Week Magazine said "Kylie Live: It's a Triumph....the hits came flooding thick and fast, guaranteeing an ecstatic response from the audience..."
May 1990 Kylie performs her own band's arrangement of the classic Beatles song "Help" at the John Lennon Tribute held in Liverpool on the banks of the Mersey River to a crowd of well over 20,000. Natalie Cole, Lenny Kravitz and Terrence Trent D'Arby were amongst those backstage to congratulate her on her performance; whilst Yoko and Sean Lennon both thanked her personally for her contribution to the John Lennon Scholarship Fund and the Spirit Foundation, the charities to benefit from the concert's proceeds.

The London Sun said "CHEERS - the soap star wows Scousers... Kylie Minogue deserved her applause" (Scousers being those who live in Liverpool).

Kylie's Enjoy Yourself tour continued on playing to packed houses in London, Paris and Brussels where Kylie's performances pleases both audiences and press alike.

In France and Belgium Kylie received gold records for outstanding sales of the "Enjoy Yourself" album.

Kylie's 10th top 5 single in Britain (12th worldwide) "Better The Devil You Know" debuted on the U.K. charts at no. 5 and the following week raced to the number 2 position.

June 1990 "Devil" hits the No. 1 spot in Israel, No. 4 in Australia and Malaysia, No. 5 in Finland, No. 11 in Spain, going Top 40 in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Switzerland.
October 1990 "Step Back In Time", the second single off "Rhythm Of Love", released in the U.K. and enters the charts as the highest new entry of the week at the #9 position, races up to #4 within the next week, giving Kylie her 11th consecutive hit in the U.K.
November 1990 Kylie's 3rd album, "Rhythm Of Love", debuts at No. 9 on the U.K. charts going gold in the U.K., Spain and several other European territories.

Kylie is presented with a prestigious Diamond Award for music excellence in Brussels.

December 1990 Kylie appears in the top fashion magazines in both hemispheres, an exclusive fashion spread in the English Vogue and the cover of the top Australian fashion magazine, Follow Me.

"Rhythm Of Love" album in the Top 10 in all of the following countries: Belgium/Luxembourg, Finland, Holland, the U.K. and Australia. Sales of the album in the U.K. reached platinum.

"Step Back In Time" enters the Top 10 in several countries worldwide, including Australia and remained at the No. 1 position on the national Israel charts for 3 weeks.

January 1991 In the American DJ magazine "Dance Music Reports" readers' poll, "Better The Devil You Know" is voted No.7 and "Wouldn't Change A Thing (Espana Remix)" is voted No. 60.

"What Do I Have To Do" peaks at #6 in the U.K. and enters Australian Top 10.
March 1991 "Better The Devil You Know" No. 1 on U.S. Dance Trax Import Chart (Hitmaker Magazine)
April 1991 D.N.A. who had such a big hit in 1990 with Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" request to re-mix a single version of "Shocked" from the "Rhythm Of Love" album.
May 1991 "Shocked" released in U.K. (20 May) peaking at #6 in the U.K. and Australia.

Video shot at Pinewood Studios, England by David Hogan, from Los Angeles, the same director she used for "What Do I Have To Do".

"Music Week" names "Shocked" "Pick Of The Week"; despite 12 Top 5 U.K. hits they had never picked Kylie before.

Kylie in Monte Carlo, at the World Music Awards, as the personal guest of Prince Albert of Monaco, with Elton John, Rick Astley, Lisa Stansfield, and many other of the world's top artists accepting the award for "Best Selling Australian Artist".

June 1991 After "Shocked" became Kylie's 13th Top 10 single, "Music Week" magazine declared that in the history of the British charts Kylie was the only act to have their first 13 releases all go Top 10 - another first for Kylie. The obvious rivals for this title, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson etc. all had early releases which didn't make the Top 10.
July 1991 Kylie re-enters the PWL studios to write with Mike Stock for her fourth album "Let's Get To It".
August 1991 The first single from the "Let's Get To It" album, "Word Is Out" Kylie's 14th consecutive U.K. hit and 16th internationally, debuts in the U.K. charts in the Top 20.
October 1991 Kylie's 4th album, "Let's Get To It", debuts at No. 15 in the U.K. charts going gold in the week of release.

England's most "credible" music journals for the first time give rave reviews: Music Week ("superior"), N.M.E. ("More than great. Exceptional.") and Melody Maker ("No-one makes better records than Kylie Minogue".)

The second single from the "Let's Get To It" album a duet with leading American singer Keith Washington, "If You Were With Me Now" is released in the UK peaking in the top 5 at #4!

Kylie embarks on her second concert tour of U.K. arenas once again playing to packed houses.

