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Print 2.0 Blog by Patrick Scaglia

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As Chief Technology Officer for the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) at HP, I oversee long-range technical strategy and research and development.  I will be writing about IPG's Print 2.0 revolution and the shift from a PC-centric world of printers toward a more open Internet-enabled one, for all forms of personal and professional content.  I hope to prompt discussion of this major change and will touch on many topics ranging from web business models to print services and any other random thought I or you think should be shared. 
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» When 2% Leads to a Major Industry Shift

I was just about to write my last report on our Print 2.0 event in New York, on my way home. I was looking at clouds outside the plane, the real ones, not the Internet cloud when an interesting quote from Vyomesh Joshi’s keynote on Tuesday came back to the surface: “we [HP’s Imaging and Printing Group] only have 2% of worldwide pages, if I could add another lousy 2%, I could double the business”. We are talking about the potential to double a $30 billion business. Of course it was also meant to get a smile from the audience but the data is accurate. HP has a massive footprint in the digital print market (expressed in printer units or business volume), but very few pages are printed with digital printers (less than 9% of the 45 trillion pages printed in 2005). As a result we do represent only 2% of worldwide printed pages. Digital print technology is improving rapidly to compete with traditional print technology. We will be ready with digital production means. But what does it take to get pages to go digital in the first place?

We have proposed an answer: Print 2.0, the combination of digital content, the web and digital print. It’s one of the platforms that support the “conversation economy” and allows us to express “what we have to say”. We are expanding HP’s web service platform: HP’s Snapfish is powering our consumer services, but also others such as Wal-Mart’s photo service, and now Microsoft Live Spaces (available in the fall). This week we announced our partnership with Meiers, connecting online and retail with kiosks and microlabs. Small business can get branding and identity needs served by HP’s Logoworks online or with our partnership with Office Depot. In addition to video download of movies, you can now purchase a DVD at retail with your favorite TV show thanks to HP’s NextDayTV.

We are also enabling the larger web to offer users a rich experience to create prints, posters, books and other products. It is worth it! There are more than 100 million web sites in the world.

Creating for the web does not have a good model for repurposing content for print products. A typical well formatted blog will simply look ugly and hard to read once committed to paper (and a lot of paper will have been wasted). The Tabblo print toolkit provides a service that web site can mash up to: the “HP Print it” button will be found in the Yahoo toolbar for example or allow Boing Boing readers to print individual posts.

For a blog, it can work like this:

get 4 choices for a print output:

one of the outputs is an itinerary, the other is travel log, or it could be a photo album, you get the idea: same web content, very different outputs.

Print is one thing, what about publishing?

Anyone can be their own publisher. The Tabblo platform can help users create their way, from the site of their choice: a poster with their personal photo, a coffee table photo book or a simple pocket book. We live in a world of mashed media. A book might be created by a community. Before the Holiday season, Tabblo will be powering Flickr to offer a rich array of print products to the Flickr user community. Disney.com will be offering Hanna Montana “my concert album” thanks to Tabblo. It will be available at the start of the concert tour on October 18th.

Maybe you would like your site to use the power of Tabblo. What would you want to say with it?

Posted by Patrick Scaglia on Thursday, August 30, 2007 5:24 PM
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Comments for When 2% Leads to a Major Industry Shift

Lacking definition, full of potential

I was struck by how many different things were being called platforms at the show; however, I generally see this as a very good thing since they were all in support of this "conversation economy" that you refer to above (more thoughts on that here: http://theonda.org/articles/2007/09/01/print-20-observations). Plus the best thing is that we (the industry) seem to be collectively working to try to figure this out in a way that makes it very fun to come to work in the morning.

Posted by antonio@tabblo.com on 9/1/2007 7:26 AM
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