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t first glance, the headline for this review isn’t going to make much sense. Fake moustache? What the heck is Jeremy talking about? He’s clearly gone mad from drinking spoiled salad dressing. No, I’m not crazy – I’m actually referring to the popular cartoon disguise. You know how a cartoon character can fool everyone by simply putting on a fake moustache and telling them he’s a different person? Same deal here.

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow is exactly the same game as Rainbow Six 3, only with a thin disguise. Sure, the single-player campaign has all-new levels, but everything about the way the game plays, looks, and feels is exactly the same. If you liked Rainbow Six 3, you’ll like Black Arrow. If you didn’t, you still won’t. It’s that simple. While early word on Black Arrow touted a bunch of new features, I really couldn’t see any difference, at least in single-player.

In fairness, there are some noticeable multiplayer additions – and let’s be honest, that’s all people buy Rainbow Six 3 for. It takes advantage of the new Xbox Live 3.0 features, like player-created tournaments, clan logos, and the like. It also adds a couple of new game types, like capture the flag and conquest mode. Personally, I’m a deathmatch type of guy, and those are as enjoyable as they ever were. Matches are fun and frantic, and realistically intense. The devoted Rainbow Six 3 fans will certainly dig all the new maps and the additional game types, and split screen co-op has been added for those who are interested in playing the main campaign with a friend.

While these new features are nice, it still comes back to the fake moustache with me. It’s a good game, but the new bells and whistles aren’t enough to convince me that this isn’t the same title with a big old handlebar hanging off its top lip. I know that can be a mighty convincing disguise, but Rainbow Six 3 fans should be aware that this isn’t by any means a totally new experience.  


Black Arrow feels a lot like Unreal Tournament to me. It’s got single-player, but the story, level design, and AI are all bad. Not terrible, not particularly rage-inducing; just plain, old-fashioned bad. The online options, on the other hand, have been significantly upgraded from the original Rainbow Six 3. New content, most notably the two fresh modes, are very welcome and expand the already-great Live experience quite a bit. Black Arrow is seriously so skewed toward online play that I really feel like it should get two different scores, depending on whether or not you’re shelling out money to Microsoft every month.

Much like the recent releases in the Ghost Recon series, Black Arrow is essentially an expansion pack for Rainbow Six 3
Exactly the same as Rainbow Six 3 – not bad, but starting to look a tad dated
You know what I said about the graphics? Same deal
See graphics and sound
So…how did you feel about Rainbow Six 3? Because you’ll have exactly the same feelings about Black Arrow
Moderately High
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