November 1991 "Let's Get To ... The Videos" a collection of the video clips from the "Rhythm Of Love" album and "Let's Get To It" is released in U.K. and shoots to #12 on the Music Week Video Charts.
December 1991 A 12" rave mix of "Do You Dare" written by Kylie, Mike and Pete is released to U.K. clubs under the name of Angel K. immediately charting in the Record Mirror Club Chart.
January 1992 Kylie's '90's remake of the 1970 hit by Chairman Of The Board "Give Me Just A Little More Time" is released in the U.K. peaking in the top 5 at #2! Kylie's 10th single to go to #1 or #2 on the U.K. charts!
March 1992 Kylie nominated for "Best Australian Female Artist of 1991" by the Australian Record Industry Association.
April 1992 The 80 minute video cassette "Kylie Live", the film of her recent concert in Dublin is released around the world. On week of release in the U.K. it debuts in the Music Week video charts at #2.

Music Week's "Pick Of The Week", Kylie's fourth single from the "Let's Get To It" album "Finer Feelings" debuts at #11, on the U.K. charts.

May 1992 Once again Kylie is invited by Prince Albert to attend the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.
June 1992 At the personal request of Sting, Kylie participates in the "Rhythm Of Life" fashion charity gala at London's Grosvenor Hotel, to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation. Kylie holds her own on the catwalk alongside the world's top models including Claudia Schiffer, Yasmin LeBon and Naomi Campbell.
July 1992 Kylie headlines a star studded cast at the Cesme Music Festival in Turkey. The date is also significant in that it is the first time Kylie and Dannii appeared on the same bill since they turned professional.
August 1992 Release of "What Kind Of Fool" in the U.K., a new single available only on Kylie's Greatest Hits album debuting at 16.

Release of "Kylie - Greatest Hits" double album, containing all 20 worldwide hits plus two new bonus tracks; the first time "Especially For You" and "What Kind Of Fool" have been available on a Kylie Album, debuting at #1 on the UK Charts. "Kylie - Greatest Video Hits" with all 19 of her videos, also #1 in the UK.

November 1992 Kylie receives award for "Sexiest Person On The Planet" from DMC and Mix-Mag Magazine, the world's credible dance music authorities.

Release of "Celebration" in the U.K., (16 Nov.) the second single available only on the Greatest Hits album. Debuts in the top 20 on the British charts; Kylie's 19th consecutive U.K. hit and 21st internationally. The video was filmed entirely on location in Rio to recreate the spirit of the mardi-gras.

February 1993 Kylie signs new worldwide deal with deConstruction Records through RCA/BMG in the U.K. Imago through BMG in the U.S., Mushroom in Australia/N.Z. and BMG throughout the rest of the world.
March 1993 Kylie locked away writing and recording her first album for through May '94 deConstruction with the likes of the Rapino Brothers, St.Etienne, Brothers In Rhythm, M-People and Farley & Heller in London and Jimmy Harry in N.Y.
May 1993 Once again Kylie is invited by Prince Albert to present at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, hosted by Michael Douglas and attended by the worlds leading names in music including Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Rod Stewart.

Kylie, together with her sister, mother and closest friends, is invited to "Breakfast At Tiffany's" to celebrate her 25th birthday over a private breakfast in the board-room of the world famous jewellery store.

July 1993 When her sister Dannii, has her 6th Top 40 hit in the U.K. with "This Is It" the girls win the record as the most successful sisters ever on the British charts.
August 1993 Kylie voted the world's Coolest female in music by London's "Select" Magazine.
October 1993 Kylie is invited by Baz Luhrman, the director of "Strictly Ballroom" to pose at Universal studios in Los Angeles for Bert Stern, the photographer responsible for the world famous Marilyn Monroe sessions, resulting in an unprecedented 21 page "60's style" spread in the January edition of Australian "Vogue".
February 1994 Kylie jetted to Australia to perform, as the only artist on the bill, one number live on stage with a 30 song dance troupe, at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, before an hysterical audience of over 19,000.
April 1994 Kylie appears on cover of Australian "Elle" Magazine, and "Australian Style".
May 1994 For the fourth consecutive year His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco invites Kylie to the World Music Awards. This year the awards were attended by Prince, Whitney Houston and Ray Charles amongst others.
June 1994 Kylie becomes only the third person ever to appear twice on the cover of Europe's taste setter, "The Face". She is also selected as the cover girl for "Who Weekly's" "Most Beautiful People in the world 1994" issue.

Kylie commenced filming the Jean Claude Van Damme $40 million movie "Streetfighter" in Thailand and Australia , directed by Steven de Souza of 48 Hours and Die Hard fame.

July 1994 Kylie appears on the cover of "ID" Magazine, also her second ID cover.
August 1994 "Confide In Me", the first single from her new album eponymously titled debuts at #2 on the U.K. charts and shoots to #1 in Australia - staying there for 5 weeks!
October 1994 The album "Kylie Minogue" debuts at #4 in Britain and #3 in Australia immediately going gold. Total sales go on to exceed 500,000.
November 1994 The single "Put Yourself In My Place", with a revolutionary new video by Kier McFarlane hits the top 10.

