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Interchange - Physical work for Phase Two (Package B) of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (CRH)/ Uriah Butler Highway (UBH) Interchange has commenced, with the selected contractor Vinci Construction on site. The South-West Ramp of the CRH/UBH Interchange is complete, and has been alleviating traffic at that intersection since September 2006. The sod turning ceremony for Phase Two was held on February 7, 2007.

Rapid Rail - A public tender opening was held on August 28 2006, with five, major, international bidders submitting their respective proposals for the Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) project. Two consortiums have been selected for the final selection process. The winning bidder will be announced by May 2007.

Water-taxi - The first route for the Water-taxi Service will be San Fernando to Port of Spain. Invitations for pre-qualification for construction works for the Water-taxi Project, San Fernando Terminal Facility, and associated works have been advertised. Pile driving has also started.

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Unclogging traffic in all directions

Image To ease traffic congestion at the intersection of the Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highways, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) has embarked on the Highway Interchange Project. The Interchange will unclog the congestion of traffic flowing through the north to south and east to west intersections.  This includes traffic from South to West, North to South, East to West, and South to East. The Interchange is being implemented in three, successive stages to facilitate ongoing construction and design work. This project management approach seeks to ensure that there is the least, negative impact on traffic as possible.  

Phase One (Package A) of the interchange project has been completed and is open for public use. When phase two is completed, that roadway will also be opened for public use while phase three is underway.   

Package A (Phase One)     
Package A, which is now complete, included the initial clearing, grading, drainage and fill works for the embankments and the complete construction of the south to west ramp.  The South-West Speed Ramp has already been constructed and opened for public use. The ramp allows traffic to flow north of the Uriah Butler Highway, thus avoiding the intersection that facilitates east to west and south to north traffic. This new south to west ramp will remove a substantial amount of traffic from the intersection, which will help to ease traffic problems for the construction of subsequent phases. 

Package A is only the first Phase of the East West Corridor expansion and improvement works.  

Package B (Phase Two)       
Package B includes the construction of the west to south ramp, with a major, steel structure spanning the Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highways. Additionally, Package B includes the construction of a new, diamond interchange, and service roads at the Bamboo Intersection. The aim is to allow people to drive freely from west to south. One of the main components of this package is a 45-feet high, 600-metre long bridge over the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and Uriah Butler Highway, in addition to works at the Bamboo interchange. The bridge will run from the San Juan River Bridge to Grand Bazaar. Its height will facilitate the construction of an overpass separating the east-west and north-bound phase of the Interchange. The expected outcome is that traffic at this intersection will be reduced by 50 per cent since 50 per cent of the traffic congestion at this intersection is caused by people driving to South Trinidad.  

Package C (Phase Three)     
Package C, which will complete the interchange, involves a slightly realigned Uriah Butler Highway over the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, and includes a number of service roads for local traffic.This package aims to decrease the traffic heading East to West, North to South and South to East.  

Project Status Tenders have been evaluated. At present, two consortiums have been selected for the final selection process. The contract for Phase Two (Package B) was awarded to Vinci Construction Grands Projets. The sod turning ceremony for this phase was held on February 7, 2007.
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