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Governor General

The Governor General

The Governor General

Current Governor-General

Sir Frederick Nathaniel Ballantyne is the Governor-General of St. Vincent and  the Grenadines. He has been in this office since 2nd September 2002, and was knighted in November. He replaced Monica Dacon who had been interim Governor General after the death of Sir Charles Antrobus.

The Governor General, though the Queen’s representative, in the exercise of his executive powers, is required to act on the advice of the Prime Minister. He, however, holds office at Her Majesty’s pleasure. While the Governor General is seen as part of Parliament his presence is only there when he is invited though he is always informed of what takes place there. However, in order that any laws may be regarded as such it must receive the assent of the Governor General. He must also sign the Writs for the proroguing, dissolution or commencement of a new session of Parliament.

All officials of the House of Assembly are appointed by the Governor General.

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