Kylie hosts the prestigious People's Choice Awards in Sydney.

December 1994 On its U.S. release "Streetfighter" scored the second highest box office nationally grossing US$100,000 in its first month, making it the most successful movie ever, based on a game.

At the Smash Hits Awards Kylie is voted amongst the top 10 best albums, best single, and best female solo singer.

Kylie invited to perform for the Prince's Trust concert, simulcast nationally in the U.K.

January 1995 U.K. prestigious music magazine Select votes Kylie no.1 amongst "50 Most Shaggable People".
February 1995 Kylie stars in a short film entitled Hayride to Hell, shot in Sydney for screening at International film festivals.
April-July 1995 Kylie co-stars with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in the Warner Brothers comedy feature entitled Bio-Dome. Filmed entirely in Los Angeles by the producers of Dumb & Dumber.
June 1995 When Kylie appeared on the cover of the July issue of Loaded Magazine in the U.K. it became their biggest selling issue ever, selling almost 150,000 as compared with their average figure of approx. 110,000!
July 1995 The single "Where Is The Feeling" debuts in the U.K. at No. 16.
August 1995 Kylie performs live with her nine piece band at the world famous Feile Festival in Ireland and T in the Park Festival in Scotland, alongside the cream of contemporary British music including M People, The Shamen, Tricky & Beautiful South. With a capacity crowd of over 30,000 in Glasgow it was the first time the festival had ever fully sold out.
September 1995 Europe's FHM magazine ranks Kylie 14th among the World's "100 Sexiest Females Ever" ahead of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Elle McPherson and Kim Basinger.

Kylie nominated by the Australian Record Industry Association for the Best Female Artist, Highest Selling Record and Best Australian Video of 1994 ("Put Yourself In My Place"), winning the latter.

October 1995 The duet with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Where The Wild Roses Grow" becomes Kylie's 23rd consecutive top 20 single in the U.K. peaking at 2 in Australia and 11 in the U.K.
November 1995 Kylie presents at MTV Awards, Paris.
December 1995 Bio-Dome released in U.S.A.
January 1996 Kylie performs "Wild Rose" in Australia live on stage with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at the Big Day Out concerts.
March 1996 "Wild Rose" nominated at the UK Music Week Awards for best video, 1996.
June 1996 At Nick cave’s insistence Kylie recites the lyrics to I Should Be So Lucky at the Poetry Olympics, Royal Albert Hall.
August 1996 Kylie performs "Wild Rose" live on stage with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at the Brixton Academy.
September 1996 Once again Europe's FHM magazine ranks Kylie amongst the top 20 of "100 Sexiest Women in The World".
October 1996 Kylie & Nick Cave scoop the pools at the Australian Record Industry Association Awards for "Wild Rose" winning 3 awards: Best Single, Best Pop Release and Best Song of the Year.
November 1996 The readers of Sky magazine vote Kylie (and her sister!) amongst the Top 10 Women Readers Would Most Like To Spend The Night With.
December 1996 Kylie performs live on stage at The Brixton Academy & Shepherd’s Bush Empire Theatre singing Little Baby Nothing.
February 1997 Kylie records one off edition of Men Behaving Badly, written especially for her as a part of the BBC’s Comic Relief Weekend.
April 1997 The readers of Sky magazine vote Kylie 6th Sexiest Females of the decade!
May 1997 Kylie performs a special arrangement of I Should be So Lucky for the opening of the Melbourne Casino with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, John Farnham, Ray Charles and Anthony Warlow.

Kylie performs with Nick Cave at The Royal Albert Hall.

August 1997 Kylie performs Some Kind of Bliss live on stage at Radio One Roadshow in Cornwall.
September 1997 Release of Some Kind of Bliss, written by Kylie with James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore of the Manic Street Preachers.

Kylie receives the Most Stylish award at the Elle Style Awards.

October 1997 Kylie performs with Nick Cave at London’s Jazz Café then again a month later at the Belfast Festival in Ireland.
November 1997 Release of Did It Again, accompanied by a ground-breaking video, directed by Pedro Romanhi.

Kylie performs "Wild Rose" in Australia live on stage with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at the Capital Theatre, Sydney.

December 1997 Famous Japanese artist Towa Tei releases his single GBI featuring the vocals of Kylie Minogue to fabulous critical re-action in Japan.

Melody maker readers vote Kylie Most fanciable Female.

January 1998 Kylie’s 7th album, Impossible Princess released in Australia debuting at #1 on the Australian Music Report and going Gold week of release.

Kylie hosts MTV Snowball – World Snowboard Championships in Austria.

February 1998 Kylie performs Better The Devil You Know at the 20th anniversary of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.
March 1998 Release of Kylie’s 28th consecutive Top 40 Hit. Breathe, debuted at #14 (as did Did It Again) in the UK. Also Kylie’s 7th Album entitled Kylie Minogue (Impossible Princess). Debuts in the UK Top 10.

