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This page will give you details on the use of the P-51 Mustang as a racing plane over many decades.

One of the early racing Mustangs was this particular aircraft: P-51C-10-NT 42-103831; after extensive use as training aircraft in the Z.I., it went to the reclamation facility at Stillwater, OK, on 5th October 1945, where it later (1946) was sold as surplus to Paul Mantz. It adopted civil registration NX1204 and participated in the Bendix races in the late 40's, first carrying race # 60, then # 46 - after being retired, it was put on display at the Movieland of the Air Museum, Orange County, CA, from 1948 - 1984. It subsequently was restored to flying condition over a lenghty period and today is flying in the colors of the 332nd FG. The above photograph was taken in 1968.

One of the most striking paint-jobs ever applied to a P-51D racer: This is Ed Weiners N335J, race # 49, seen here at Reno, NV, during 1978.

P-51D-25-NA 44-73704 N6178C, race #25, seen here in October 1976 over Texas, in formation with another P-51D sporting almost authentic 4th FG wartime markings.

N5466V (44-74230), race #76 seen here at Reno, NV, 1975.

Highly modified racer "Roto Finish" at Reno, NV. This aircraft has clipped wings, cut-down canopy, H-type propeller blades and pointed spinner.

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