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Silent Hill PSP demo leaked online

Matt Martin 12:07 (BST) 21/08/2007

"The code did not leak from Climax," says CEO Karl Jeffery

Konami's upcoming PSP title Silent Hill Origins has been leaked online, with a demo of the game available on various torrent sites.

But Karl Jeffery, CEO and founder of developer Climax, has told GamesIndustry.biz he is "100 per cent" certain the leak did not come from the UK studio.

"All I can say is that code did not leak from Climax 100 per cent guaranteed," said Jeffery.

"The code that is out there is fingerprinted and was supplied solely to Konami for marketing purposes."

Silent Hill is one of Konami's strongest franchises and the embarrassing and potentially damaging incident happens just days before it is due to show off the game to the public at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

Websites checked by GamesIndustry.biz reveal that the demo was uploaded August 19, with one site seeing well over 1200 users downloading the code at the time of writing.

"At Climax we have strong and proven security procedures that protect all of our code, assets and builds," added Jeffery.

"We have developed over 100 titles in 20 years in business and have never had a leak or theft from inside the company."

The game is due for an official release later this year. Konami had not responded to requests for comment at the time of writing.

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