To promote the album Kylie appears on covers of UK magazines: FHM, Attitude, Ministry, Melody Maker and in Australia Australian Style.

April 1998 Kylie’s Web Site Kylie Ultra picks up award for Best Artist Website at the Creative & Design Awards 1998, held in London and an award for Special Effects for her Did It Again video.
May 1998 Madame Tussaud's unveil the new updated Kylie waxwork. Kylie is one of only 5 subjects to be updated, the others being; Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher and Michael Jackson.
June 1998 Kylie embarks on a 10 date tour of Australia, extended to 23 due to demand. A 2½ hr. documentary of the tour, ‘Intimate and Live’ is broadcast on national television.
July 1998 ‘Intimate and Live’ goes to London for three sold out nights at the Shepherds Bush Empire.
October 1998 Kylie starts filming a lead roles in the Australian film, ‘Sample People’. Directed by Clinton Smith, starring alongside several of Australia’s most respected actors including Ben Mendhelson
March 1999 Kylie performs the lead role of ‘Miranda’ in a Caribbean production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. She achieves rave reviews in UK broadsheets.
April 1999 Kylie signs a major recording deal with Parlophone Records part of the EMI Group and commences work on her 7th studio album.
May 1999 Kylie films a cameo appearance as ‘Hilary’ in the feature film, ‘Cut’ directed by Kimble Rendall and starring alongside Molly Ringwald.
October 1999 Kylie releases a collectible art book featuring contributions from many of the world’s most respected artists, on the theme of ‘Kylie’. Demand for the book has been unprecedented with a second printing within the first month of release.

ARIA nomination for best Australian female artist.

October 1999 Kylie performs at the Fox Studio Opening in Sydney, Australia. The star studded audience included; Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Cate Blanchet not to mention Rupert Murdoch. Kylie opened the show with a stunning re-creation of the Marilyn Monroe number, ‘Diamonds are A Girls Best Friend.
December 1999 Kylie flies to Dili, in East Timor to perform a Christmas concert for the U.N. peace keeping corps in the war zone. Other performers included John Farnham, Doc Neeson and The Living End.
June 2000 Spinning Around achieves gold status in Australia on pre-sales
July 2000 Kylie releases ‘Spinning Around’ the first single from her new studio album and causes a sensation by debuting in both the U.K. and Australian charts at No. 1!

The first of the milestones to be created within ‘Light Years’, ‘Spinning Around’ was the first #1 in Australia since ‘Confide In Me’ six years earlier. It also became her fifth number one in Australia (‘The Loco-motion’, ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, ‘Got To Be Certain’ and ‘Confide in Me’ being the previous four). ‘Spinning Around’ also gave Kylie the honour of being one of two artists (the other being Madonna) to have a number one in the eighties, nineties and noughties.

September 2000 The follow up single ‘On A Night Like This’ repeats Spinning Around's success by debuting in the Australian charts at #1 and the UK charts at #2!

“On A Night Like This’ has given Kylie the honour of being the artist with the most singles to enter the chart at #1 in Australian pop history. Both Madonna and U2 have had two tracks enter the chart at #1, but ‘On A Night Like This’ became Kylie’s third after ‘Got To Be Certain’ (1988) and ‘Spinning Around’.

Kylie’s most anticipated album yet, Light Years is released to massive critical & commercial success debuting at #2 both on the UK and Australian charts

October 2000 Kylie performs to her biggest audience ever at the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! Kylie thrilled more than 4 billion people with her rendition of ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘On A Night Like This’
Kylie again performs for millions at the opening ceremony for the Paralympic Games.
October 2000

Fuelled by her explosive performance at the Olympics and massive exposure everywhere, ‘On a Night Like This’ re-enters the top position in Australia. In typical Kylie form, another record is broken with this achievement – she now holds the record for the biggest jump back into number 1 from the lowest position! The previous record was held by The Bangles with ‘Eternal Flame’ who had their song re-enter #1 from #3. Kylie did it from an impressive #5 position.

After entering the charts at #2, ‘Light Years’ continues to move out of stores at rapid pace, and in its third week of release, gives Kylie her first Australian #1 album ever!

Kylie wins ‘Best Pop Release’ for Spinning Around at the prestigious ARIA Awards in Australia.

Kylie’s third single release from Light Years her duet with Robbie Williams, ‘Kids’ enters the UK charts and #2. Kylie & Robbie perform their hit at the MTV Europe Awards.

December 2000 Kylie’s fourth single release from Light Years, ‘Please Stay’ enters the UK charts at #10. Please Stay is Kylie’s 32nd hit and her 20th Top 10 hit!

Kylie performs in front of Prince Charles at this years’ Royal Variety Show in London.

Tickets go on sale for Kylie’s first major tour in 9 years, ‘On A Night This’. Tickets sell out immediately for shows in the UK, Europe and Australia with many shows still being added to meet huge demand.

