Archbishop's Roles and Responsibilities

The Archbishop of Canterbury


The various roles and responsibilities of the Archbishop of Canterbury have developed over more than 1400 years of history. The one constant is his ministry as a senior bishop, though the nature and purpose of his authority differs in different contexts

Canterbury Cathedral

Diocese of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has many national and international responsibilities, but he is first and foremost a bishop in the Diocese of Canterbury

Outline of Chapel in Sunrise

Church of England

Ancient and modern roles of the Archbishop in the Church of England. The foundation of the See of Canterbury by St Augustine dates from 597, and the division of the English Church into the two provinces of Canterbury and York from 735

Archbishop with Bishops on Shores of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi

Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop of the worldwide Anglican Communion - a first among equals ("primus inter pares") amongst fellow bishops.

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