January 2001 ‘Light Years’ achieves platinum sales in the United Kingdom and triple platinum sales in Australia.

Kylie is voted the No. 1 sexiest celebrity in the world by UK’s ‘Heat’ Magazine

Kylie wins ‘Best Pop Artist’ in the Australian Rolling Stone’s reader’s poll.

Kylie is nominated for a prestigious ‘Brit Award’ in the category of Best International Female

With tickets still selling at an incredible rate the Australian leg of the ‘On A Night Like This’ tour becomes the most successful Arena tour by a female artist EVER.

Kylie in cyberspace even starts to break records! Kylie is the most searched female artist besides Madonna at the previous year (2000). Kylie has beaten other 'strong' female artists like Mariah Carey(3rd place), Celine Dion (4th place) and Jennifer Lopez (5th place).

Kylie is one of the most downloaded artists on Napster , running an amazing numbers of downloads - almost 17 million downloads under her name in the last year .

March 2001 Light Years is awarded 4 x platinum sales in Australia
May 2001 Billboard magazine in the US report on the success of Kylie’s tour, “The Australian leg of Kylie Minogue’s ‘On A Night Like This’ tour has become the biggest by a solo artist Down Under. Its original six shows ballooned to 22, with a seven night run at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena and a record-breaking nine concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Promoter Frontier Touring Company’s managing director Michael Gudinski reports ticket sales of over 200,000 with a gross of $10 million Australian….”

Kylie appears on the cover of the British Vogue an event that made the evening news in Australia

June 2001 Kylie attends ‘It’s Vogue’ a celebration of fashion in aid of cancer research. She is invited to sit next to Prince Charles at the head table.

Kylie is awarded the Silver Clef Nordoff Robbins ‘International Award’. Previous winners of this prestigious accolade include; U2, INXS, AC/DC, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant and The Corrs.

Light Years passes the 1 million sales mark

July 2001 Kylie is voted amongst the Top 10 sexiest women alive in Australia’s Who Weekly

Kylie is voted in the top 5 in “The 1000 sexiest women ever” in Maxim magazine.

The longest running organization for awarding excellence in live performance in Australia, the Mo Awards, were first presented in 1976 with the late Johnny O'Keefe as the inaugural Chairman. This year saw the 26th Annual Presentation Ceremony held at Sydney's Town Hall 9 July, 2001. Kylie was awarded their highest accolade, ‘Performer of the Year’

August 2001 US Magazine, ‘Celebrity Sleuth’ voted Kylie’s bottom amongst the world’s “Top 10 butts”, ahead of Caprice and Nicole Kidman

‘Australian Trade Magazine’ name Kylie one of Australia’s most beautiful exports.

September 2001 Kylie attends the prestigious GQ Awards in London and receives the award for ‘Services to Mankind’. Other winners on the night included; Sir Elton John, U2 and Benicio Del Toro, Tony Blair and Robbie Williams. Kylie also graces the cover of GQ for their special award winner’s edition.

Kylie attends the royal premiere of ‘Moulin Rouge’ alongside Prince Charles, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Kylie has a cameo role in the spectacular movie playing, The Green Fairy.

Kylie appears on the cover of Elle Magazine in their special Diva issue which also includes profiles on; Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey.

‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ goes to Number 1 in the UK national airplay chart. This is the first time a Parlophone record has achieved this feat.

After selling an amazing 306,000 copies ‘Can Get You Out Of My Head’ debuts at Number 1 in the UK

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head marks Kylie’s 5th Top 10 record since the beginning of 2000 making her the most successful female singles artist of the millennium.

October 2001 Kylie wins 2 Aria Awards in Australia, Best Female Artist and Best Pop Release for Light Years.

Kylie records her own television special for the ITV Network, ‘An Audience With Kylie.’ Upon transmission the show is a massive success with 8 million viewers tuning in !!

Kylie’s album Fever debuts in the UK at Number 1

The DVD ‘Live in Sydney’ goes to Number 1 in the UK DVD charts

Fever debuts at Number 1 in Australia

In its 4th week at the top of the UK singles chart, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head denies Michael Jackson of a number 1 with his comeback single.

CGYOOMH receives over 3000 radio plays in one week in the UK, this is the first time every in the history of the Airplay Chart that a track has been played over 3000 times in a week!!!!

Fever becomes Kylie’s first ever number 1 album in GERMANY

At the Australian Live Music Awards Kylie wins the Best Live Concert on TV for ‘Live in Sydney’

Kylie announces a major Arena tour of the UK after two days 140,000 tickets are sold!

Fever goes double platinum in the UK

In Greece Can’t Get You Out Of My Head becomes EMI’s biggest selling single of all time.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head has now reached number 1 in; U.K. Australia, Germany, France, Portugal Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey.

The album, Fever has reached Number 1 in; Australia, Austria, Germany and the UK

November 2001 Kylie is nominated for 3 Top of The Pops Awards: Top Pop Act, Top Tour (On A Night Like This) and Top Single (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head)

Kylie is nominated for 2 Smash Hits Awards; Best Female and Best single (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head)

Kylie is nominated for 3 Italian Dance Music Awards; Best International dance Artist, Best Single and Best Album

Another record for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: it achieves the most weeks at No. 1 in the history of the UK airplay chart after 8 weeks at the top!

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head becomes the most played track on German radio ever within one week.

Kylie’s DVD ‘Live in Sydney’ goes to number 1 in Germany

Kylie wins 2 major awards at the Top of The Pops Awards – Best Tour for ‘On A Night Like This’ and Top song for ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

NME name Can’t Get You Out Of My Head the best video of the year

Fever is quadruple platinum in Australia

Heat Magazine in the UK name Kylie as the best dressed person of the year!

Kylie wins 3 awards at the Italian Dance Music Awards; Best International Artist, Best Song and Best Video

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is the biggest selling single of the year in Norway.

December 2001 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head finishes the year in the UK as the 3rd biggest single and the number 1 most played song of the year!

Fever is awarded triple platinum in the UK

January 2002 Kylie is nominated for an incredible FOUR Brit Awards, Best International Female, Best International Album, Best Pop Act and Best Video (with Robbie Williams for ‘Kids’)

Kylie wins ‘Showbusiness Personality of The Year’ at the Variety Club of Great Britain Awards

In Your Eyes goes ‘Gold’ prior to being released in Australia

Kylie wins Best International Song for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head at the NRJ Awards in Sweden.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head goes to Number 1 on the Canadian charts.

In Your Eyes debuts at Number 1 in the Australian charts. This is the 4th Kylie record to debut at Number 1 in the Oz charts since 2000; Spinning Around, On A Night Like This, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and now of course, It’s In Your Eyes!

Feb 2002 Kylie is nominated for 3 NME Awards; Song of The Year, Best Pop Act and Best solo artist

In Your Eyes goes to number 1 on the UK airplay charts

In Your Eyes debuts at Number 3 on the UK charts

February turns out to be the biggest month in Kylie’s career for collecting awards:

Kylie steals the show at the Brit Awards with an incredible performance of CGYOOMH and winning 2 of the major awards; Best International Female Artist and Best International Album for Fever

Kylie wins an NME Award for Best Pop Act!

Kylie wins Single of The Year at the Dutch Edison Awards.

Kylie is awarded with a Golden Otto Award at the German Bravo Awards.

At the World Music Awards in Monaco Kylie delivers another show stopping performance to an world-wide audience of a billion people! She is also named Best Selling Australian Artist of The Year.

March 2002 The phenomenal career of Kylie Minogue reaches an all time high – Fever debuts at Number 3 in the US Billboard Album Charts.

Kylie attends the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo at the invitation of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco for the 5th time.

‘Live In Sydney’ wins Best Music Video at the Australian DVD Awards.

In Your Eyes tops the UK Airplay Chart for the 4th week in a row. Kylie is officially the most played artist of the last year.

Kylie performs Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and In Your Eyes on the legendary Saturday Night Live Show in New York.

Kylie’s Agent Provocateur commercial wins Best Cinema Commercial of the Year at the British TV Awards.

April 2002 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is nominated for 4 Ivor Novello Awards; Most Played Work, International Hit Of The Year, Best Selling Uk Single and The Dance Award.
May 2002 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head wins major awards at the UK Creative and Design Awards including; Best Pop Video and Best Video of 2001

The Manchester Evening News presents Kylie with a plaque in recognition of having the most number of shows by a solo artist to sell out the Arena EVER!

Kylie is nominated at the MTV Movie Awards for best cameo as the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge.

‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ is nominated for Best International Video at the Much Music Video Awards in Canada.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head wins 3 Ivor Novello Awards:
Best International Single, Best Dance Record and Most Played Record of The Year !

June 2002 The Third release for Fever, ‘Love At First Sight’ goes to the top of the UK radio airplay charts, meaning that Kylie has topped the charts with 3 consecutive releases – a monumental achievement.

Love At First Sight debuts at Number 3 in the Australian charts

Love At First Sight debuts at Number 2 in the UK charts

Love At First Sight receives 3116 plays in one week in the UK – anew record – previous record held by Can’t Get You Out My Head.

July 2002 Kylie wins another award at the London Dancestar Awards - ‘Best Chart Act’.

Kylie is nominated for 3 American MTV Awards; Best Dance Record, Best Choreography, and Australian Viewers Choice.

Kylie undertakes another high profile promotional visit to the States and performs on the Jay Leno Show, Regis & Kelly & MTV’s Total Request Live.

Fever tour storms Australia.

August 2002 ‘Can’t Get You Out My Head’ wins the Award for Best Choreography in a video at the American MTV Awards. Kylie also presented an award to Mary J Blige at the ceremony in New York.

Kylie wins an MTV Award in New York for best choreography for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

September 2002 Kylie is nominated for 6 Aria Awards in Australia:

Highest selling Australian single: CGYOOMH
Highest selling Australian album: Fever
Best pop release: Fever
Best female artist: Fever
Single of the year – CGYOOMH
Album of the year - Fever

Kylie is awarded the Woman of The Year at the Elle Style Awards

Kylie wins Best International Dance Act at the Italian 2002 Dance Awards.

Kylie’s official 2003 calendar becomes the no.1 bestseller on release.

The International Music Manager’s Forum honour Kylie’s manager Terry Blamey with “Manager of The Year”.

October 2002 Fever is certified platinum in the USA with sales of 1 million

Channel 4 in the UK broadcast Kylie Fever 2002 and the concert attracts a massive 1.9 million viewers

Kylie cleans up at the ARIA’s winning 4 awards including the first Special Achievement award!

November 2002 William Baker, Kylie’s creative director and Kylie release their book; ‘La La La’. The book is critically and commercially a triumph!

The 4th single from Fever, ‘Come Into My World’ is released. The single debuts at Number 4 in the Australian charts and Number 6 in the U.K. charts.

The DVD of the Kylie Fever 2002 tour is released, the word from retail is that it is the most hotly anticipated release of the year!

Fever is repackaged with a bonus disc

Kylie is nominated for 2 MTV Asia Awards; Best Female Artist and Best Video for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Kylie triumphs at the 2002 MTV Europe Awards winning Best Pop Act and Best Dance Act!

BBC compile a chart of the best selling singles of all time. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head makes an impressive appearance

Fever is certified 7 x platinum in Australia

Kylie steals the show at the 2002 Top of The Pops Awards with a stunning performance of Come Into My World and, for the second year in a row, wins the Tour Of The Year for ‘Fever2002’.

The DVD for Fever2002 Live In Manchester debuts in the charts at no.2.

December 2002 Kylie attains the honour of the most played radio song of the year (for ‘Love At First Sight’) for the 2nd year in a row – another first!

Kylie is voted The Female Celebrity With The ‘Sexiest Voice’ in a survey carried out by a mobile phone company. Sean Connery tops the male category!

VH1 name Kylie the “Second Greatest Female Artist Of All Time”

Celebrity Bodies declare that Kylie has “the best body in the world”.

A survey of office workers reveals that most workers would consider Kylie the ‘Ideal Female Boss’.

Kylie’s waxwork is voted ‘Top Pop Star’ and ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ in the Madame Tussaud’s annual popularity poll.

February 2003 KylieFever 2002 is announced as the ‘Best Music DVD’ of the year at the DVD Awards. They say; “This classy DVD captures Kylie’s staggeringly ambitious live show which toured the UK, Europe and Australia earlier this year to great acclaim, breaking many attendance records.”

KylieFever 2002 wins the Best Music DVD at the Australian DVD Awards – for the 2nd year running!

Kylie’s lingerie range, ‘Love Kylie’ is launched in the UK in Selfridges to a massive media frenzy and incredible sales results. Demand exceeds supply with Selfridges doubling their orders to cope.

March 2003 Kylie is voted by FHM Australia as “The Most Desirable Australian Female”.

Kylie wins Best Artist at the ILMC (International Live Music Conference) and Terry Blamey is awarded Manager of The Year!

Kylie is nominated for Most Performed Work for Love At First Sight and In Your Eyes at the 2003 Ivor Novello Awards.

Kylie is awarded a Centenary Medal by the Governor General of Australia for “Outstanding Contribution to the Music Industry”.

Kylie’s single Come Into My World wins best pop video at the U.K. CADS awards.

Kylie is voted in the Top 5 for:
• Maxim Magazine Award - Best International Singer
• Maxim Magazine Award - Woman of the Year.
• Ralph Magazine (Aust) – Sexiest Woman on the Planet.

April 2003 Kids Help Line, Optus and Kylie win an award for excellence from the Fundraising Institute of Australia for the 2002 fundraising campaign in Australia.
May 2003 Kylie appears in the Rambert Dance Company project, “21” choreographed by Rafael Bonachella in a short black & white filmed piece.
June 2003 Kylie is voted the sexiest pop pin up in the world by viewers of music channel VH1.
June 2003 Kylie wins 2 of the most of the most prestigious accolades at the MO Awards in Australia; ‘Showbusiness Ambassador of the Year’ and ‘Live Performer of the Year’.
September 2003 Kylie is nominated for 2 Australian Aria Awards; Best Female Artist, and Best Pop Release for ‘Come Into My World’.

Kylie is nominated for the MTV Europe Awards; Best Female Artist and Best Pop Artist.

October 2003 Kylie wins Most Played Australian Artist on Australian Commercial Radio at the 15th Annual Commercial Radio Awards.

The paperback release of ‘La La La’ enters the Top Ten book list at Number 2 !

November 2003 On November 3 Kylie releases her brand new single 'Slow' which she co wrote with Emiliana Torrini and Dan Carey. The single becomes her 6th UK number 1 when it goes straight to the top of the charts that Sunday. Slow also goes straight to the top of the charts in Australia, Denmark, Finland and Spain. Slow also goes straight into the Top 10 in Germany, Italy & Norway! As well as debuting in the top 10 in major European territories.
November 2003 On November 15th Kylie plays a special one off concert at London's Hammersmith Apollo. Titled 'Money Can’t Buy', the concert is invitation only, for competition winners, media and VIP's. Total cost of staging this one off runs to 1 million pounds.
November 2003 2003 Kylie releases her 9th studio album 'Body Language' on November 17th, two years after the 6 million selling 'Fever'. Industry bible 'Music Week' run one of the first rave reviews "Kylie prepares to clean up with the record many pop divas are wishing they had made".

Body Language sets a new record before it is even released by becoming the highest shipping album to retail ever by an Australian Artist.

Kylie Fever DVD wins Retailer’s Choice of Music Title of the Year at the Australian Video Industry Awards

Kylie is nominated for Best International Female and the Kylie.com website is nominated for best music web-site at the NRJ Awards in France.

December 2003 Kylie is voted the Number 1 sexiest woman of the year and the Number 1 best dressed celebrity in Okay magazine’s 2003 readers’ poll. She is also voted the 4th Best Solo Artist!

For the second year running Kylie is nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Dance Recording for ‘Come Into My World’.

Kylie was voted by the Daily Express as the Hottest Girl Star of the Year and the Star Magazine Sexiest Woman of the Year.

Kylie was voted by the Sun Newspaper readers Best Song and best Video for Slow.

January 2004 Kylie is nominated for a prestigious ‘Brit Award’ in the category of Best International Female

Slow goes to U.S. radio – Entertainment Weekly says: “dance floor minimalism that's everything Britney and Madonna wanted their cold, mechanical singles to be this year but weren’t - slink seductive striking”!

Body Language released in North America – U.S. Elle magazine calls it “the record Madonna should have made”!

Kylie announces a performance at the GAY to take place on 28th February, she says at the announcement; "I am so excited to be performing once again at GAY. There’s an atmosphere there that is unlike anywhere else. Last time I performed there they had a huge clock counting down the minutes until the show and by the time I came on the crowd was at fever pitch. It's a special venue for me and I have some amazing memories of gigs gone by. So many of the audience go to great lengths to make special outfits and they know the lyrics to the songs better than I do!"

February 2004 Kylie wins a Grammy Award in the category of Best Dance Recording for ‘Come Into My World’.

Slow remixes made it to number one on the American Billboard dance charts

Kylie’s Money Can’t Buy concert has been nominated for a Golden Rose Award at the Festival Rose D’Or held in Lucerne Switzerland in April 2004. This is the world’s most important and prestigious international competition for television entertainment.

March 2004 Kylie is nominated for two Ivor Novello awards: Best Contemporary Song and International Hit of the Year for her song Slow.

Red Blooded Women reaches no. 5 in the UK charts

April 2004 Kylie is judged the 4th sexiest woman in the world of pop in UK’s Zoo magazine!

Kylie is voted number 1 in Maxim’s Sexiest Older Female poll.

Kylie ranks highest placed female on PPL’s list of the most played artists on UK radio over the last 20 years and 4th over all.
John Bradford, director of the Radio Academy said: 'these figures are an interesting snapshot of which artists have most shaped popular culture'

May 2004 Kylie is nominated for the Australian Showbusiness Ambassador of the Year at the Australian Entertainment 29th Mo Awards.
June 2004 Kylie won Best POP Video for Slow at the Music Week Creative and Design Awards

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head comes in at Number 1 in the Top 100 Ultimate Party Anthems as compiled by MTV Dance.

Kylie is voted the 3rd most beautiful woman of the decade by FHM Magazine.

July 2004 Chocolate, the 3rd single from Body Language debuts in the UK charts at No. 6

In a survey conducted by the razor company Gillette Kylie is announced as having the Number 1 best legs ahead of Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

The DVD ‘Body Language Live’ debuts at number 4 in the UK charts, number 2 in Germany and number 9 in Spain.

August 2004 Kylie receives her 9th ARIA No 1 Chart Award in Australia for Slow - more than any other chart act in history. It is also Kylie's 9th # 1 single overall which is also an Australian chart record in the 20 years of the ARIA charts.

Chocolate receives a nomination for an award at the 10th annual American Choreography Awards in the category of ‘music video’.

September 2004 Kylie is voted the 2nd Sexiest woman of the year by FHM Magazine (after Carmen Electra).

Kylie is nominated for 2 ARIA Awards in the categories of ‘Best Pop Release’ for her album ‘Body Language’, and ‘Best Female Artist’.

Love Kylie lingerie receives its first nomination in the Company High Street Awards in the category of ‘Best Lingerie Brand’.